the matching system is bad!!

  • the ranking system is so bad!!! i only play with silvers and nonrank ppl.. i hate this... i have to carry the team.. and i lose anyway, FIX IT. ur going to lose more ppl. i'm going to uninstall this game after the battle pass. bc i buy it for no reason... FIX UR GAME!!!

  • There is a whole thread on this somewhere. Many people do agree with you. However, and I'm alone in this, I believe that the players make the balance. Wild, huh?

    With that said, how long did it take you to come up with your name?

  • @Conrad_Max I agree, it's easy to blame the matchmaker for the bad matchups and it is probably to blame sometimes but it would improve significantly if the 'casual' playerbase would put the slightest bit of effort into improving themselves instead of instalocking DPS and blaming everyone but themselves for the loss

  • the problem are the requirements in competitive.must be higher more champions on higher lvl more experience and other things like your stats ,the time you start playing the game . a global elo of your history in paladins.All together transformed into a percentage, that percentage would be used for the search time of competitive players.

  • is the true i loose a lot of times because beginner players , no deck , no nothing.

  • @Conrad_Max said in the matching system is bad!!:

    I believe that the players make the balance. Wild.

    You are damn right about that Comrade.
    On a side note...
    Since the tutorial cannot teach an 8 year old how to play effectively, you will get pleanty of kiddies who bought the game, raised their character levels for ranked and there is your problem in my eyes.

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