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    We will be removing all broken threads on the Forums. Please do not use any of the formatting features after the "Float Right" button.

    Well RIP my Seris guide. Only took me few hours a day for 3 days straight of tedious writing. Dam

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    @TTraw Does this help? I just copied the text out. All your text work should be there - just add the formatting back.

    TTraw Sep 6, 2019, 8:25 AM
    Seris has undergone some changes in Season 3 update
    Some of the information might be outdated. I am going to thoroughly test new Seris changes on PTS and give my feedback and then update my guide accordingly.

    Here are her most important changes, and my initial first impressions:

    Seris Guide

    Welcome to guide for Seris, Oracle of the Abyss.
    This guide will be splitted into different parts, each talking about specific game mechanic from Seris' perspective. Here's an overview of what's to come:

    First 5 sections conclude basic knowledge of the character. Those are:

    Introduction - short description of who Seris is as a champion of the Realm

    Basic Ability Overview - concise description of Seris' abilities, intended to introduce people who never played Seris to her abilities in most basic form, while also specifying nomenclature for the rest of the guide

    Talents - here we're going to discuss which Talent (also known as Legendary Card) is best for which situation, and if there is any talent that needs to be avoided at all.

    Card Overview - in this section I am going to point out which cards are worth taking and why. Note that I will not give any specific loadout for people to follow, as each person needs to adjust their loadout to their needs (but about that in the overview), instead, I will show some Starter suggestions and showcase all of the builds I currently possess at the end of the section.

    Itemization - description of which items from the game's Item Shop are worth taking on Seris

    Last 2 sections are made specifically for people that are experienced with Seris, which are:

    Advanced Ability Overview - section similar to Basic Ability Overview, except this time I will not only give additional numerical values and specific gameplay interactions, I will also give additional general-purpose tips and tricks for these abilities that maximize their potential in battle

    Champion-specific Tips - This section includes any tips that will help you win more often against specific champion, as well as their interactions with Seris' abilities, assuming there are any in the first place.

    Let's get started.

    1. Introduction

    Seris is a Support champion whose entirety of existence was based on creating a dedicated single target healer with the best burst single target heal in the game.
    This concept of her design, however, is very old and outdated, and with time Seris gained a lot of changes that repurposed her rather vastly.

    As it currently stands, in my eyes Seris can be described as: Dedicated Healer, and Duelist.


    Highest healing numbers out of all supports hands down. Her healing output in a dedicated build surprasses every other healer easily, and even at base kit it surpasses some of the Supports with their own dedicated healing build.

    Extreme amount of sustain. Not only Seris has ability to keep her team alive super easily, her ability to heal her own self is unmatched, with only Io being close second.

    Good escape mechanics. Seris has access to invincible, invisible, omnidirectional escape ability that allows her to stay alive easier than most of supports, and with cards this ability can become a monster of an escape. On top of all that, she has access to high amounts of additional movement speed via her Umbal Gait card, making her very difficult to catch.

    Good dueling potential. If Seris isn't caught by surprise from flankers and is on full health and ammo, she is one of couple of supports capable of winning her 1v1 fights.


    Lack of utility. Seris has no other way to help her team other than to heal. She lacks any cards that increase other stats of her allies. Her only access to form of CC is via her ultimate, which on its own is not enough to categorize as utility, and via Talent, which as we will soon find out in Talent section, leaves much to desire.

    Extremely momentum heavy. All of her abilities can be countered by purchasing counterpicks from the Item shop, making her a character that is very powerful at the start of the match, but as the fight progresses, her power falls down fairly quickly.

    Mediocre ult. This might sound controversial after reading initial sentence, but we need to address this fact. This ult is not bad by any means, it's "good", but supports are known for having best ultimate abilities in the game, that's their job and moment of power. Seris' ult is way too counterable by anything in the game to be moved to the "great" category. And when everyone else in your role have "great" ult, having only a "good" ult is quite a problem.

    Bad damage confirmation. Seris primary fire is very slow, and is very difficult to land consistently at longer ranges, making her weapon an unreliable damage source.

    Bad skill rank scalability. As it currently stands, the things that Seris offers are commonly sought after at lower tiers of play, but as you progress through the ranks, her perks become less relevant, as high tiered players favour utility and great ultimates over raw healing output and survivability.
    2. Basic Ability Overview

    This section is intended for those who don't know what Seris does, and which button selected ability uses (we will use these buttons as nomenclature). Feel free to skip this part if you do know both of these things
    Soul Orbs

    alt text

    Seris' primary fire shoots out continuous stream of big-sized yet slow-moving orbs that pierce through enemies but not shields. She fires 1 orb every 0.3 second for a total of 700 Damage Per Second (or "DPS" for short). Each hit applies a Soul Charge that stacks up to 4 times per enemy and lasts 4 seconds. Seris interacts with those Charges via Talents, cards, and her first ability.

    Seris has magazine of 12 at default, and reload speed of 1 second.

    From now on, since it uses your left mouse button at default settings, I will refer to this ability as "LMB" or just "left click".

    Restore Soul

    alt text

    Seris' right click locks onto friendly target nearest to your reticle (but the target can be anywhere on the screen) at medium range, healing for 2000 over 1.5 s, resulting in about 1333 healing per second. In addition, allies within 50 ft. receive 30% of the healing bonus, not including yourself. You cannot attack while this ability is in use, but pressing it again cancels it. You require open line of sight with your target initially, but not, when channeling the heal, so feel free to hide behind wall while using it for maximum safety.

    A pretty strong healing ability that just bloats in perks. Arguably the only downside to this ability is that the visuals can easily show your enemies your position, so don't think you can sit in one spot in the corner and expect to never be found.

    You can use its beauty once every 4 seconds by default.

    Since it uses right mouse button by default, I will refer to it as "RMB" or "Right Click" or simply "Heal" from now on.

    Rend Soul

    alt text

    If any of the enemies has any stacks applied from your LMB, you can detonate them while being anywhere on the map, dealing 100 damage to victim per charge they possessed, and healing you for 15% of your maximum health per stack. The total number of stacks you can detonate at given moment appear above this ability. It has 10 seconds cooldown, so you need to wait before you can use it again.

    From now on, I will refer to this as "Q" or "Detonate".

    Shadow Travel

    alt text

    Seris' escape ability. Upon pressing, Seris goes into 1.5 seconds long animation, and if she does it successfully without any interruption, she becomes invisible and invulnerable to any damage nor CC for up to 4 seconds. You can cancel this ability by pressing it again, or by pressing your LMB (I learnt this one the hard way). Get in habit of cancelling it early, because you just end up being useless for 4 seconds otherwise, because you cannot attack nor use any abilities while it is active.

    It has 14 seconds cooldown, making it the longest recharging escape ability in the entire Support roster.

    I will refer to this as "F" or "Escape" or "ST".


    alt text

    Seris' Ultimate Ability throws a curvying projectile that pulls up to 5 closest enemies within 50 ft. range to any flat surface it connects, allowing you to easily deal a lot of damage with your LMB and Q as the enemies are stunned for 1.4 s after the pull. The pull can be blocked by shields and stun is affected by CC reduction and immunity. The projectile can bounce off walls, players and enemy shields.

    I will refer to this as "E" or simply "Ult".
    3. Talents

    I am going to talk about her talents from best to worst. Talents were called "Legendary Cards" previously, so you might find me calling them exactly that couple times in the guide.
    If you're curious on how I would balance the talents in a way that hopefully make them all viable, check out this thread.

    Unlocks at Mastery Level 2

    alt text

    Effect: Increase the range of Restore Soul by 300% and the Duration by 1s.

    Her best general purpose talent hands down. The increase in range is extremely potent, I don't think there is any sightline in the game that you could classify as out of range, maybe only on Fish Market from one spawn to another, or maybe there's an unimportant sightline in Timber Mill that can go outside its range. But the talent might as well stated that range on her heal is infinite and almost nothing would change.

    One would assume that this talent should be extremely situational, used only on long range maps that allow the increased range on her heal to shine, since her base kit range is enough for most medium range maps. One would assume incorrectly.

    The increase in duration is the main reason why you pick this talent. The description is quite misleading but it actually doesn't affect your healing per second, you have additional second of 1333 healing, it doesn't make your heal do 2000 healing over 2.5 second. Having this healing at will is pretty insane on its own for a talent, that is without accounting for the AoE heal. In fact, this is the highest heal boosting talent in the game.

    There's a common misconception among people that don't use this talent, their reasoning of not picking it being that its heavily countered by cauterize. I've had this discussion at least couple of times in the past few months and every time I give the same answer: this talent is actually helps against cauterize. And this is the real reason why you pick this Legendary Card. By giving yourself additional 1 second of healing before your heal goes back on the cooldown, you're giving your ally additional 1 second long time window to get rid off the effect of antihealing, which is a huge advantage.

    I play Seris a lot with both increased duration and without it, and if we count the amount of casts when people got rid off caut while I was healing them vs when I had full cast of cauterized heal, Mortal Reach comes on top as superior in the amount of cauterize-striped heals.

    This is also the safest talent to choose. Many would expect that the other talents, who naturally help you in defeating flankers and increasing your survivability, to have the least amount of deaths compared to heal based talent. According to TheBetterMeta website, however, it's this talent that has least amount of deaths across all the competetive games. It seems like there's no better way of defending yourself than being behind a cover for 1 additional second, at much safer distance.

    Add to it the fact that you have cards that benefits from increased duration pretty significantly, and ... yeah, there's no doubts why this talent has both highest pickrate, and winrate, across all competitive matches.

    Default Talent

    alt text

    Effect: Each Soul Charge you detonate increases your Maximum Health and Weapon Damage by 2% until you die. Stacks up to 15 times.

    The amount of stacks you currently possess is visible next to your character portrait.

    Each stack you detonate increases your health by 44 and damage of your LMB by 4,2. It does not boost the damage of your Q nor your Ult pull dmg (the pull deals 10 dmg). At full stacks you gain 660 additional health and your orbs do 273 dmg per shot, resulting 910 DPS. The bonus stays even after round ends.

    Soul Collector is definitely my favourite Legendary Card, which is why you might see some bias while I am describing its strengths and weaknesses.

    I personally don't think it's a bad talent. At all. Once you manage to gain 15 stacks, Seris becomes quite a powerhouse of a character. After playing very safely in the beginning, you can then do things that other supports would be slapped for doing.

    When it comes to your flank duels, most of them you can win with this talent super easily. On top of my head, the only people you can lose at full stacks are Moji, Skye and Andro, as they have enough damage to took you down before you can kill them. I wholeheartedly not recommend picking this talent against Skye, as her dmg is based on % of your max health, rendering your bonuses much less favourable. Using it against Khan is not a great idea either - he will very often focus you with his ult, and we know how his ult is the most balanced thing in the entire game, right?

    One important thing to note is that, supports gain a lot of Ult charge by dealing damage. Making them deal more damage makes their ults charge faster, simple as that, and it is multiplicative with Morale Boost by its very nature. 15-stacked SC Seris with Morale Boost 3 makes her gain about 88.5% more ult charge by damaging compared to a non stacked Seris without Morale Boost. Your ult might not be the greatest, but it is still a support ult, it is still good. Being able to get it every 40 seconds is quite ridiculous.

    Despite all of this, SC is still far from being perfect, as it has a lot of barriers to overcome in order to be the go-to talent.

    Your team tilting hard is the biggest obstacle. Their salt charges faster than your Ultimate Ability, right after pressing your heal on right-clicking inara while having Morale Boost 8. No matter how hard you try, if your team is losing their mind over you picking this talent, they automatically become more unfocused, and can easily lose you fight you wouldn't have lost otherwise.

    But even above the human psyche, this talent can be shut down super fast by simply not allowing Seris to gain stacks fast enough. Competent players can give you hard time maximizing your stacks. This talent is simply too slow to gain its full effect. A decent flank will use this opportunity to shut you completely before you gain its full benefits, and the fun begins all over again.

    Adding the fact that no one of your cards really benefit from this talent, even HP card does not scale from it, I hope it is easy to see why I don't put it higher than easy to use, consistent value talent that is Mortal Reach. I wish this talent got a small push into viability, because it's very close to it, but as it currently stands, consider it your "fun but sparingly used" talent.

    If you still want to use this talent without crippling your team too much, consider using it only on maps where increased healing range does not matter. That could mean that you should only use it on short range maps like Brightmarsh or Jaguar Falls, but often times this is more of a matter of important sightlines you need to cover. For example, Frog Isle is a long map but I prefer to use SC here because there's no sightline on this map that I need for my positioning that needs increased range, unlike, let's say, Ascension Peak, where I want to make sure I can heal my flankers on the other side of the point from my backline, which is where I always use Mortal Reach.

    Obviously, this is also the only talent you run with a damage-oriented loadout, or as I like to call it, the "DPSeris" loadout,

    Unlocks at Mastery Level 8

    alt text
    Effect: Rend Soul now applies a 1.5s stun to the victim when they are afflicted with 4 Soul Charges.

    The Unwanted, The Disappointing, The Noobtrap, The Vivian of the talents.

    Agony is absolute garbage and if you're new to Seris that's all you should consider learning about this talent. But I know that there will be some people that will try to either defend this talent, or people that just want to know more about why is my stance so negative about it.

    In that case, fasten your seatbelt and be ready for a long ride, and if you're in the first group of people then take a deep breath, because it seems that you're the type to forget.

    Let's ignore pick-and-tilt situations that exists on this talent as well, and start explaining with talent requirements first. Hitting 4 times with slow moving projectiles is simply unachievable at higher levels of play, or at least in a way that this talent would have value. I can imagine being able to hit 4 times people in 2 scenarios: while you're flanked, and after your ult. Those are the only times where you can consistently hit enemy 4 times. Outside of that, there's very little chance to do so and then stun them out of position. I sometimes manage to stun enemy once or twice in a match outside of these events and I am not even joking, it happens when I am matched against decent players, and I am not talking about stuns that actually bring good value for the team, because remember, even if you hit people those 4 times, you still need to press Q before they go behind cover.

    So you what you gain is additional stun after an ult and a helping hand during duels. Which brings us the question why in the world you didn't pick SC for those instances instead. Not only its uncounterable by items, it also helps you against long range damage while also allowing you to gain faster ult charge. SC is just vastly superior at this job, while offering a lot more as well.

    I never had a good comparison to why this stun requirements are ridiculous, until recently. You see, here's new support, Io. She requires to hit your target once, with a fast moving projectile, and the stun goes through shields as well, and while it's weaker in duration, it's more consistent. I know there are a lot of factors, such as luna's AI and their cooldowns, but it demonstrates how inconsistent Agony is.

    We talked about requirements, let's go over reward. 1.5 Second stun that can go through shields and be applied to multiple characters. Sounds nice. It isn't. Resilience exists and it reduces effects of this talent significantly. One would say, that forcing people to bring Resilience to the fight is a great strategic choice. Unfortunately, Resilience is quite cheap of an item, and 99.9% of Agony Serises are extremely selfish and don't care about their team composition. You can kill your entire team by picking this talent.

    Let's say you have Inara, Torvald, Strix on your team. No one buys resilience for these, allowing their CC abilities to have a lot of value. Unfortunately for them, 1 braindead, struggling to breath Seris brought Agony and made enemy team buy item that counters her entire team, that they wouldn't have bought otherwise. Congratulations, enjoy your defeat screen.

    But let's say your team has no CC. Forcing Resilience is still a bad move, because your ult is CC and for some reason is one of the only ults in the game that doesn't have CC reduction caps, because why bother. So even if perfect conditions for picking this talent align, all you do is kill your own ult, and for real this time, this ult definitely can't afford being any weaker.

    On top of all that, this talents teaches bad habit of holding onto your stacks until you reach 4 of them on enemy, and if you're a newbie, you should avoid bad habits as much as possible.

    I am not saying that Agony has no value. Even if Resilience kick in, you can still use this talent to cancel important abilities like shields, andro reversal, etc. "It's Worki--" - bam!, "YOU CHALLENGE---" - nope! But if you really want to counter these abilities, there are other, better alternatives, and better champions than Seris to do so.

    I could go on and on, and believe me, I would love to, but I think I already proved my point. Agony needs a lot of work with both the talent and Seris base kit changes to ever be a viable pick. It still has lower winrate that those two, and the higher the rank, the lower the winrate, which leads me to believe that the only reason why this talent wasn't buffed all way to heaven is because some incompetent potatoes on enemy team think that Seris orbs are so slow and non-threatening that they want to see them in all their glory. And since they don't even know what an item shop is, they end up bringing its winrate up higher than it should be.

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