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    Hello Champions! 👋 This is a rundown of the most important things to keep in mind when using the General Discussion subforum.

    This subforum allows for discussion of anything that doesn't really fit into one of the other categories. Whether it be some general questions, sharing some information, etc., it should be fine going here.

    Allowed Topics
    We allow "general" discussion here. That probably doesn't sound very explanatory, so the most important thing to keep in mind is that your topic should not fall into the other categories. If this is the case, then you should be fine posting here. If not, then use the correct subforum!
    You don't need to be too hesitant when posting a new thread because you're scared of using the wrong subforum. Moderators will move your topic for you if it is in the wrong spot.

    Don't know what the other subforums are? You can find out what should be posted in them by clicking on the links below:

    This subforum has three pinned posts (excluding this one):

    • Matchmaking: Frequently Asked Questions
      • This thread was taken from an official FAQ from a while ago. It explains and answers frequently asked questions about matchmaking!
    • February Rage Thread
      • Use this thread to release your rage! Don't get too overboard or aggressive when ranting though!
    • February Happy Thread
      • The complete opposite of the above: use this thread to talk about all the things that make you happy!

    This subforum will probably be the most used out of all because we can't make specific categories for each and every topic! Just consider where your thread belongs on the forums, and if you can't find a suitable place, this is most likely your place to go. Have a question? We're happy to help. Have some information, speculation, and such? We'd like to know about it! Anything else that doesn't fall into the other subforums? Post it here, we're excited for it! 🙂

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