How long does it take before support answers, and how do i find if they answered?

  • Hey, i'm currently having a big problem, so I contacted support over a week ago. I've lost password to my >main< account (I created this just so I can access the forums), but my email doesn't receive the new one, when I try to reset it.
    My email doesn't receive literally anything from hi-rez address, yes, I am sure it's 100% correct. I checked the email already about 10 times if I misstyped something. Also, the email is not verified, since not even the verify email was received.
    I contacted support more than week ago but i'm yet to get answer, I'm not rushing, I'd just like to know how long does it usually take before they answer. thanks.

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    I've found they always reply within a few days. Are you absolutely sure you didn't use a different email when creating your account? All these automated emails would have gone through otherwise.

  • Yes, I'm sure it's 100% correct. Before I accidentally reset my password I knew what it was. I just wanted to verify my email but the email didn't go through. I tried then to reset my password to see if the email with password would come through. well it didn't and now i'm stuck here without my own password because of this 101 idea. I'm still logged in on steam though.

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    If you're still logged in on Steam, what do you need your password for, may I ask?

    It should auto load up your profile for you in game.

  • yes but once I log out I will never be able to play on that account ever

  • I got answer from support now, they asked me for some account tinformation, where do I send it? to email or start another ticket?

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    @iksdehahadzojk I believe replying to the email adds to your ticket.

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