Seris feels flat now

  • Reducing the healing from 2000 to 1400 makes Seris feel pretty anemic now. I know this is supposed to come with a 2s reduction in her cooldown? But if you were using cards to get that already the current performance feels like very little healing gets past cauterize (even with caut's decreased potency). Maybe I just had a bad experience, but I think my days of maining this are dead. And since I mained it for a reason? I'm having a hard time staying interested at this point. 3 years with you guys...I think I'll be taking a step back.


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    I totally disagree, Seris took a huge buff, I love playing Seris, she's just not a healbot, I suggest you read my seris guide, well I'll update it soon, loadouts are a bit outdated now but the general idea stays the same

  • @JalkianValour Hi!

    I was also intrested about her after the changes. I just have to mention that I REALY LIKE the way decs reworked her, all of her OP cards have been pulled down, the nerf on Resillance maybe made Agony viable and the huge nerf on her heal made Mortal Reach (the always used talent) a little bit less good.

    I also found her healing output a little bit overnerfed, so I tried her out twice this season. (only twice, coz I decided to play varied champions, not only my main as used to). I'm 100% satified as her, here are the matches:

    1st match inagme:
    1st match scoreboard:

    2nd match inagme:
    2nd match scoreboard:

    So my conclusion is although she got a decent heal nerf, she is definitly not flat.

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