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    hello fellow forum users

    Well this is just to advertise my aoc application, I hope some of you would vote for me ^.^ at least I invite you to read the infos you can find on my application
    one of my goals would be to "showcase" the forum, so more people join us and so our devs actually answer some thread, because for now I think we all feel like we ain't listened here on the forum
    My other main goal would be to have better ressources for new players, at least a better tutorial ^^' for obvious reason
    Then I'd work on improving the matchmaking and probably adjust ranked requirements and ranks, I also would like to implement a ranked mode reserved for 5 stack parties, fully separated from the ranked we have now
    Of course I'd also like to work on game balance and QoL

    I think that's about it for a lil sum up
    I wish you all a good day

  • If z1 didn't exist I would consider voting for you.

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    you have 3 votes, you can vote for the both of us 🙂

  • True, I didn't notice it. I voted for you then.

  • @TangAce if u will add on top of what u said, usefulness to coins and account lvl im giving you 20 votes, im making you and altar, god bless u.

  • I have voted for TangAce and I'm campaigning my man to be an AoC member to all 70 of my In Game Friends!

    Good Luck My Man!a

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    I do have ideas about account level, we had mastery skins, why not make like a mount for reaching a certain account lvl for exemple
    about currency, well gold is utterly useless right now, same for chests that people have ton of spares, so I'd want something to be done about it, but I'm not sure what can be done

    big thanks to everyone voting for me 🙂

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    I looked at the what every person had to say about game issues and what they want to do first and you listed want I think are the most important ones so yeah, you had my vote before reading this.

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    ahah thanks a lot 🙂 surely there are others things to be done, but I wanted my presentation not to be too long cause people wouldn't read it ^^' so I just kept what are imo (and I think the community's) the most important things to be changed

  • @TangAce Just know that some of the community here in the forums have your back 😉

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    even if I don't get into AOC I will still hope we forum users get listened a bit more^^'
    I should really post something on reddit but...I just don't like posting on reddit so I prob won't do it

    I'm already more than happy to have forum fellows voting for me 🙂

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