New meta list with you!

  • Hi!

    Plenty of things changed in this season, and there are some defintily wierd combos what can be viable somehow. I would like to make a list here: comment your favority new loadout here with the talent you use and some advices/tips how it works well!

    I will start with my new Furia tactic. Here is the loadout:

    It haven't got many cards about Solar Beam, so I use it with Cheris. As you see Fire Siphon is on level 5, so it heals me 1125 when I use it well. It's huge even against Cauterize, so it can help me a lot in 1v1 situations and in team fights too. The light orbs have a little bit dumb tracking, so these often hit the gound if the slope is rising. So my suggestion to use are:

    1.: Jump before press F, so the light orbs start from higher, and won't hit the ground. Use Wings of Wrath where no barrier or hill is in front of you. If you don't use it for escape, so you want to contionu the battle don't is it from highgorund but you can use it when a wall behind you.

    2.: You can rush close to the enemy team shooting them as a mad woman and retreat with huge selfheal when you need. Be careful: if you press F too late you die before the orbs hit the enemy for heal you! (I died coz of the too late activisation a couple of times when I tried it at the first time)

    Ultimately here is many last match with this tactic:
    I think it works well 🙂

  • PC

    @KicsitCsicska Tried it... pretty good. Out performed SC Seris too.


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