Are you aware that player ranking is not working in that way?

  • Your intent to get equal teams is good, but it's not working in this way...

    You can't just put several ranks/levels together and hope to get a team which equals the opponments.
    This matchmaking doesn't repesent the ranks...
    I am already down to Gold 1 and still have to play against masters and former masters... How should i ever be able to get a higher rank when i play alone???
    Also someone can be part of a team and get carried to diamond, then he plays solo and got the best rate of the team, but plays like Gold...

    Imo you should change the matchmaking, so only e.g. Gold 1 plays against Gold 1
    reward players for their personal performance despite win/loose

    AND i know it's a team game, but thats just not how player ranking works. Additional you could add another rank "Player", so we've got Team AND Player ranking.

    Resume: That current ranking system is not representing a players skill and is just frustating for players...

    One of the few things, why the ambitious player base of ranked will get smaller and smaller and become extinct over the time.
    Mark my words...

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  • @Bahaco I completely agree with you on this issue. The ranked system in paladins is absolutely awful because it screws over high level players who do not play for a long time

    The problem is that the rank you receive goes down significantly after taking a long break, but your MMR doesn’t change which is mind boggling and atrocious

    I am in a similar situation to you. I was GM in season 1 and my highest in season 2 was masters but I didn’t play much. During season 2 until pretty recently I took a very long break from ranked, for many months.

    What happened when I came back is that because I was gone for so long, the system ranked me high plat LOL even though I play just as well if not better than I did before. I had over 1400 hours played even before I returned so it’s not like I forgot how to play or suddenly started sucking

    This way of ranking is trash to begin with, but what makes it 100x worse is that I’m still playing against people who are master and gm level which is just so stupid, often with noobs and horrible players on my team

    The only way this system would work is if I actually play against people of my current rank as you mentioned, so since I’m in plat 1 i should only have people in my games who are within 2-3 ranks of where I’m at. That means as low as plat 4 and as high as diamond 3. That is DEFINITELY not happening

    Instead the range is huge, I’m going against high level players constantly, and the game is still balancing the teams as if I’m currently masters or gm which I’m not. So I can’t even get out of plat 1 even though I am a high level player because the system is treating me as if I’m already at that rank. Honestly if ranked were done properly getting to masters for me in theory should be easy, but in practice it is so broken and poorly designed that I am probably not going to play ranked much at all because it’s a waste of time and doesn’t reflect true skill.

    Ranked should not seek to create “even” teams every match. Ranked should be putting people where they properly belong based on their skill level. Because if all they do is make even teams then I’ll never be able to climb even though I should be destroying in plat 1. If you are going to drop me that much for not playing, then you must also allow me to climb back up very easily to balance it out which is not the case. Instead we have the garbage system that currently exists

    The other option is to simply not let someone’s rank decay so much over time. If I had taken a break and come back, then placed in masters or high diamond I would have fit in easily and picked up right where i left off instead of having to deal with this nonsense

  • @Lukash369 Yeah i know the process... and i dont impeach that process (it's well thought through), but i'm questioning that ranking system, because that ranking system is for teams and not a player ranking.

    Compare it to a multiplayer shooter. Even though you win e.g. a team-deathmatch, you rank up slower when you've got a K/D of 3/20 compared to someone who owned the game with 30/4 despite you've won or lost...

    It's basically about the ranking system, but like @lockout92 said, there are a few questionable things about the matchmaking, which could be improved

  • Its been months and still no change, rip. I'd take either or at this point. Either pair gold's against gold's, bronze against bronze, or reward the player for how well they do even if their team loses. I'm very tiring losing constant matches in gold because my team mates play like bronze players against diamonds

  • @Patato336 said in Are you aware that player ranking is not working in that way?:

    gold's against gold's, bronze against bronze, or reward the player for how well they do even if their team loses. I'm very tiring losing constant matches in gold because my team mates play like bronze players against diamonds

    just stating that i agree with this, the system is just too flawed at the moment

  • I understand the difficulties of creating an algo for MMR and matchmaking, however, we live in the renaissance of machine learning, maybe invest in a good data scientist, that's what we all do; I know it's pricey.
    That being said most of my frustration comes from the fact that account level +600 players are matched with people just starting. You may say well they could be just as good of an fps player as you are, but it's not true if that person is very low level. You must know that map awareness and knowledge is the biggest advantage one could have. No matter how bad a player is if he is here since closed beta he is ultimately a better teammate than someone who played 10 matches and got lucky with Victor.
    I would absolutely introduce a +/-limit in account level (can be wide), I'm just sick of seeing my teammates picking a lvl0-5 champion (for frikng fck sake, you play 4 games and you are passed lvl5) and I literally don't have any champ under lvl30.
    That is just one metric. I'd brainstorm for some others that can have an effect. Minor things can tweak the algorithm greatly and not necessarily limiting your valid player pool.

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