A better approach for team-healing and cauterize balance; conceptional:

  • So in two parts:

    1. Do a change for EVERY team heal in the game where the healing is doubled to what it is now (so that every support can output more than 2,000 healing per second for their main non-ultimate and non-talent healing; the off-healers like Khan, Torvald, Skye, and Raum would just receive large healing boosts for their team-cards and team-talents / abilities).

    So now the team-healing will be split up into two parts:
    The super heal to heal everyone up quickly, when not fighting the enemy for 1.5 seconds from weapon shots (same as cauterize timer), but be reduced by roughly 75% of the value if they took weapon damage in the last 1.5 seconds (this value would be adjusted and balanced-tuned based on overall current strength and based on how much other utility that support has for the rest of their kit, i.e. heal bots like Ying and Seris would have stronger in-fighting healing, where as high utility like Io and Furia would have lower in-fighting healing, but still have over 2,000+ healing per second when outside of this).

    Example values would something like:
    "Io's Moonlight heals for 300 health every 0.15 second. This is reduced to 75 every 0.15 second against targets that took weapon damage in the last 1.5 seconds." (roughly 2100 health per second as the high and the in-fighting heal as roughly 525 health per second; and all team-healing will read in a similar fashion to this.)
    Again, example values, not saying to use these exact values.

    1. Cauterize is split into two parts; self-healing and team-healing values, still one item that costs 300/600/900 credits.

    The example would read something like this:
    "Dealing damage with your weapon shots will reduce the target's self-healing by 25/50/75% and team-healing by 15/30/45% for the next 1.5 seconds."

    These changes are to try to reduce the NEED to get cauterize, but by having an innate in-fighting heal installed to every team-healing champion which helps tune champions better and still have them with a satisfying fast-heal so that supports can do more than just heal all of the time. Since there is an innate in-fighting reduced healing installed to every team heal, the need for cauterize is drastically lowered and turns into more of a situational item mainly to prevent high healing output stacking comps with some kind of answer to them in-game.

  • Oh in et it. You want to suggest that healing can tell between in combat and out of combat.

    That is actually not a bad idea. If someone is OOC and auto self healing then they should get max strength healing.
    But as soon as they go into combat state and enter the Out of Combat Cooldown, (visually identified by the green bar under the Health in the left corner of the screen), then they get the reduced healing output.

    I wonder how long that would take to test and see if it works properly. Not a bad idea.

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    Interesting concept but I think it actually does the reverse of your intention. All you have to do is hit anything and healing has been reduced for the entire enemy team.

    Serious value in that - I would max it out ASAP.

  • @TurokFireseed If set it up under Cauterize rules, should not be too long, the longest/hardest part is going over all of the healing abilities and then balance tuning them (only the in-combat healing needs to tuned as the out-of-combat healing should always be super fast aiming to be 2,000+ healing per second average for the main non-ultimate heals [excluding off-healers like Skye, Torvald, Khan, and Raum, they would receive a similar treatment but no where near the power of the support heals]).

  • @DaddyOoker Players just need to learn to get out of cauterize, since that it what the reduced healing will work as, and the healers just prioritize those that have already gotten out. Only THAT target that got hit has reduced healing for 1.5 seconds, just like how cauterize works now.

    The point to the system is to make cauterize less important by basically implementing some of it to the system innately and then also make healers more impactful and less like heal bots with a way to super fast heal. And with the actual cauterize item being reduced, it allows for healers to not get completely denied once late game hits and the item is just there as an answer.

    It also has the benefits for better fine tune balancing, like making someone who only heals like Ying to have better in-combat healing to a support who has a bunch of other strong utility on their kit.

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    I misunderstood what you meant as team heal. So it's healing received from allies then. The self heal takes the same reduction as now but healing received from allies is reduced by 45% max. Do I have it right now?

    "Players just need to learn to get out of cauterize" - If it were that easy there would be no need to worry about the current or previous caut levels 🙂

    I didn't respond to the super heal part but my thoughts on this: Currently each healer is unique in it's healing output and method and provides a reason to pick certain healers over others for specific situations. Making them all have a super heal takes away from this.

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    imo the caut right now is good, not too much and not too little, seriously it's getting impossible to 1v2 a damage getting healing by a support even with max caut, if you reduce caut again it'll end up like a worse version of overwatch, because paladins have a high ttk, that is balanced because of cauterize and healing values

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