Any tips for the 150k shielding challenge?

  • I want to do that challenge, preferably in bot games without having to play ranked and hope for a half decent match where everyone's equally skilled (and kind enough to actually shoot my shield instead of just using CC), but it seems even the likes of Fernando would have a hard time with it now since the wrecker nerfs, if any of you have any tips or strats that doesn't include premades or luck to share I'd be very grateful, thanks.

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    @OriginalEquinox This Torvald did 200k - 22 minutes though.

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    what about nando infinite shield?

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    That might work. I'm not exactly a Fernando fan...

    I was thinking Torvald in say Onslaught. Torvald can shield bot himself (don't shoot) and allies. Training might be good since most are potatoes and 4v5 might get it done. If he's lucky enough he will get bots for teammates making this idea possibly more viable.

  • Fortify Barik... Formidable and 5 points on Towering Barrier Nando. Lian's Shield Khan. It's worth giving a shot if you ask me...

    I think the best mode for this would be Siege truthfully.

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    Welp I tried two methods. I think it's better to just let it happen in a real match.

    First Torvald.. I had some higher level teammates. I should have committed suicide to get more chronos..


    Fernando match faired better but still 50k shy of the mark even with all level 1s and below teammates. The bots ignored me most of the time. I could just walk around them on the point and they did nothing at all. Bots are beyond stupid.


  • @DaddyOoker that's my problem, even without shields, if you don't shoot at the bots and there are other allies nearby, chances are you can go take a long dump and come back to find your character Hale and hearty with the bots spinning in circles next to him.

    In PvP though it's difficult because shield ignoring cc seems pretty standard in kits these days so people would just Khan grab you or run behind you if you're using Aegis.

    Last time I tried this challenge I got extremely lucky with just one guy in the enemy team, a Evie, bought wrecker and went ham on my shield while the rest of his team ignored me or stopped fighting to emote in front of me while I'm jumping up and down desperately trying to send them a message like I was stuck in one of those dreams where I can't speak and everyone around me is completely oblivious lol

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    lol - just noticed the second match.. Seris must have been doing the no healing challenge.

    It didn't matter if other allies were nearby - still I was not targeted. Maybe they are Borg - seeing no threat.

    Maybe the solution is to Fernando and just tickle shoot to piss them off a little.

    If you can't get the bots to shoot enough then based on my two samples above (both getting ~50k/5min) I'd say you need 15 minutes of actual match time to get it done. You might have to go siege mode so you can force an extended 3-3 match. This might be tough with random teammates.

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