change paladins competitive requirements

  • is viable to change requirements of paladins coompetitive mode? mi idea is llike this

    you may have 20 champions that surppas lvl 20 or something in the range.

    is realy easy to take a champion to lvl 20 ,the requirements are to poor now amd evreybody go to competitive without having the experience and tecnicals of a experienced player.

  • @usuariodelanoche I feel your pain. I doubt the base requirement will change too much though. I am surprised that so many players seem to enter competitive when they scarcely know the champions, ultimates and maps. I haven’t played ranked this season, but have the other seasons Forged in Battle and such for the 200 comp wins. There does seem to be a number of young children playing these days. Was in a couple matches on the weekend with toddlers - they had mic’s on so I was able to know they were very, very young. Can really ruin the match when they are barely out of diapers.

    Maybe group up with friends to assist in ranked mode. I’ve always played solo, but they can mean a number of very poor matches. Good luck out in the realm. 😀

  • PC

    requirement should be to have all champions, and be at least lvl 100, this way no more smurfs in ranked, no more clueless people, better matchmaking (yes I'm a bit tired to see lvl 50 in a game of lvl 400+ for exemple), and also since it's way easier to climb in rank when you have lower ac level, ranks would be a bit more meaningful

    only advantages :3

  • As much as I would like to agree, 20 is a bit too much considering the gold acquisition rates and the price of a character at the moment. But a minimum of 3 per class sounds reasonable. Also the player's account level needs to be about 50 as well.
    Haven't even done the qualifications for the free chest yet because I'm still recovering from trying to get to diamond again, didn't work out and will never try again till they increase ranked requirements and punishments for leavers and toxic players

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