Seris Comprehensive Guide [SEASON 3]

  • Seris has undergone some changes that are not reflected in this guide:

    Those changes are:

    • Talents
      • Mortal Reach
        • Time between healing ticks 17% ➡️ 25
    • Abilities
      • Restore Soul
        • Increased Healing granted to adjacent allies 40% ➡️ 60%
      • Shadow Travel
        • Reduced Cooldown 14s ➡️ 12s
      • Rend Soul
        • Reduced Cooldown 10s ➡️ 5s
        • Reduced Damage 100 ➡️ 60
        • Reduced Healing Received 15% ➡️ 8%
    • Cards
      • [Rend Soul] Bane
        • Increased duration of movement speed increase 3s ➡️ 4s
      • [Rend Soul] Wickedness
        • Decreased Cooldown Reduction {0.5|0.5}s ➡️ {0.4|0.4}s
      • [Shadow Travel] Dusk-Walker
        • Increased cooldown reduction {0.6|0.6}s ➡️ {0.8|0.8}s
      • [Wep/Armor] Sorceress
        • Increased Ultimate Charge Rate {5|5}% ➡️ {7|7}%

    And they are not taken into consideration, keep that in mind.

    Welcome to guide for Seris, Oracle of the Abyss.

    This guide will be splitted into different parts, here's what's to come:

    First 5 sections conclude basic knowledge of the character:

    1. Introduction - short description of who Seris is as a champion of the Realm
    2. Basic Ability Overview - concise description of Seris' abilities, introducing new players to Seris' kit and specifying nomenclature for the rest of the guide
    3. Talents - which Talent is the best and why
    4. Card Overview - in this section I am going to point out which cards are worth taking and why, and give out some loadouts suggestions
    5. Itemization - which items to buy on Seris

    Last 2 sections are made specifically for people that are experienced with Seris, which are:

    1. Advanced Ability Overview - List of general-purpose tips and tricks that maximize Seris' potential in the match
    2. Champion-specific Tips - List of tips that will help you win more often against/with specific champions

    To get started, click on the white vertical rectangle under each section.

    1. Introduction

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    Seris is the "Selfish" support, one that wants to do all the hard work herself.


    • Extreme amount of sustain. Seris' ability to heal her own self is unmatched, often selfhealing for ~50% of her total ally healing value.
    • Ease of use. She is a very good character to start with.
    • Decent escape mechanics. Seris has access to invincible, invisible, omnidirectional escape ability that allows her to stay alive easier than most Supports, as well as access to high amounts of additional movement speed via her Umbal Gait card, making her very difficult to catch.
    • Good dueling potential. If Seris isn't caught by surprise, she is one of couple of supports capable of winning her 1v1 fights.


    • Lack of utility. Seris has no other way to help her team other than to heal, and even though Agony exists, it's lacking.

    • Extremely momentum heavy. All of her abilities can be countered by purchasing Items from the Item shop, making her very powerful at the start of the match, but weak at the end of it.

    • Mediocre ult. Supports are known for having best ultimate abilities in the game, that's their job and moment of power. Seris' ult is way too counterable by anything in the game to be moved to the great category. And when everyone else in your role have great ult, having "only a good ult" is quite a problem.

    • Weak on long range maps. Seris primary fire is very slow, thus very difficult to land consistently at longer ranges, and her healing range is very mediocre without the healing talent.

    • Bad skill rank scalability. As it currently stands, the things that Seris offers are commonly sought after at lower tiers of play, but as you progress through the ranks, her perks become less relevant.

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    2. Basic Ability Overview

    This section is intended for those who don't know what Seris does, and which button selected ability uses (we will use these buttons as nomenclature). Feel free to skip this part if you know these.

    Soul Orbs

    Seris shoots out continuous stream of big slow-moving projectiles that pierce through enemies (but not shields), dealing 700 Damage Per Second (DPS). Each hit applies a Soul Charge that stacks up to 4 times per enemy and lasts 4 seconds.

    Seris interacts with those Charges via Talents, cards, and her first ability.

    Seris has magazine of 14 at default, and reload speed of 1 second.

    From now on, since it uses your left mouse button at default settings, I will refer to this ability as LMB or just left click.

    Restore Soul

    Seris' right click locks onto friendly target nearest to your crosshair (but they can be anywhere on the screen) at range of 120 units, healing for 1000 healing per second for 1.5s. and all allies who were in range of 50 units at the start of the heal for 400 healing per second, even if they leave the initial area.

    You cannot attack while this ability is in use, but pressing it again cancels it.

    You require open line of sight with your target initially, but not, when channeling the heal, so feel free to hide behind wall while using it for maximum safety.

    Arguably, the only downside to this ability is that the visuals can easily show your enemies your position.

    Can be used every 1.5s.

    Since it uses right mouse button by default, I will refer to it as RMB or Right Click or simply Heal from now on.

    Rend Soul

    If any of the enemies has any stacks applied from your LMB, you can detonate them while being anywhere on the map, dealing 100 damage to victim per charge they possessed, and healing you for 15% of your maximum health per stack. The total number of stacks you can detonate at given moment appear above this ability. It has 10 seconds cooldown.

    From now on, I will refer to this as Q or Detonate.

    Shadow Travel

    Upon pressing, Seris goes into 0.8s long animation, and if she does it successfully, she moves 25% faster and becomes invisible and invulnerable to any damage and CC for up to 4 seconds. You cannot attack nor use any abilities while it is active.

    You can cancel this ability by pressing it again or by shooting.

    Has 14 seconds cooldown.

    I will refer to this as F or Escape or ST.


    Seris' Ultimate Ability throws a curvying projectile that pulls up to 5 closest enemies within 50 units to any flat surface it connects, allowing you to easily deal a lot of damage with your LMB and Q as the enemies are stunned for 1.4 s after the pull. The pull can be blocked by shields.

    The pull will be stopped if any enemy touches any obstacle on their way to the orb, but the stun still will be applied.

    The projectile can bounce off walls, players and enemy shields.

    I will refer to this as E or simply Ult.

    3. Talents

    I am going to talk about her Talents (Legendary Cards) from best to worst.

    Default Talent

    Effect: Each Soul Charge you detonate increases your Maximum Health and Weapon Damage by 2% until you die. Stacks up to 15 times.

    Additional info:

    • The amount of stacks you currently possess is visible next to your character portrait.
    • Each stack you detonate increases your health by 44 and damage of your LMB by 4,2.
    • It does not boost the damage of your Q nor your Ult pull dmg (the pull deals 10 damage)
    • At full stacks you gain 2860 Health and 910 DPS.
    • The bonus stays even after round ends.

    This talent is the absolute powerhouse. Competent Seris literally cannot be killed, as it stacks well with Haven and when maxed it translates to roughly 3600 hitpoints. On a character that can heal to full health it is absolutely ridiculous.

    In addition to insane survivability this talent provides, the bonus damage doubles as good boost to your ult charge rate, since Supports gain a lot of ult from dealing damage. 30% damage bonus equals to 30% more ult charge. Morale Boost 3 + Sorceress 5 + 15 Stacks give you 201.5% more ult charge when you damage an enemy.

    Be careful tho. Passive team compositions will not allow you to get stacks fast enough, which gives flankers more than enough time to kill you before you gain full effect of this talent. This talent is also heavily countered by %based dmg, and with no increased range it does absolutely nothing on maps like Bazaar and Fish Market.

    That being said, I still think it is the most viable way to play a healing Seris currently, but places where you can use it are fairly limited. In order to pick this talent, ask yourself these 3 questions:

    1. Do you have enough range to cover your most important sightlines?
    2. Do enemy DPS champions consist of only 1 damage source (Blast or Haven) to quickly rush that Haven?
    3. Does enemy have a champion that is easy to stack with?

    If answer for at least 2 of these 3 factors is "yes", then Soul Collector is your go-to.

    Obviously, this is the only talent you run with a damage-oriented loadout, or as I like to call it, the DPSeris loadout. This is why this talent is also extremely versatile. If your damages aren't pulling their weight, you can easily shift into a decent damage dealer and carry your team.

    Unlocks at Mastery Level 2

    Effect: Increase the range of Restore Soul by 300% and reduce the time between Healing ticks by 17%.

    This talent grants you basically infinite heal range, and 300 extra healing per cast. This bonus healing can actually end up pretty significant because on squishies you can cancel your heal much faster, making it way easier to heal your entire team.

    It's not very strong overall but is your only way to play Seris on long range maps.

    I actually don't recommend playing Seris without Soul Collector, because without it Seris is easy to kill and thus loses her biggest strength, but it's better to have a mediocre long range option than to not have it and be useless on long range maps.

    Unlocks at Mastery Level 8

    Effect: Rend Soul now applies a 1.5s stun to the victim when they are afflicted with 4 Soul Charges.

    The Unwanted, The Disappointing, The Noobtrap, The Vivian of the talents.

    Agony is absolute garbage and if you're new to Seris that's all you should consider learning about this talent. But I will still give my reasoning behind it.

    The stun only happens consistenly while you're flanked, and after you ult. Outside of that, there's little chance to do it because expecting Seris to shoot 4 times enemies at long range is utter unreasonable. I sometimes manage to stun enemy once or twice in a match at long range when I am matched against decent players at best. And I am not talking about stuns that actually bring good value for the team.

    If you want to increase your ult value and self defense , because that's the best this talent offers, Soul Collector is just better, because it does exactly that, only with higher success, and doesnt scale poorly late game, as it only gets better as the match progresses with increased returns Haven provides.

    In addition, Resilience exists and it reduces effects of this talent significantly. Forcing people to buy Resilience to the fight is a great strategic choice, unfortunately, 99.9% of Agony Serises are extremely selfish and don't care about their team composition. You can kill your entire team by picking this talent. Team comps that provide decent amount of CC that is not usually counterbought will be just dead if you pick it.

    But even if your team has no CC, forcing Resilience is still not a good move, because your ult is CC. So even if perfect conditions for picking this talent align, all you do is kill your own ult, and this ult can't afford being any weaker.

    Then there's the fact that you are constantly forced to use your Q offensively instead of saving it for when you really need it. And if you misscalculate your stacks you just waste your Q for nothing.

    I could go on and on, and believe me, I would love to, but I think I already proved my point. Agony needs a lot of work with both the talent and Seris base kit changes to ever be a viable pick. As of writing this guide, it still has lower winrate than previous two, and the higher the rank, the lower the winrate, which reflects the talent perfectly.

  • 4. Card Overview

    Cards categories will be following this Tierlist: (1).png

    Note: this is targeted specifically for a main healer Seris, the one that wants to keep her team alive. If any of the bad cards is not actually bad for DPSeris, I will mention it.

    S tier
    All of those cards should be in your loadout at all times at levels 3+

    Umbral Gait

    Effect: If an enemy is affected with a Soul Charge you move {8|8}% faster.

    Her best and most fun card hands down. With Dark Whisper nerf and Soul Forge points unlock, there should be nothing that stops you from picking this card.

    Seris lack any burst form of mobility other supports have, so any source of increased movement speed is godsend. Since Dark Whisper was cut by 12%/lvl to match this card, this one is go-to.

    With Nimble 3 you can gain 55% of movement speed increase total. This speed makes your healing feel omnipresent, always being able to get to your ally in need.

    This card does work while you're in your SF. Soul Charges last 4 seconds which means you will have the increased speed for most of your escape.

    But the biggest perk of this card is to have a way to escape danger without using your Shadow Travel in the first place. Many times it's possible to escape flankers simply by shooting them in the face for movement speed and then get into a safer position.

    It is superior way of escaping compared to simply Shadow Travel, because this way you didn't go away from the fight for even a minute - you still managed to heal your team and gained some ult charge while shooting. This card is harder to use than Dark Whisper to use, but rewards you accordingly.

    I personally run it at lvl 5, rarely at lvl 4 if I need points.

    Blood Pact

    Effect: While channeling Restore Soul you heal yourself for {70|70} Health per second.


    Being an enemy of this card for long time, I must say that this is her second best card currently and the best selfheal-on-heal card in the game. Being a support that is constantly hiding behind walls while healing makes her healing card unaffected by Cauterize for long periods of time. And with Cauterize nerf it feels very powerful right now.

    Combined with Umbral Gait, you're essentially a budget Cardio Victor every time you heal and have a stack on someone, but with better selfhealing. If you think Cardio Victor has good survivability, imagine what happens when support with invisibility gets access to similar strat.

    Just like Umbral Gait, this is a lvl 3/4/5 card. Personally I run it maxed, and you should consider getting it high as well.


    Effect: Reduce the cast time of Shadow Travel by {10|10}%.

    Despite what it says, it reduces the cast time by {0.15|0.15}s which is 18.75%/lvl.

    Pretty self explanatory card, and is very strong right now. At lvl 5 the cast time is 0.05s, which is almost instantenous. I run it at lvl 3 because it is enough to react to most of ultimate abilities but any level is good here. This is also the only S tier card that can be run below lvl 3 if you really need those points, but that assumes you are very experienced with the game and Seris herself.

    Personally, I think her other cards aren't really worth losing that lvl 3 Veil bonus, but you do you.

    A tier
    Very strong but not mandatory cards, provide extraordinary value even at lvl 1

    Spirit Leech

    Effect: Every Second channeling Restore Soul generates {2|2} ammo.

    Card underrated by everyone. It's the best 1p card in her loadout.

    The first thing you need to know is that it gives you ammo every half a second, not every second. This is the key difference that makes it a great card, otherwise it would go into the garbage bin.

    Single cast of your heal gives you 6 ammo, which is the same amount of times you can shoot inbetween your heals, so you essentially have infinite ammo if you do your job properly, and that is just at level 1!

    Why would you need infinite ammo?

    • If you need to reload in between heals, you don't have time to shoot every 3 heals you perform. That is more than 6% of your ultimate charge if you hit all orbs on a single enemy;
    • If you always have full or almost full magazine, you can duel some of the flanks and succeed;
    • It allows you to have higher uptime on your Umbral Gait.

    It combos really well with Blood Pact, allowing you to relentlessly throw your orbs while gathering ult charge.

    You can also instantly heal someone and cancel it as soon as possible to gain 2 ammo within 0.5s, it's faster than if you were to reload if you need to finish someone who is at low health.

    Can be used as 2 pointer to make sure you have full ammo no matter what, but more than that is wasteful overkill.

    Fade To Black

    Effect: Activating Restore Soul reduces the cooldown of Shadow Travel by {0.8|0.8}s.

    This card has diminishing returns by its very nature. At level 1 you can often fit 4 casts of your right click, with lvl 5 you can fit only 2. So the higher the level, the less time you proc this card anyway. Thus only low levels is what I recommend.

    If nothing's happening on the battlefield and you want to make sure you have your F available quicker in order to help in things like proccing overtime, you can just heal someone and instantly cancel the heal to get as much FtB procs as possible.

    This card skyrockets your point stalling potential, and also works as an amazing 1p card that brings tons of value - up to 3.2s CD off your F just at level 1.

    For starters, consider getting 1-3 levels.

    B tier
    All of those cards can be picked without any worries if you don't prioritize them over S tier cards

    Dark Whisper

    Effect: Increase your movement speed in Shadow Travel by {8|8}%.

    After the nerf it received this card is not that good anymore, giving exactly same %bonus as Umbral Gait, but giving it less often and for shorter time...

    It still has some uses. It can be leveled up if you have Umbral Gait 5 already and just need more speed in your Shadow Travel. But don't increase its level if your UGait isn't maxed, you're just losing on more consistent value due to diminishing returns.

    The movement speed bonus also applies while you're casting your F.

    Essence Rip

    Effect: Rend Soul heals you for {8|8}% more.

    Card that benefitted a lot from Cauterize nerfs. It adds a little more than 26 health per stack per level, ~34 with Soul Collector. At lvl 5 it gives you ~600 heals with 4 stacks detonated even under Caut 3, so your Q has a lot of value even late game thanks to this card.

    It also makes your Q burst faster, meaning there's less chance for you to die when you Q tries to fill your HP up over that short period of time.


    Effect: Increase your Ultimate charge rate by {5|5}%.


    Seris ult is not that great, and thus this card is painfully average. It's not bad, but I personally find card, whose effects can be achieved by other cards indirectly (by boosting your survivability and thus aggresion), kind of lacking.

    It does have some good synergy with Morale Boost (it is additive and doesn't have diminishing returns with it), and against teamcomps with little to no counterplay to Seris ult, it might be a worthwhile pick.

    C tier
    Very situational cards that work only for specific gimmicks


    Effect: Reduce the Cooldown of Rend Soul by {0.5|0.5}s.


    This is a small CD reduction for ability that isn't even a good support ability.

    However since it can become a support ability, it is a viable option for Agony Seris. But saying that certain card is viable on Agony is like saying that the blue is the best color to paint a trashcan with. It is still just trash. If Agony becomes good, so will this card.

    Also can be used for DPSeris but should be ignored when healing.


    Effect: Increase your Maximum Health by {50|50}.

    Hp cards are rather strong and versatile, because they affect certain breakpoints in your favour. 2 best examples:

    • with Haven 1 you survive 2 Strix's bodyshots with HP card lvl 1. Without it you need to buy Haven 2 to do so.
    • With HP 1 you can survive 3 Cassie shots when playing champion with 2000 health.

    However Seris has so much better cards that already help her with dealing with those situations. Unfortunately this card does not stack with Soul Collector thus it's rather low value.

    Arguably the best thing this card can do for Seris is when you invest 3 points into it as Soul Collector - you get 3010 HP which is a very strong breakpoint against some ults. But other than that, there's not much going on for this card.

    It also works like mini Essence Rip card - each level of this card also gives you 7.5 additional healing per stack detonated since your Q is HP based. And this healing will also be multiplied by Essence Rip. So perhaps running both cards as DPSeris will yield to some amazing results.

    Nether Siphon

    Effect: Heal for {50|50} Health every second while in Shadow Travel.

    The issue of this card is that it teaches a bad habit of staying in your SF for too long. If you're caught right after you leave your F, even 1000 healing will struggle to help you. And if you don't get caught, Seris will start regenerating out of combat all this health anyway so... what is the point?

    Its biggest saving grace is, similarly to Dark Whisper, the fact that its effect starts the moment you start casting your Shadow Travel, which means that it can help you survive going into your F similarly to Veil, but also doubles as quick boost to your hp while repositioning.

    You should only level it up if Blood Pact is maxed so as to not lost on consistent value.

    D tier
    Cards barely worth picking

    Dark Sight & Ebon Dynamo

    Dark Sight: Each Soul Stack you detonate with Rend Soul restores {1|1} ammunition
    Ebon Dynamo: Increase your Ammo count by {2|2}.

    Seris is super ammo efficient already. These cards can be run for DPSeris as 1pointers, but if you want ammo for heal Seris pick Spirit Leech.

    Dark Sight still has nothing to do with sight 3 reworks later, nice.

    F tier cards

    Soul Forge

    Effect: Increase the AoE range of your Restore soul by {6|6}%

    The original description is kind of misleading so I reworded it for more clarity, it basically makes your AoE portion of the heal bigger, it doesn't affect initial heal range.

    People seem to rush it to max but it's probably because they don't do math. This card only adds 3 units/lvl so it's very weak. Range cards are run on other supports because they affect their initial range, boosting their own survivability. This card does not do that and only boosts something Seris never had any problems with.

    This might be a little personal opinion, but I don't want this card to be anywhere higher. Healing based cards usually go from useless to must haves at simplest buff or nerf, hence I prefer it to be absolutely trash than absolutely good.

    Dusk Walker

    Effect: Reduce the Cooldown of Shadow Travel by {0.6|0.6}s.

    This is a meme of a card. Can we take a moment to address how Fade To Black is just like billion times better than this crap?

    Fade To Black offers much higher CD reduction bonus, it can proc multiple times per 1 Cooldown, doesn't affect Chronos, because Chronos only takes your Base CD into consideration...

    It is not worth picking both of these cards at the same time. It's a waste of slot when FtBlack already gives you all the cd reduction you need.

    (Someone suggested it should give 25%/lvl increased jump height in your F. Hi-rez pls I want that.)


    Effect: Every Soul Charge you detonate increases your Movement Speed by {1|1}% for 3s for a maximum of 15%.

    Oh how the mighty has fallen.

    This card was reworked from viable, interesting, thoughtful selfless card to complete useless piece of garbage.

    To get even any consistent value of this card, you need to invest 3 points. 3 points for a card that sometimes will grant you 15% for short 3s after using your 10s CD ability. What?

    Umbrail Gait 2 gives you more speed for just hitting an orb....

    Rest in peace one of best 1p cards in the game. You will be missed.

    This IS the worst card in Seris arsenal right now. Don't embarrass yourself and never pick it.

    That would be all of the cards. Now, for a starting point…

    Here's a good starting loadout (works with both talents but for starters, use Mortal Reach):


    5. Itemization

    This section changed vastly in season 3. Once again, it is ordered from best to worst (if the situation to pick it arises).

    Still, Nimble is just as important as ever.

    Nimble fixes the issue of Seris not having any sort of dash to your allies, making your healing feel omnipresent. It also boosts your survivability and burst potential (see: Advanced Ability Overview)

    What I like to do is buy Nimble 1 and one 300$ item at start, then get Nimble 3 as soon as possible.

    Next 2 item slots are your "defensive" slots.

    On Mortal Reach, if you have problem staying alive, pick 1 or 2 defensive items from Haven, Blast Shields, Resilience depending on what kills you most.

    Haven/Blast Shields (depending on comp) is an absolute must buy on Soul Collector and should be rushed over everything else ASAP, even over Nimble, cuz it stacks insanely well with that bonus HP.

    If your allies don't have at least 3x Cauterize, and enemy has a healer, you should sacrifice 1 defensive slot to fill that gap as soon as possible, Seris has this luxury of being able to Caut multiple people at once.

    Illuminate isn't all that helpful even against Skye, and damage reduction will help you more since you're not chasing her, but if she continues to be an issue for you, buy it after Haven as your 2nd defensive item slot.

    Chronos is an item that either you buy only whenever you feel like you're always miliseconds of cooldown away from healing someone but they die, to fix this problem, or a 3-4th priority item because it benefited a lot from its price buff and Seris' no longer having card that reduces cooldown of her heal, meaning that it doesnt have any diminishing returns from it anymore. It combos well with FtBlack and is my go-to as filler items over the next 2 yellows.

    The more I play Seris the more I realize that Morale Boost is not really all that great. Morale Boost now only being 30%, I don't see why would I even want to pick it over other items. Should be ignored most of the time.

    That being said, sometimes you will be matched against enemies that tend to get out of position and together often, making Seris ult absolutely insane. If you manage to spot this tendency over enemy team - just buy this item and win.

    Another reason to buy this item is combining it with Sorceress 5. This way you can get your ults very often which has the potential to substitute your utility.

    Avoid otherwise.

    Master Riding, as it currently stands, is just average. You get to your desired spot 33% earlier. Suddenly 15 seconds of running to point becomes 10, and allows you to clutch heal an ally. This is pretty nice, and considering that Seris doesn't really have any good items to choose from anymore, you can get it after Nimble, or Haven. However, it is more valuable on Mortal Reach/Agony than Soul Collector, since SC Seris should barely die, getting almost no use out of this.

    Kill to heal is not really a good buy anymore, Blood Pact already covers you with self sustain. Should only be bought if you have missing slot and all other items above are useless against your match up.

    Life rip is a joke of an item. Don't pick it unless you're Moji or anything that has Caut counter. It has some value on Soul Collector, and in that case, if all other items are useless, you can buy it instead of Kill to Heal to have greater chance to win your 1v1s, but otherwise, avoid like fire.

    Wrecker & Bulldozer are not worth on support anymore at all. If you really need to break shields/deployables faster, ask your damage dealers to buy it. But even then, this should be almost never picked, only exception is Wrecker against Torvald.

    Veteran, while having more use for Seris than most characters, because:

    • you get out of combat more often,
    • have more health with SC than average squishy,
    • you can get out of combat in your F,

    is still a bad item and you should never pick it. This is a meme item to passively-aggressively tell your healer that he is not doing his damn job.

    Never pick Deft Hands. Seris has one of fastest reloads in the game, big ammo size, and reload cancel. This item is for characters with long reloads, or reloads with perks.

    Since you are the only healer 99% of the time, picking Rejuvenate is absolutely pointless. It is an okay choice if you do have other good healer, though.

  • 6. Advanced Ability Overview

    This section will contain ranging amount of tips/tricks related to Support role as a whole, as well as specific Seris mechanics and her ability interactions.

    I am not denying that the amount of information provided might be overwhelming for new Serises - I suggest you try her out first, test her abilities and interactions on your own before reading those last 2 sections.


    As with every Support, the goal for Seris is to keep everybody alive for as long as possible, while avoiding dying at the beginning of the fight. This can be achieved by having superior positioning and great game sense. If you die first on the battlefield as a Support, you're garbage and you failed your job.

    As a Support, your positioning on the battlefield is quite easy to comprehend, but also very unforgiving for mistakes and must be held very strictly. Many people say, that Supports sit safely in backline, but that's just an immediate conclusion. As a Support, you want to be on opposite side of most of enemy team at all times, with the center pivot you're rotating around being your tanks location.

    If most of enemy team is in front of you, and between you and them are your tanks, you're in good position. If most of the enemy goes right flank, you should be on the left flank, with tanks walling you off. If they are in your backline, you rotate closer to their base location, etc.

    This way, it is very easy mitigate the amounts of damage you take, thanks to damage fall-off, longer time to react to projectiles, and reliable cover. Mitigating damage you take is huge for Supports, as there's literally no one else to heal you other than yourself.

    Flankers are biggest danger to your well-being. Fortunately, if you followed the advice above, you can use your positioning to your advantage. In addition to being on opposite side of enemy team, if you're expecting ambush from specific left/right flank route, consider strafing a little bit to right/left respectively to create additional distance and force enemy flankers to use their precious movement abilities just to be able to move with their effective range to your location. This can be achieved by standing in hard to reach locations, such as higher grounds.

    Most of the characters have only 1 movement ability, if they use it to get to you, they can't get out, meaning you have advantage of you using your movement ability, and then get away with no possibility of being chased back.

    But what if Flanks didn't use their ability to close distance, or have multiple of them? Then you are forced into duel. Some of the Supports can duel very well, some leave much to desire. Seris can use her self heal and easy to apply at close range damage to win her fights for as long as high level of Cauterize don't appear. Once they do, you need to figure another way of protection.

    Ideally, if your team has some sort of backline damage dealer, you should position yourself in a way that will make Flanker see the damage dealer first, and not you. This way you create 2v1 situation that Flanker just can't win. The best he can do is trade his life for life of Damage dealer on your team, but that still turns 5v5 into 4v4 with both supports alive.

    If all of those tips were applied and flanker still managed to live even tho he was super aggressive and killed you, this is no longer only on your bars to survive. This is the moment when one of your tanks should apply more defensive position and continuously peel from you and your Damagers. Most of the tanks have ability to quickly reposition enemies or protect you in the moment of need. If they aren't doing that then it really is not your fault you die, it's theirs, as they left hole in their space-creating job. But their blame starts ONLY from this point onwards, all your other deaths are all your fault completely.

    You need to also remember whether your location allows you to heal your allies well or not. A good position allows you to heal people that are around the point and at least 1 flank route. If it covers all flanks and point, that's amazing, but covering only point, or only one flank, just isn't good of a position and you need to find another place as soon as possible.

    It is your job as a Support to capture the objective once your team won the fight. This allows your tank to push forward and prevent any enemy from getting to point. If enemy breaks through your tanks back onto the point, you fall back and let tank cap the point. Similar logic should be treated with payload. That being said, as payload gets close to end, the section that payload needs to be pushed here is usually very open and dangerous for a Support character - this is where one of your tanks should start pushing it no matter where enemies are.

    Soul Orbs

    Moving from general positioning guide into ability specific tips and mechanics, let's start with Seris' primary fire.
    I will start with this first, because I feel like this is the worst habit I see among Seris players: use your orbs. If you're not low on health, if you're not escaping, just shoot and hit someone. Too many Serises don't use her weapon and this is a huge mistake on their part. Supports gain a lot more ult charge by damaging in comparison to healing.

    In case of Seris, she gains 1% ult charge per 200 damage she deals. For comparison, she gains 1% ult charge per 500 healing she does. A single orb can give you up to 5.25% ult charge if you cleave through all enemies.

    Supports' Ultimates are their moments of power (as well as utilities but Seris doesn't have any), they are specifically designed to be their carry moment, especially compared to every other class. Which is why you have to do damage to work to your full potential.

    That being said, never, EVER, chase low health targets running away behind corners if the fight is not already won. If you die chasing enemy, or even trade with that low health damage, that's still a fight for your team without a support.

    Seris LMB is definitely a completely different skill check compared to other characters. At medium to long range, you need to become a freaking god walking amongst mere mortals just to apply consistent damage, as it moves at speed that is half of Pip's LMB. Getting used to her Left Click is something that is achieved by playing her for longer periods of time, but there are some tricks that allow you to damage ranged enemies.

    enemy is escaping, try to shoot orbs into their nearest escape route, randomizing the landing spots of your orbs. While you can use midair inaccuracy, it is best to have full control yourself. It almost guarantees hitting people at least a couple of times.

    The orbs actually don't disappear until the middle centre of the orbs hit a wall, allowing them to cleave through walls slightly and hitting enemies behind a corner. For example, at the start of the payload push Birghtmarsh, there's this little wooden fence in the middle of the map, it has some signs above it. You can actually shoot over that fence to damage everyone hiding behind this cover, giving you easy ult charge.

    At longer ranges, Seris LMB become more of a zoning tool rather than a damaging tool. You can prevent people from passing certain open sightlines, as well as stop enemies from moving through corners to finish that low health ally.

    I mentioned previously that movement speed affects Seris' burst potential. Here's the explanation.

    Seris' primary fire is made of slow moving projectiles, thus you can manipulate them by your own movement. >>By moving in a straight line forward, you can tighten the distance between each orb shoot, and on static enemy, this means each orb will hit that enemy slightly faster than normal. The more speed you have, the tighter the gap is of the orbs you spawn.

    Similarly, going backwards will enlarge the gap between orbs and slow your time to kill.

    Here are 3 gifs at highest movement speed available for Seris, that start shooting at the same time and from the same spot, notice the difference in kill time.

    So if you want kill your opponent faster, running quickly in straight line towards them is the best possible way to reduce your ttk, all at cost of you moving in a predictable way, and therefore being much easier target to shoot.

    The last thing those orbs can do is work as a signal flare for your allies. If your ally is sitting behind the corner, low health, waiting for out of combat regeneration and you just can't force yourself out of position to reach him/her, what I usually do is throw some orbs in their line of sight. Many people just snap out of it and quickly peek you for a heal.

    You can also use this to warn enemy flankers you know they're coming. This alone might actually prevent them from flanking in the first place.

    Reload Cancel

    Seris reload is rather fast, but we can make it better.

    Seris has ani-ancel where reload animation completely replaces animation of you throwing an orb, while still reloading.

    There are 2 ways of doing this cancel technique:

    1. Hold LMB all time, use any ability except your Shadow Travel, and spam reload key when ability ends.

    1. Press LMB + Reload at the same time. This requires you to let go off LMB if you were already firing.

    Notice the slight delay in the 2nd version.

    Overall, it has some niche scenarios where it helps, especially to keep Umbral Gait duration for longer, but honestly, I keep forgetting this thing exists, especially with Spirit Leech being in my loadout at all times.

    Restore Soul

    You better like this ability, as you will use it a lot.
    This ability has fairly long reach, having range of 120 ft. It requires line of sight initially, but not when channeling heal, so most obvious and safest way to use this ability is to peek for a split second and then hide behind wall until it's duration ends, you can’t do anything else anyway.

    A good way to make your positioning unpredictable for flankers, is to use 2 sightline points that you constantly rotate around in between heals, for as long as those vintage points qualify as good positioning. You can't do it anywhere you want, but such simple idea can yield into great results.

    Your heal has visuals that work like a shining yellow arrow pointing to your location, you better use anything that will make flanker guess your location.

    Don't forget you can cancel your healing ability. The moment someone reaches full health, it is not worth to continue healing them unless you want to gain bonuses your loadout cards bring. Never precast it either. As you continue playing Seris you will eventually get a feeling when people will gain full health from your RMB without even looking at their healthpool, canceling your heal, dare I say, accidentally, right when they get full.

    Your heal does not put you in combat mode, allowing you to contribute to fight while restoring your health out of combat without any risk.

    Probably the biggest cause of Seris players' deaths, me included, is chasing allies that constantly get out of position to heal them, and thus getting Seris out of position as well.
    Don't do it. It's not worth it. Don't heal people that are overextending way out there in enemy backline. If healing person requires you to drop from your high ground, requires you to peek snipers' line of sight for way too long, there's no other way to get into their line of sight, then don't do it. Don't heal them, mute them if they spam VGS after dying, they probably didn't use they VGS system for good anyway, focus your healing on people who will win your fight instead.

    Sometimes line of sight requirement feels like a burden, but fortunately, we can get our ways around that.

    Many people don't know this, but if you hold your heal button when noone is in your Line Of Sight (LoS for short), Seris will attempt to heal at the earliest possible moment when an ally actually does get into her LoS. This almost completely makes the “perhaps I pressed my right click too late” issue pretty irrelevant when trying to get into LoS of your allies.

    Do keep in mind, however, that her autolock is really forgiving, and this technique can actually make you heal someone that you didn't even notice running in the corner of your camera. What is even worse, her autolock is so generous, it can actually target person that is in close proximity behind the Seris.

    Another tech that might help, is to use Superjumps to achieve desired LoS. As you might have already realized, if you jump close to a wall, or at least an obstacle that is on about your chest level, your character actually jumps twice as high compared to normal jump.
    What that means is that you can jump while looking at nearest wall, then rotate your camera 180 degrees, and while in air you can target an ally that would otherwise be impossible to target without moving away from your position.

    I use it all the time, and almost every fight it has its uses.There are a lot of interesting spots for Seris superjumps that you will learn over time.

    If you want to gain bonuses from your cards and dont care about who you heal, then hold your right click and spin your mouse 360 degrees. Autolock will do the job for you.

    When it comes to heal target prioritization, there are 3 rules I use:

    • If Tank and squishy are both high HP, heal squishy, as tank has higher chance to survive upcoming damage.
    • If tank and squishy next to each other are low, heal tank, as he is more important role to keep alive.
    • If someone carries your game more than rest, no matter what role, focus his healing on him more than others.

    In addition, almost every Tank and Flank in the game has an ability that allows them to counter effects of Cauterize, a shield, or things like Inara's increased healing. This is their way of saying I need your heal focus right now, and you should adjust accordingly.

    Healing under effect of Cauterize is very situation-specific.
    While most of the times it's probably better to just damage instead, you will probably still try to heal your allies with a view to them lose the effect of Caut for even a brief moment, mainly due to muscle memory.
    But you definitely want to heal people during caut in those circumstances:

    • Flanker diving onto a bursty character. With caut 3, you heal for enough to achieve a health breakpoint for your squishy Flank that will let them survive all this burst, even if at 30 hp.
    • Your ally has Rejuvenate 3 or increased healing cards and is not taking too much damage. With reju 3, you heal for about 400 health/sec even when they have caut 3.

    To reduce your tunnel vision, turn on your Team Bar UI in the Options menu. This is the part of UI in the upper left corner that shows their Champion stats, including their current health. There's so much information in it you would miss otherwise.

    But all in all, as you gain experience with Seris, healing with her becomes as natural as breathing, nothing more than formality. In fact, I sometimes forget I am healing someone, it's all tied to my muscle memory at this point. Person that plays Seris really well looks like a some sort of damage dealer that simply heals during his downtime, as if he knew he is going to lose LoS with enemy or reposition himself at the same exact moment his teammates need healing, always doing something impactful and never having any downtime.This is definitely playstyle goal eventually, but for now, just make sure you don't hear VE spam too often.

    Rend Soul

    While everyone else on the Support roster have access to amazing healing abilities or utilities on their first ability, Seris preferred to go the selfish route and decided to put there a self healing ability instead.

    Most obvious way to use this ability is to recover health from any damage you take during the fight. Usually, detonating 3 stacks is already enough, considering how early you tend to press this button. If you're low on health and have 1 or 2 stacks, it's usually better to try to shoot once or twice to get better amount of healing before the detonation, but if you're caught in awkward place don't hesitate to press it.

    This ability is amazing early game, but once enemy team starts stacking higher levels of Cauterize, even detonating 10 stacks is not enough to heal through all the damage they do.

    In that case what you have to do is go behind cover for 1.5 seconds. Some people try to time it, but it's easier to simply look at the Cauterize timer in the middle of the screen.

    While dueling, find a pillar or any cover that will allow you to strip Cauterize even for a brief moment, if possible. What I like to do is use wall superjump to mess with people's aim, which hopefully will allow me to remove Caut for additional split second. Note that the more stacks you have, the longer it takes your Q to self heal you, so adjust your time accordingly.

    Obviously, this ability has far more uses than that. In additio to use it with your Talents and cards, Rend Soul can be used to burst enemies fairly well.

    When on pure offense, the perfect scenario to detonate this ability is when you catch enemy in a current of your Soul Orbs. The ideal moment happens when one of your orbs manages to drop enemy's health below 610 (673 with SC), and if you time it correctly, enemy will experience the instantaneous 400 damage your Q deals, and then be hit with one orb that has already been fired that he just can't avoid, dealing lethal damage.

    Essentially you're turning 400 damage burst into 610 (673 with SC) unavoidable damage, and this is not something people expect Seris to do, especially if you moved towards the enemy in a straight line, like I explained in Soul Orbs section, speeding up time-to-kill even more. In other words, if you don't need the self-heal, then time it this way, instead of using it as soon as enemy gets stacked 4 times.

    This ability can also be used to finish enemies behind a corner. It's kind of obvious, but it seems that too many Serises prefer to chase enemy into their base instead of pressing Q…

    Last but not least, this ability can show you location of stacked enemies.Their character silhouette actually flashes revealed as they get damaged for a split second. It is very useful when you noticed enemy that retreats, but has multiple paths of escaping the situation. If you're on mic you can even use this to inform your Flankers where their kill is.

    If you use the abomination Agony talent, and proc stun successfully, then move behind the enemy to force him to rotate his camera before he can shoot you. As he tries to do so, jump to his right or left, depending which direction he rotated his camera (you want to jump opposite direction). If there's a wall nearby, you can even consider using it to jump over him. All of it while still dealing damage to that target.

    Shadow Travel

    There's this issue of people who tend to sit in this ability for way longer than they should. If you have crossed that dangerous sightline, if flanker forgot about your existence after your pressed F, if positioning is good enough and there's nothing that can hurt you easily - then you should cancel this ability and help your team.

    You can actually decloak yourself by using your Spray button as well. This way of decloaking only breaks stealth and not the ability itself - which means you are visible, but still immune to all damage and CC. It can be used as a bait in niche scenarios.

    You need to think about 2 positions constantly whole match. The position you are in, and position you want to end in when you use your F. Those depend on map, composition of both teams, enemy position and their movement, as well as movement speed in your F. If your movement speed is rather low, consider moving closer to your tanks. If your tank manage to see low health Seris that is using her F to reposition, there's a chance they will turn back and peel the danger away from your team.

    Use wall superjumps to preserve your speed momentum. Seris is more slippy than other characters, it takes her longer to accelerate after standing still/strafing. This is also true when you bump into a wall. If there's a platform that you want to jump on, then instead of bumping into it, losing all your speed and acceleration, use nearest wall to jump over it instead.

    Here's comparison in distance with old max speed in your F:

    This distance might look small, but other characters waste 2-3 levels of their cards to gain such distance advantage.

    It takes exactly 4 seconds for a champion to start regenerating out of combat, which is the exact duration of this ability, so you will start regenerating after fully leaving this ability, so consider healing over shooting right after it ends to gain full benefits from that regen. You can also delay your escape as long as possible even if being chased in order to activate regen while you are in this ability for a budget Nether Siphon card.

    To enter your escape successfully without dying midcast more often, use wall jumps to do a more unpredictable movement that will throw enemy aim off. You can even try to jump over their head to guarantee going into the shadow dimension.

    Your Shadow Travel cleanses all harmful effects when you enter it successfully, including Cauterize. That being said, don't leave use it to cleanse caut just for your Q alone. Doing this combo makes both of your survivability tools go into a cooldown, which is something you want to avoid at almost all times of playing.

    Your Q has 1 second cast time, so you might as well hold onto that Shadow Travel for 1 second longer, being in better position, and then uncloak.

    Your decloak has also 0.3 long animation were you can't do anything, keep that in mind.


    Definitely the most difficult part of her kit.

    Don't worry if you fail to connect it where you wanted at first. The orb is shot from your left side, which can often make it bounce on anything that was situated there close to you, not to mention the orb can bounce of enemies and shields as well.

    A great tip for this ult, is when you think this is a good moment to activate it, then delay pressing the key for 1 second (or just reload if you don't know how long 1s is) to think about all counters that can completely negate it (ults, shields, cc reduction/immunity, escape abilities, etc.) This alone will make you ults more successful.

    You can time your throw just as enemy shield/wall/ult is going down. Enemies tend to get clumped after safety those provide, allowing for an easy wipe.

    The most common practice used is to prefire your orbs at the direction of landing your ultimate to guarantee damage. Seris can deal up to about ~1400 damage on her own before enemy can actually start escaping this ability.

    Unfortunately, people forget to heal their teammates while they're ulting to focus on damage, and while it is good thing to do most of the time, healing should take priority.

    Prefiring orbs at your ult location is the most common reason as to why Seris players die right when they ult. However, once you realize that Seris can delay this prefiring for up to 1 second, depending on distance, you can minimize deaths to minimum. If you shoot a distant ult, take time to breathe, and then you can still shoot in a way that will time my orbs perfectly with the pull. It is also more ammo efficient to prefire with a small delay.

    As enemies try to run away from your ult, detonate your Q for additional 400 damage. if you're using, bleh, Agony, you should press Q as soon as everyone gets hit 4th time, making them clumped together still for longer.

    As I said, Seris can deal ~1400 damage by herself during ult, so comboing it with ults of your allies is almost completely pointless, all they need is to shoot at the direction.

    One bad habit I see Seris players do is to never use their ultimate, they all wait for those highlight six-man(?) pulls. Don't do this. Pulling one squishy, if it allows for an easy kill, is already great value. If you make 5v5 into 5v4, especially if you kill support, you win.

    As a general rule, if you didn't have any great chance for high man pulls within last 1 min of getting the ultimate, that means enemy is very competent with their positioning and you should focus on pulling 1 or 2 people at best. By the time that minute has passed, you would have another ult anyway.

    One of the best uses of this ult are: counter-aggression, and point retakes.

    When there's overtime about to proc on point capture, no matter if you try to capture or defend the said objective, people forget about their positioning in order to guarantee proccing that overtime/defending that point. This is the time when they like to group up, which is where Seris ult shines.

    Try to target spot that is outside of the point, as it will allow you to buy more additional time for your team that is respawning, instead of letting enemy pressure point while you're ulting them.

    Another excellent use for your ultimate is to buy some space and time. Simply throwing it at your dying tank or squishy will force people to run away, or get stunned for 1.4 seconds. This allows you to save and heal that ally, and even if that ult did almost no damage nor confirmed any kill, it was already a good ult.

    You can also use it to save yourself from flankers, or other threats, like being caught out of position. That said, the value of saving yourself with it depends on many different aspects. If you're starting the fight as 5v5 and you see get caught by surprise, or out of position, and you have high amounts of hp, then don't hesitate to ult. You save yourself and also can kill that flank/enemy who caught you, that's a value of 2 people affected in total that turns 5v5 into 5v4.

    However using it after fight is at your advantage even if you die, for example, you are at 4v3 and enemy support is dead, or at very low health, it is not worth doing at all.

    If running Soul Collector, it is also a viable strategy to ult just to gain your stacks. But only if you can guarantee at least 8 stacks, so a 2man pull.

    The orb has projectile time, and then after it there is 0.5s delay before the pull. So throwing it right under your feet will speed up the pull, and throwing it high in the air delays it.

    Throwing it at your feet allows for the fastest possible pull. The pull will be so quick, you can stun flank before they can react and escape before the burst damage can kill you.

    Throwing it in the air delays it for what is about 3 seconds. The orb will land a little bit in front of you after that time. There are some niche situations when this strategy is actually better than any other use of your ult, for example, if you're the only one alive, and allies respawn or are on their mouns running towards the point as you try to proc overtime, sacrificing yourself in place. You can use that split second of time where you are alive after F to aim upwards and pull enemies with a delay away from the point, allowing for a chance to recapture.

    Probably the best use of this technique that happened to me is in this video from Paladins WTH (R.I.P. this great channel):

    at 0:57, this is me who sent this clip to this channel, doing this tactic with amazing results.

    Now about, the DON'Ts of this ultimate:

    • Don't ult at low health, it never works and you just die.
    • Don't ult when everyone else is 100% dead and not respawning soon. You're not going to achieve anything with that ult.
    • Don't panic ults. They almost never work.
    • Don't ult when attack of payload push is below 1 minute, and especially when it is overtime and you don't have 99.9% chance the push will be successful. even 99.8% chance is not enough of a reason to ult.
    • Don't ult when defense of payload push is below 1 minute, and especially when it is overtime. Ulting on overtime/under minute should be only used if they're about to success and get a win from that push.
    • Don't use your F ability to go behind your enemy backline, to ult them from behind. You're loud and easy to counter, and even if you kill 2 people with that ult, you die right after, and enemy team can win even 3v4 if they have support alive and your team doesn't,considering spawn distance advantage. Anything you achieve being behind enemy with your ult can be achieved in your own backline, only much safer.

  • 7. Champion-specific Tips

    This section will be full of short but concise tips and interactions, friendly or not, between Seris and any character, assuming that character has any interaction worth mentioning at all.


    • His reversal can block pull of your Ultimate.
    • Jumping over enemy Andro is generally not as helpful as against other flankers, due to his no aim punch


    • If Ash is not using her Fortress Breaker talent, you can actually shoot her above her shields even at ground level by cleaving with hitbox of your orbs.
    • Ash is not CC immune in her ult, you can pull her out of her immunity zone.

    Bomb King

    • You can decloak your stealth by spraying, as mentioned in Advanced Ability Overview, and use your visible immunity as a bait for his Ult.
    • If his ult hit a tank and he starts stacking bombs, try to make your tank full health. Don't bother healing squishy if he is stacking them, however.


    • Your F ability actually does not remove the reveal effect of Cassie's ult upon activation, despite the reveal icon going away.


    • Releasing the Kraken can be avoided simply with your Umbral Gait and Nimble, don't waste your F on it.


    • The key to survive against Drogoz is to find a Roof that will force him fall down to fight you at close range. Don't bother hitting him from afar unless he is literally 1 orb away from dying.


    • If Evie blinked in a way to you saw her initial location, you can rotate the fight so that your orbs pierce her current, as well as initial blink location, always guaranteeing damage, even if she blinks back.
    • If you predict Evie has her ultimate ready for you, stand next to a ledge, and drop down as she casts ultimate on you, this will allow you to F instantly.
      Otherwise, combination of Nimble + Umbral Gait + Resilience shuts Snow Globe.


    • Ult behind him to force him exposing himself to your teammates.


    • Try to avoid LoS of your teammates when you're low on health, as he can finish you easily with bounces of his Shocking Pulse. Self healing from Blood Pact helps a lot here.


    • If Dragon sees you, cast your F going forwards to trick him into thinking you go looking for Imani, instead go backwards while you're fully invisible.
    • If Imani chases you in fire stance while you're in Shadow Travel and you have a good chunk of health left, you can spray to reveal yourself shortly before Shadow Travel ends, making her hit fireball in your immunity. Considering it takes her 1.7s to charge another fireball fully again, it gives you a lot of additional time at almost no cost. Same can be applied to other champions with low firerates, like Sha Lin or Atlas


    • You can heal through both friendly and enemy Inara's walls with no problem whatsoever, unlike every other support in the game.


    • It is possible to bodyblock his ult to save teammates, but for Seris, being in Shadow Travel does not allow you to bodyblock his throw.
    • Ult behind him to force him exposing himself to your teammates.


    • His dashes cleanse your Q, so against submachine Koga it's best to just detonate your Q as soon as possible. Overall, your biggest counter, and you might actually prioritize Dark Whisper over Umbral Gait when playing against him.
    • Against claw Koga, position yourself in a way that will force him to use Skewer for biggest advantage in dueling.


    • Your F cleanses her ult completely, use freely if you are in a great position anyway


    • Against Makoa, pick build with Umbral Gait. Then, when he ults, throw an orb to proc it, then rotate 180 degrees because running forward is faster than backwards. This should help you survive it if he didn't have his hook available.
    • if you manage to throw ult on top of his rotund shield, the ult will fall through it right into the ground, pulling the turtle and anyone inside the shield


    • If he is not using Unauthorized Use talent, you can move onto his flare while casting your F. This will remove both burn damage and his Reveal effect for your entire team


    • Talus cannot ult targets that are in stealth nor CC immunity
    • Talus is not CC immune during his ult and thus you can stun him with Agony or your ult
    • You actually don't need to worry about Talus flanking you. If you can, stand in your Shadow Travel for full duration, this loses his time and forces him to rune back to his place


    • proc Umbral Gait and start running with your back towards him to survive encountering him in melee
    • If running Agony, do not stun him when he is using his F if his F won't kill anybody, as you will just give him a second charge on his jump. Instead, use it right after he landed so he can't follow up to his CC


    • He can target invisible champions, so you can use Shadow Travel and try to obstruct his vision to mistarget his ult
    • or just reveal yourself by spraying to bait him easier at cost of you being visible.


    • If a teammate touches Deadzone and noone else is healed, instantly cancel the heal. By the time they move away from the no-fun zone, you will have your heal available anyway.
    • Treat ulting Willo similarly to Drogoz, looking for roof that will give you cover and force Willo to get lower to the ground.


    • Ying's clones count as pullable players, and as I mentioned in Ability Overview Seris can only pull up to 5 enemies, thus Ying can save up to 2 of her teammates with them.

  • Why are your guides so good...


  • @Demigod said in Seris Comprehensive Guide [SEASON 3]:

    Why are your guides so good...


    It's a result of mixing desperation and procrastination of your everyday life. lol. I guess I put too much effort into things as long as I have an excuse to not study, work on something important etc.

  • PC


    Great work but surprise, I have an issue....

    As per:
    Restore Soul: Target an ally, restoring 1400 health over 1.5s. Nearby allies are healed for 30% of the healing done to your main target.
    Target an ally and Heal them for 1400 over 1.5s. All allies within 50 units of your target are Healed for 30% of the Healing done. Has a range of 120 units.
    Adjacent allies must be within 50 ft of the target upon activation.

    RANT: I hate how they are mixing and matching units, ft and meters in this game - Why can't they pick a unit of measure and stick with it?

    As per your guide: Seris' right click locks onto friendly target nearest to your crosshair (but the target can be anywhere on the screen) at medium range of 120 units, healing for 1000 healing per second for 1.5s. In addition, allies within 50 ft. receive 400 healing per second.

    I won't squabble over the implied 100 main heal difference. My issue is with the ally healing.

    Two things:

    • Regardless of the outcome of the next issue, 30% of 1000 is 300. 30% of 1400 is 420 total over the 1.5s.

    • Your guide implies it will heal the ally 30% of the 1400 even if the main target is at full health. This is not what the doc says now and means a significant difference in ally healing. I don't think the prior doc said "healing done to your main target" before S3. However I recall testing it in season 2 and it did work as you say in your guide. If it has changed to fit the doc then chain healing a full target ally to heal someone around a corner has become useless and the nearby allies will receive significantly reduced healing if the main target doesn't need 1400 healing - Ouch - maybe this is why I thought Seris was so bad in the PTS.

    Which way does it work in season 3? Do I just need to test it again or do you know the answer?

  • @DaddyOoker
    They actually stealthbuffed her healing on PTR from 1400 to 1500 over 1.5s and AoE from 30% to 40%. Check her advanced description (or calculate her heal ticks. She heals for 150 every 0.15s which is exactly 1000/sec)

    As for second question, I am not sure I understand entirely, she heals adjacent allies even if your main target is full health. The description is just confusing.

  • PC

    @TTraw OK, thanks.

  • I've updated the guide to reflect latest Seris buff, most notably in Itemization part. Enjoy.

  • @TTraw said in Seris Comprehensive Guide [SEASON 3]:

    Wrecker & Bulldozer are not worth on support anymore at all. If you really need to break shields/deployables faster, ask your damage dealers to buy it.

    If he has Totemic Ward talent - buy bulldozer and focus his totem.

    It is your job to buy Bulldozer and deal with crippling field Inara


  • @U1322272759 oh yeah, I guess I forgot edit those when Dozer has been changed. Sorry

  • @TTraw I bet you have a bunch of Seris skins, what are the best skins for projectiles? I tried the Chinese skin and it's ridiculous how much better it is for visibility.

  • ⠀⠀I find that Mortal Reach often makes me waste time trying to squeeze out some extra heals out of the AoE element. Extra range rarely comes into play. It has potential for healing tanks that manage to escape cauterize for heal's entire duration, I guess. I tried it several times in casual and couldn't get any value out of it.
    ⠀⠀I got placed in Plat (solo) this season and used Soul Collector every time for 25 games. I won't be able to try it at Diamond rank for awhile, but at this level I got some pretty good stats playing a very offensive solo healer Seris that kills flanks and reckless backliners. All that extra health breaks combos of a lot of champions and people basically have to treat me like a tank to take down. Despite my low number of deaths I had 0 levels of the Veil card. The only downside are defeatist teammates crying about my talent choice.
    ⠀⠀About Umbral Gait 5: it allows for a very mobile team that has no real point tank, moves to clean up the backline and then roast the enemy tanks (didn't try this enough times to back up my claim, but it worked 3 out of 3 times so far). Maybe people at Plat just don't know what to do when enemy team ignores the point.

  • @U1322272759 said in Seris Comprehensive Guide [SEASON 3]:

    @TTraw I bet you have a bunch of Seris skins, what are the best skins for projectiles? I tried the Chinese skin and it's ridiculous how much better it is for visibility.

    I have all of her cosmetics except Gaze of Negral weapon. Madame Seris is the only one that is really "easy" to see through, although Infernal Seris and Jade Priestess are not so far behind. I think Gaze of Negral has decent VFX too.

    Worst is Remix/Bunny Seris imo.

    @U1322272759 said in Seris Comprehensive Guide [SEASON 3]:

    ⠀I find that Mortal Reach often makes me waste time trying to squeeze out some extra heals out of the AoE element. Extra range rarely comes into play. It has potential for healing tanks that manage to escape cauterize for heal's entire duration, I guess. I tried it several times in casual and couldn't get any value out of it.

    The value of Mortal Reach comes from the fact that Soul Collector value is almost meaningless in certain situations, such super long range maps like Timber Mill/Fish Market, or things like Shield Tanks + Dive DPSes which won't let you stack to full, or when their damage is evenly spread against blast and direct. In these situations Mortal Reach will just always work, Soul Collector not so much, that is why I put Mortal Reach over Soul Collector, due to the fact it works every-freaking-where even though Soul Collector is better when it works..

  • According to movement speed diminishing returns formula, all movement speed bonuses after the biggest one are cut to about 3/5 of value. Do you think Nimble is still worth it?

  • @U1322272759
    Absolutely. With Umbral Gait 5+ Nimble 3 Seris gains 53% move speed with diminishing returns. It's very good because you can outrun most people.

    Besides, you don't always have someone stacked, and almost all other items arent very good for Seris anyway.

  • After playing more matches, I think it's important to have a Veil 5 loadout against Buck. Every Buck I played against took Bounce House, and the force of it interrupts Shadow Travel cast, giving him free shots on you while you cast and recast. On Serpent Beach avoiding Buck seems impossible, and it's hard to see him coming until he's already in jump.

  • @U1322272759 I have no problem against buck but that's based on my experience. When you position yourself well you have enough time to shadow travel even with only level 1.

    I do think it is a good idea to get higher veil build for bounce house if he gives you trouble. Not sure if Veil 5 tho, that's overkill no matter what. Veil 3-4 is more than enough if you press it the moment you hear the train noises.

  • @TTraw I was thinking liferip might be workable with her orbs going through every one. You ever tested it ?

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