Seris Comprehensive Guide [SEASON 3]

  • @Vaporized Probably to win 1v1 even easier, or to benefit from fat ult. It actually works with SC surprisingly well.

    @Shadowpuppy said in Seris Comprehensive Guide [SEASON 3]:

    @TTraw Yea, iv been running



    Master Riding

    Assuming no items like illu or resi, my items go like this:
    with Mortal Reach:

    • Nimble
    • Master Riding
    • Haven
    • Morale Boost/Chronos

    with SC:

    • Haven
    • Nimble
    • Morale Boost
    • Master Riding


    • Chronos
    • Nimble
    • Master Riding
    • Haven/Morale Boost

    see a pattern?

  • I moved cards around quite a bit and unknowingly ended up at your "Starter" loadout in the end, for both main healer and off-healer. I feel like it's the most efficient loadout all around. I really want to stick in a bit of Dark Sight in it, but Fade to Black beats it... I think. And, yeah, lvl5 Veil is overkill, because you can't afford less than 4 in Blood Pact, and Umbral Gait is too good to not have at 5. I just got really traumatized by that Buck GM.

    @TTraw said in Seris Comprehensive Guide [SEASON 3]:

    Soul Collector value is almost meaningless in certain situations, such super long range maps like Timber Mill/Fish Market

    After playing Seris for a hundred hours and a hundred ranked matches, I personally think it's best to just not play Seris on those maps. Her entire skill set is at a disadvantage in long and spacious maps, and Mortal Reach doesn't fix it. Her primary attacks (and by extension Soul Rend) are harder to land consistently, and it's easier to follow her during Shadow Travel. Seris herself is situational, not Soul Collector. Also, according to that one spreadsheet, Mortal Reach has 44% winrate at Dia+ (all maps together).
    Consider adding Zhin and Buck to the Champion-specific Tips section.

  • @U1322272759 I actually am currently playing the starter build as well, but I dropped 1p from FtB for maxing Blood Pact. It seems to be most effective build for Soul Collector all around, well optimised on loadout points.

    I know I was always saying that can easily play without those "Crutch" card (Veil & FtB) but as it currently stands all other cards are just much worse on Seris, so crutch cards are the only ones worth running in the end. Which might actually speak volumes on how they balanced her cards in season3...

    I do agree that Seris is situational, and in cases where you can't run Soul Collector it is better to play just anyone else. But if you are filthy Seris onetrick and try to run her everywhere then Mortal Reach has its uses. On Bazaar, Timber Mill, Fish Market, Frozen Guard and maybe Splitstone Quarry Seris isn't going to heal properly without that additional range boost.

    This guide is I guess kind of outdated and I should probably switch places of Soul Collector and Mortal Reach because the first is the better talent right now, and thanks to Vex30 there's way less people complaining about it being picked, which was actually kind of big deal on how I rated these talents in the past.

    As for Buck and Zhin tips... I don't really have anything for buck, while the only thing that comes to mind about Zhin is that he can use counter to block pull of your ult. Not sure if I am gonna add them, finding their avatar pictures is actually surprisingly time consuming.

  • Did you already notice Vex30 newest video with the title: "I WAS WRONG ABOUT SERIS..."

  • @TTraw said in Seris Comprehensive Guide [SEASON 3]:

    the only thing that comes to mind about Zhin is that he can use counter to block pull of your ult

    He can also block your entire ultimate orb if it hits his counter, and he can do it on purpose with the +50% movement speed card. And, well, Billow drops the stacks.

  • @M3RC3N4RI0 Yes. I did. I tried to give him tips about how he would optimize his loadout, rushing chronos on seris hurt a lot, but his comment section ended calling me hardstuck in gold seris onetrick instead. People these days.

    @U1322272759 said in Seris Comprehensive Guide [SEASON 3]:

    He can also block your entire ultimate orb if it hits his counter,

    Everyone can bodyblock the ultimate.

  • @TTraw The counter absorbs the orb.

  • If you don't have Soul Forge 5 what healing cards do you use for healing seris? She has no other that are any good really.

  • @Christlike Focus on survivability. The longer Seris survives the more healing she gets. There's a card section in the main post here - just click it to expand.

    Most importantly, get Umbral Gait. The faster you are the easier it is for you to run to your allies to heal them. Doubles as survivability tool.

  • @TTraw I run umbral gait at 2 if i get it at all. I Don't like the champ bouncing around like shes hopped up on dope. Might consider it for a healing loadout though. Always had damage Seris in mind when considering the card. Didn't think about used to Bob and weave lol.

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