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  • Hey, I am a moji player, and I was wondering what are some good loadouts for her, so far I am running either high damage resistance/lifesteal whne I use my abilties, or selfhealing while using them, but I am feeling like I am underperforming and I am curious if better moji players have some loadouts for me to try out and perhaps even some tips for certain heroes moji has issues going against.

  • Any tips or help at all is greatly appreciated, I should state that I play the game on both PC and on Xbox, and I have been playing on and off for the last year and a half or so.

  • Moji doesnt have to many viable loadouts

    Greater Good IV or V is pretty needed. 40% life steal on a 1k burst is 400 health and if your running boom boom it can refill your entire bar depending.

    Peppy IV or V is also required to do well... you really need that barrier and scamper up allot and this lets you do this pretty well.

    Fluffy is really good as staying alive long enough achieve that 1k burst is where your healing comes from.

    If your pretty good at eating the cookie ult Natures Blessing can have huge value as your marking people all over the place.

    I am not a moji main but i run

    Greater Good 4
    Peppy 5
    Fluffy 4

    Typical engagement
    Show up Mark someone with full stacks hit them for a 1000 heal in my load out for 320 if not caut on me.
    Several people shoot me
    I make the decision if im going to run away when barrier ends or try and activate all the marks i just got for the healing and eliminations for cool downs


  • Forgot to mention that you should always get nimble with Moji. Cauterize is my main pick up after the nimble.

    Also you can fire your utl a long way so dont be afraid to use it from distance to shut someone down for a bit to give your team room to recover. I think its 500 units but you can test it out on the training range. People think you have to get the kill but shuting down a sniper for 4 seconds can have a pretty big impact.

    I sometime do this so i can get close to them, cookie run to them and they come out and have a moji in there face, the best place to be as moji

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