Why you should vote for me for PS4 AOC 20!

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    Hey guys L1BRA is here, I'm writing this to tell you why you should vote for me for Assembly of Champions 2020 for PS4! first of all, I have a big passion for Paladins and I have been playing and supporting this game for 2 years, and I know how most things work and I have experienced everything that happened in Paladins during that time on PS4. I'm also kind person who never been toxic to anyone for no reason and never will. I am good listener as well as I highly listen to feedbacks and such for my artworks so I would do the same to the community. I may not have lots of subs and followers in twitch and YouTube yet, but I'm highly connected to the community especially on Twitter and discord and it's easy to contact me there and I even have a personal discord server and I'm pretty much active on the official paladins server, plus I have lots of friends from different platforms allowing me to easily gather feedbacks from various platforms especially PS4. I also play on pc from time to time myself! However, I want to make the game that I love a better experience for everyone especially for PS4, I would listen to everyone ideas and feedbacks especially about balancing and I wanna help improve the game by reporting bugs I or the community finds, or suggesting quality of life stuff like how to make tutorial much better or how to improve the spectator and replay mode for everyone especially consoles or better mastery rewards, etc, and I would suggest how to make the lore better and improve it if they let me. No promises on this one but IF possible, I would give insights of what is happening! I care so much about the community that means a lot to me and made me the way I am now. as without you the community, I am nothing and I wouldn't be here, and I want to do everything I can to help improve and bring the best experience to everyone out there. So if you have any ideas or feedbacks you would like to suggest especially for PS4, please dont hesitate and feel free to contact and share them with me! It would really really mean a lot to me and I would appreciate it if you support and vote for me. I won’t disappoint you guys !

    The vote link in case you cant find it: https://www.paladins.com/aoc/

    Posters I made for my campaign. White version been modified by the amazing Angemon!
    alt text alt text

  • @L1BRA Wow

    I only have 1 vote left for AoC... I might actually consider you since you are kinda active in the forums...

    I'll think of this slowly but surely

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    @Demigod im most active on twitter and discord in official server and my server! but i can also be active here. would appreciate it if you vote for me though! 🙂
    my twitter btw: https://twitter.com/L1BR_A

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