Wanted some tips on Zhin

  • Recently grabbed zhin and have been running a Embers card loadout on him would love to here some tips about him I do know that he can put up a decent find against tib and maeve mains.

  • I am not entirely sure since after my discovery of Evie and Maeve, I've not played Zhin in a while... What I do know.

    Zhin is a very good flanker if you need some teamfight damage because of his Yomi hits.

    When it comes to running ammo, I don't fully recommend it since Zhin reloads in a second or so anyway, but I do use a single point on Embers.

    Smolder is good since Yomi is accessible in his base kit now, Guillotine is very good if you are in maps where you don't need the dash from your Ult... and lastly, Yomi dealing 150 bonus damage ain't that bad.

    Some general tips...

    • Hideout is a must have at 4-5 points so you can Whirl, Billow, Whirl to get out of sticky situations.

    • Fan The Flames should only be kept as a filler IMO, Billow's not half as good as it was.

    • Whirl Distance, Counter MS, Up In Smoke, all really reliable and good cards.

    • If you counter an attack with Footwork (counter movement speed) in your deck, and then you Billow, the movement speed from your Counter is carried through to your BIllow.

    • CC doesn't trouble Zhin as much as other flankers if you ask me.

    • Avoid ulting 1 v 5, or 1 v 3 even... You'll just end up feeding.

    • Ult should almost always be used to dash if you're not running guillotine.

    • When you ult to the sky in Serpent Beach and Splitstone Quarry after exiting spawn, press whirl, and you can reenter the point without having to ride on your horse.

    That's all I know tbh.

  • Zhin is what i call a mental flanker.
    Koga and Evie fall into this area as well.

    You need to play him with confusion and frustration in mind to get the most out of him.
    So basic Zhin does allot of damage and really punishes people for chasing him. So getting people to chase you is good if your set up to create distance and that is how i play him.

    Yomi is not worth it for 150 extra damage, you dont need it to kill people.

    Guillotine gives you damage immunity during ult which is so good. You can ult who ever you want and it doesnt matter who is around!!!

    Main Deck
    Blade Dance IV 40% whirl distance
    Wild Fire IV 2 seconds off whirl per person hit
    Hideout IV 4 seconds off whirl when activating billow
    Kindling II 2 ammo on whirl
    Fan the flames I 20% off Billow on elim

    First rule of zhin is dont stand in front of people.
    Second rule of zhin is make your opponent do as many 180 as possible

    The extra distance makes getting in close range much easier... It also makes getting out much easier....

    Hitting people cools down whirl by 2 second so if you dash through 3 people you can fire once and dash them again. This doesnt occur that often so dont focus to much on it, but i have had matches where i snuck up on a group on point and started whirling back and forth across point 4 or 5 times in a mater of seconds killing everything. Not the point of the deck though.

    Typical engagement
    I come around a corner and see an enemy, I whirl first , dont fire whirl because first rule of zhin is dont stand in front of people. 400 damage and him starting to fire as they turn around... that shot is 400 more followed my a counter. if they shoot the counter you are now at 400+400+600=1400 damage and you have taken very little damage. You have pretty much won this battle as your next shot is 700+1400 =2100 damage

    One key not is when you counter an attack your front is invulnerable for 0.4 seconds after the counter. This is why it seems like he can counter multiple attacks, he cannot but if you try and shoot him to early it wont do any damage.

    So a less perfect example
    Whirl + Fire + Counter and they dont shoot it .... So your whirl cool down was 7 seconds. you hit one person reduced by 2 takes about .66 second to fire counter last 1.5 seconds plus 0.4 seconds of damage immunity.

    2 + .66 + 1.5 + 0.4 = 4.56 seconds so at the end of this entire 4.5 second encounter you have taken no damage and done 800 damage to them and your whirl will be back up in 2.5 seconds. Your still in a good spot as if you hit your next three shots 400+700+400=1500 damage + 800 they are dead....

    Now this is how you start the match as people are going to shoot fast and heavy at you as soon as they see you. So dont try and to a bunch of shooting before using skills. As they figure out what you are doing you will see them start turning around and not shooting at your counter. This is when you change it up and whirl through and attack the crap out of them and they will panic and shoot at you. Learning when to throw up the counter and how to get them guessing when the coutner is coming is what makes zhin destructive... If they can out guess what your going to do your not going to do well...

    The billow servers two purposes.... One is to avoid big damage and bring your whirl back up quickly... So your doing all this stuff above but someone else jumps in and you cant fight long enough to kill them you can billow which is going to bring your whirl on cool down almost all the time. What you do with it is up to you... If your screwed you use the billow duration to point your self in the direction of your escape and start spaming that whirl button.

    Or you commit to the kill and whirl through them. The thing to remember about whirling through people is it tends to take them a bit to turn around and find and attack you. So it quite often that you do all this and end up with another counter at the end of all this.

    Up till this point most of this has been 1v1 stuff and that is where zhin shines, however people that know how to play around zhin are going to try and not be 1v1 you allot. This is where the annoying chasing comes into play...

    You ride into thier backfield and start attacking say the healer... Now if no one notices you may be able to just kill the healer with out using any skills. If not you should already know where your going to whirl do after attacking this healer... Walking around that corner you should be thinking im going right there if im getting out of dodge....

    Whirl away and followed by a counter if needed .... If they start chasing you great your firing at the corner or door way and they are going to take a ton of damage trying to get to you. If they dont chase you then heal up and keep poking... they will have to deal with you at some point .....

    if you do this and three people start chasing you then you may need to billow whirl even further into thier backline.
    Now you are pulling a bunch of people away from point... You dont need to kill them just keep them busy... If you have two people running away from point chasing you... you are getting so much value for your team....


    The ult is so good, you should use it often and use it on tanks... Dont try to ult tanks at the very start of the round. It is possible for a healer to heal enough for them to survive not likly but things that pop shields really screw you.
    Tiberus has a card at level 1 pops a 75 hitpoint shield when below 50% health. This 75 health shield will suck up and entire swing... So your 5 hits at 25% health is now only 4 meaning any healing at all on them and they are not dead..

    I like to wait for the tank to put up thier shield as they feel safer and move less erratic. As soon as they pop that shield i ult them... If they survive they have no shield and its likely someone else if not me will finish them off as you may be dashing away if your on point doing this.

    This ult counter the shit out of barik ult since you take no damage you can easily kill him inside his ult.
    Also your utl can throw people of the map including you. When your ult ends both you and the target fly away from each other. If you at the edge of the map you fly off if they are they fly off... This is really more fore not using Guillotine as your normal ult can throw a Raum off the map if your brave enough to aim it at someone standing on the edge of the map.

  • @shadowchess Forgot to mention that caut is the only choice... Zhin just doenst have the burst to deal with a bunch of healing during his attack runs...

    With how strong master riding is now i would say that should be your second pick... You could go Morale Boost but it really better to get back to the fight and keep people worried about you.... Haven is pretty good as well.

    The ammo on whirl just makes since as you never want to find your self whirling through someone and be reloading on the other side... The 20 reduction of billow on elims is pretty helpful. Your getting 3 seconds off for every elim... Which you should not really be needing this skill all that often if your playing smart.

    It more of an avoid this ult button or oh shit i fucked up i need to get out of here

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