How to counter Tiberius?

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    I can't counter Tiberius, I mean, CC works, but not every flank has CC. If I get hit by Heavy Blade Slow... I die. How do I avoid this and deal with a good Tiberius? The only way I can think of right now is Flanknando, but even then, a good Tiberius can just get away from a Flanknando...

    Help me out 😄

  • @Demigod Not sure any flanks besides Maeve can duel him while combat trance is active, it's just stupid how much potential burst and sustain he can get from a single ability, it's Overcharge/Defiant fist all over again

  • @OriginalEquinox Even with Maeve I struggle (unless I magically land my Cat burglar, pounce, cat burglar dagger combo)

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    You could always gang up on him with another teammate.

    Are you any good with BK? Grumpy stun then two stickies... dead.


  • If you get hit with that sword your screwed... The combat trance is pretty easy to play around. Same as talus you just have to get the fuck out of the way... Play around cover ... get him to activate it and run away... Stop trying kill him and just focus on getting his abilities on cool down. If you can get him to waste his skills you are doing work. If you find that you did a great job of avoiding all his crap and he wasted everything and you are pretty healthy then kill him.

    Maeve is good because she has the same range as him... You put one set of daggers in his face and he is backing up. You just need to keep him from standing and free firing and he is allot less effective.
    With the sustain that he has currently you cant really dive him till you get caut 2 or 3 online so you should be starting the round with that in mind

  • Also, if he does not have extra ammo cards or ammo regain. The trance last long enough to fire one mag... So if you can get him to shoot 3 or 4 shots before you dive him then he will run out of ammo and have to reload in the middle of trance making it much less deadly

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    tiberius has 3 weaknesses
    first his cooldowns, he got huge cds, you should bait his cds and attack when he's the weakest, he is really weak without his abilities
    second, he got the same thing as atlas, his skills and shots take forever to start, what I mean is he got pretty long startup animations on every ability including his ult
    third, he can't reload cancel, meaning if his reloading, he can't do shit, just a free kill

  • All of this is helpful thanks a lot guys... Now I just gotta know how to screw Tiberius in his ult if I have no CC in my kit,...

    Oh wait, you can't

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    you can, the dashes are pretty bad, deals almost no damage
    problem is the spin thingy, but you can hit him between spins

  • @TangAce Since Tiberius is casual only 4 now...

    Me when going against Tiberius. Plays a 0 cc flank like Zhin or Evie (apart from ult of course) Me when not going against Tiberius. Plays CC heavy damage dealers like BK...

    Just bad luck I guess XD

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