Barik Card Tier List

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    Well, somebody asked for it, so here it is. Hope it's useful for anyone learning the character or trying to build a loadout post-3.1.

    #anchor(%(#d18b23)[Tier List])

    %(#1515e6)[S-] Brave and Bold, Forged Alloy, Failsafe
    %(#0e7513)[A-] Double Time, One Man’s Treasure, Field Deploy, Bunker, Accelerator Field
    %(#dede16)[B-] One Man’s Scrap, Red Streak, Healing Station, Bowling Ball, Palisade
    %(#9e270f)[C-] Combat Repair, Foundation, Fuel Efficiency


    Brave and Bold- Has been an absolute essential for any Barik build since it was reworked back in patch 2.1, and is honestly the best health card in the entire game because of just how long Barik can make 150 health last. It should always be front and center in any Barik build, as it allows him to sustain more burst.

    Forged Alloy- Now that Architectonics is definitely meta, this will most certainly follow suit even if it got “nerfed.” The quotation marks are here, because the nerfs to Bulldozer end up actually making this patch a net buff for not only his base turret’s sustain (which was directly buffed), but this card as well.

    Failsafe- I was a bit slow to see the applications of this card initially, I will admit. But this is a staple card in any build, that is always should be there, and always at rank 3. The amount of utility it affords you is just too much to pass up, especially considering the power of the new Double Time.

    Double Time- Okay, my mind has been changed. This card is actually really good. Not only did I misread the card, but I also didn't realize fully the applications this card actually has. This is a great card for stalling, and it can save your life plenty of times.

    One Man’s Treasure- This is simply a card that is simply underappreciated by your average player. This card is so important for Barik to have, even if it’s only at rank 2 or 3. The CDR on this card is not only more than the CDR OMS provides, it’s also more consistent and doesn’t require you to sacrifice a thing.

    Field Deploy- The old Field Deploy was a bit underrated if I am being honest, but the new Field Deploy... It’s so good. Healing you for 25 (or 21%) of the damage your turrets deal per rank is just crazy. Even at rank 1 you’ll get plenty out of this card.

    Bunker- This card on paper looks like it doesn’t really do much for you, and yeah it really doesn’t on an Architectonics build. But this is a staple filler for Fortify. Why? Well, you’ll have that shield up more often, and that 200 health, while not seeming like much, is really, really helpful.

    Accelerator Field- Yes, it did get nerfed, I know. But it also got buffed indirectly by more than enough to compensate. The nerfs to Wrecker allowing Fortify to be an option now also give the boosts from this item more of a chance to apply. This is a good option for a rank 2 or even 3 card for any Fortify build.

    One Man’s Scrap- In the early stages of PTS, this card was a powerhouse the likes of which I’m glad was never seen in live. But now? Ehh, it’s in a similar situation to Red Streak, except with OMT instead of Failsafe. OMT doesn’t force you to get a turret destroyed to trigger it, it has a greater reduction...

    Red Streak- This card is simply outdone at its function by Failsafe as has been the case for a long time now. Failsafe will save you way more times than Red Streak, and it will help you in ways Red Streak can’t even help you in (double dashing is really good, and a nice thing to be able to do).

    Healing Station- Healing Station has really fallen from grace since the fall of Tinkerin. It is no longer a part of what should be a meta build. Sure it got indirect buffs, but it has no way to translate those into actual results without having a good talent to synergize with which it doesn’t at the moment.

    Bowling Ball- Oh has this card fallen from grace. Not only did it get its value nerfed (in a way that made it pretty much a joke after early game), but Tinkerin nerfs really hit this card hard as well, not to mention it now being outclassed by Double Time. If this were last patch this card would have been higher A tier, but now? It's not worth it.

    Palisade- If only the CDR on this was more than a measly .4 seconds per rank. 2 seconds at rank 5 for an ability with a 12 second cooldown (or 9 second cooldown with Fortify) is absolutely abysmal. If the CDR was more like .6 or .7 seconds per rank, it may be worth a look into though.

    Combat Repair- This card is a load of @$$. The healing on paper looks really good until you realize that it forces you to be close to your turret, and it also Isn't going to have that great of a benefit anyway. This card needs a rework sometime because, in the words of Dell Conagher, “that’s just a sad display.”

    Foundation- Simply, garbage. Even now it’s garbage. Increasing your shield’s duration not only doesn’t prove useful after the other team gets sufficient Wrecker, but it does nothing for your shield’s cooldown. Scratch that, it pretty much doesn’t do anything at all.

    Fuel Efficiency- Remember when I said Foundation pretty much doesn’t do anything at all? Well, this card actually does nothing at all. Not only does it never prove useful, it a downright waste of a card slot. If this list had a D tier, I’d put this there in a heartbeat.


    • Double Time now the best in A tier. Also as a result, Healing Station and Bowling Ball moved down a few spots, along with Field Deploy as it now seems to be a Double Time alternative against easier comps.

  • @Dusklicious His best cards are One Man’s Scrap (for shield cd reset but also helps to activate Double Time even more often), Field Deploy (with Architectonics) and Double Time (with failsafe) 😛

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    @KicsitCsicska said in Barik Card Tier List:

    @Dusklicious His best cards are One Man’s Scrap (for shield cd reset but also helps to activate Double Time even more often), Field Deploy (with Architectonics) and Double Time (with failsafe) 😛

    I really don't agree with most of this.

    • One Man's Scrap's CDR is an utter joke. 6% per rank and it forces you to cannibalize a turret to utilize it.
    • Double Time over Bowling Ball? 🤔 Sounds like a bad idea to me.
    • Also, no mention of Brave and Bold? I mean that's pretty much a must-have 100% of the time.

    Though on the Field Deploy point, it also works quite well with Fortify, as you can use the shield to keep the turrets up for longer and get more out of it.

  • @Dusklicious
    Double time is way better than bowling ball with its new, halved bonus. 1600heal/usage. Instead of 750 shield what disappears 3s later. Good idea. Rubbu also use Double Time on lvl5 without bowling ball:

    One man's scrap on lvl5 let you put turrets into the battle recieve damage instead of you and deal damage. Not with the turret hiding tactic with Healing Station. It's 30% cd reducing allways you to replace the destroyed turret soon, allwas you to use Barricade more often, allowas to activate the heal of Double time more often and the agressive turret usage makes makes Field Deploy benefitial.

    Brave and Bold is a good filler card.

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    @KicsitCsicska said in Barik Card Tier List:

    Double time is way better than bowling ball with its new, halved bonus. 1600heal/usage. Instead of 750 shield what disappears 3s later. Good idea. Rubbu also use Double Time on lvl5 without bowling ball:

    I very much misread the card... It says 80 per second for 4 seconds. It actually heals MORE than the Bowling Ball shield. That's actually crazy, never mind.

    I don't necessarily think it even needs rank 5. That's overdoing it, IMHO. I'm thinking about using it rank 2. Just tried it in a match and it proved absurdly useful. It's a good safe alternative to Field Deploy for healing. It's now high A where it belongs.

    As for Scrap, the argument you make would be a good argument, if it weren't only 6% per rank and that wasn't only a niche situation. Though I'd consider it as a OMT alternative for a Tinkerin build if Tink wasn't so bad.

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    as Promised, I want to see this

  • So hard to decide now, Barik has so many great cards. I used Field-Deploy till now, because 300 heals per second possible, wow. But the rocket heal might be even better.

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