What Each Champion's Name Means In Paladins.

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    In this thread I will list every etymology of every champion if there is some. If there's one that's wrong please tell me. Thank you.


    Ash: Ash is a rather basic Hebrew name derived from Asher. It's a rough name (naturally for Ash's character) It's meaning is quite literally... Ash. Boring? I know, but it suits her character perfectly.

    Atlas: Atlas is from Greek mythology, the man who carries the sky as a punishment for fighting against Zeus. Atlas in itself is Greek for "To Carry" so if you carry games as Atlas, you fit his name just fine!

    Barik: Barik as a character is similar to J.R.R. Tolkien's Gimli, sharing the same Nordic Accent.. But the name itself? Was a hybrid name of Arabic (Cough @DambaKing ) and Indian. It's a latinized version of the phrase Bareek which, coming from a Muslim, Bareek is a synonym to Baraqah which means Blessing. Your welcome @Dusklicious

    Inara: This is tough. Inara can be Hebrew, Greek, or Indian. If it's Greek (as a counterpart to Terminus's Latin) it means protector of Animals. If it's Hebrew or Indian, it can probably mean... Something that correlates to heaven or light. I think it's Greek, due to Terminus's name being Latin, and it's meaning is the closest.

    Fernando: Fernando is a basic Spanish name. It's usually used for pretty boys in movies (you know, like Mamma Mia). It's derived from British Ferdinand and it means... Ready for Journey/Adventure. (or Bold and Adventurous, take your pick)

    Khan: Khan is a Turkish name. Meaning Ruler, or Emperor, like Genghis Khan ofc. Fits his style perfectly. It's now a common name for Turkish people, Indian people, and Muslim people all around the world.

    Makoa: Hawaiian. Meaning. Bold Man. Simple. No, it's really that simple.

    Raum: Raum can be Germanic, or Biblical. In German it's a word for Fame. An ancient one at that, derived from Hruom. I think it's Biblical because it's the name of an Earl from Hell.

    Ruckus: Ruckus means chaos, or disorder. Fits the goblin perfectly. Bolt here can mean Bolt as a thunderbolt, or as a shortening of Boltana, from his lore... Or it can also mean... A bolt as in bolts and nuts. Take your pick.

    Terminus: As I've said with Inara. Terminus is Latin for Boundaries. The god of Boundaries and city scapes of Rome was called Terminus. Hence the modern day term of Terminal, and Terminology. Giving limits.

    Torvald: Despite his boring and geeky demeanor. Torvald's name actually means... Thor's Ruler. AWEEEEESOME!!! Nordic name btw.


    Bomb King: Go figure.

    Cassie: Cassie is a common English name in the modern world. But it was originally Greek from Cassandra. Meaning. She who fills men with Love (or you know, if you're against a good Cassie, She who fills tanks with Arrows). Ziggs is a celtic name btw. It's just a chant like saying Hooray!

    Dredge: Dredge is a ship term for cleaning the hulls. Lame. But, it sounds awesome tho.

    Drogoz: Dr for Dragon. Ogoz for Saliva in Celtic... Dragon Spit. Hence, his rightclick that involves a loogie. Weird.

    Imani: Despite her African Origins, Imani is an African American Name. It's not existent in original Africa. It means Faith. I like it, simple...

    Kinessa: Combination of Kinetic (movement) and... Honestly this one's tough. It can be for Kin as well, I really don't get it tbh. Take your pick. All I know is combined, it means responsible.

    Lian: Lian is an asian name. It means, Lotus Flower in Chinese. It can also be Persian for Brilliant. Speaking of Lian... House Aico's name means House of Deep Thinkers.

    Sha Lin: Sha Lin is an Indian name, suiting his Desert theme. It means... Humble. Weird. He likes to brag a lot.

    Strix: Strix is a Greek Screech Owl. Screech Owl's are usually a Bad Omen in Greece. So if you play with a Strix main, you know it's a bad omen.

    Tiberius: Tiberius is the name of a River God in Ancient Rome. He defended and took care of Romus and Remulus for the both of them to be king. I like the name even though it shares 0 similarities with personality, unless Maeve suddenly becomes queen of the realm and Tiberius is Maeve's father... (Maeve is half tigron) #PLOTTWIST!!!

    Tyra: Tyra is scandinavian for God of Battle. NICE!

    Viktor: Viktor is Russian for Victor. Meaning... Victor. No shit sherlock.

    Willo: Willo's name is derived from the Willow Tree. A tree that is straight out... WEIRD.

    Vivian: Vivian was a name first mentioned as Merlin's Lover in Arthurian Myths. Intriguing. It's meaning is... The Enchantress. Though, roughly translated, it can also mean... "The Cunning." Straight out... CLEVER!


    Androxus: Despite sounding Latin... This name is actually British. Meaning, Ruler of Tribes. It can also mean, The Shadow Chief depending on how you see it. It is a hybrid of Axus, and Andro, both of them ancient Brittanic names.

    Buck: Buck is very much an American Name. It's meaning? A deer. No, literally. I give up, Buck's origins confuse me too fucking much.

    Evie: Evie is a Hebrew name meaning... Lively, or full of Life. Fits her joyous boisterous personality.

    Koga: Koga is a name that just derives from two of the great Ninja tribes who opposed Oda Nobunaga. Koga and Iga. Koga in itself means... Old River.

    Lex: Lex is Greek for Defender of Men. It was derived from... Alexander. In Latin however, it's name means Law. Take your pick.

    Maeve: Maeve is an Irish name, meaning Shadow. Very common name in American-Celtic Immigrants in Movies. Like that Netflix Original, Sex Education, a character named Maeve exists there.

    Moji: Moji is African. It means... I'm Awake. 🤣 AHAHAHAHAHAHAH Just ridiculous. Po-Li on the other hand is Chinese for Resolution, or Drive. That's better.

    Skye: American. for Sky. Shut up. It's really that simple.

    Talus: Talus is Greek for a robot made by the Greek god Hephaestus. I don't know why Talus is named as such tbh, but, the name comes from there.

    Zhin: @Memesis you gonna want to hear this. Zhin means... "Treasure." or "Valuable." Perhaps this is why his Thousand Hand Guild is so rich! On the other hand... Xin can also suit nicely. Because Xin means... Fire. But Xin is still pronounced Zhin in English.


    Last one. I'm filling up my boring Monday Morning with this!!

    Furia: Furia derives from Fury and the Ia is the way Latin names for girls work. Like Julia being the female version of Julius. And so Forth.

    Grohk: Deriving from Grohl. Grohk means... Of the Tribe. fits him nicely don't you think?

    Grover: Grove. Add an R onto it.

    Io: Io was one of Zeus's ex girlfriend who was cursed into a cow by Hera. Luna derives from Lunar. Go figure.

    Jenos: Jenos means... Thanks. 🤣 NO... I MEAN IT! THE NAME SOUNDS NOBLE BUt... THANKS? AHHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Mal'Damba: Mal is for messenger in Hebrew. Damba... is... Hmm... Realization. Combined, it's best meaning is. True Messenger of God. Wow, I'm awesome.

    Pip: Lover of Horses. Maybe this is why we ride horse'y in Paladins? It's first character is named Lover of Horses?

    Seris: Lore wise, Seris is the name of the city the Abyss destroyed. @KicsitCsicska @TTraw @TangAce But the name Seris means, Oracle, or Philosopher. Absolutely... perfect.

    Ying: Chinese name. Meaning... Victorius, Bright, Jade. Pick one.

    Your welcome. Move this to Lore Discussion perhaps if I posted wrong? @Borvik @Lukash369

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  • @Demigod said in Champion Etymology List:

    Raum: Raum can be Germanic, or Biblical. In German it's a word for Fame. An ancient one at that, derived from Hruom.

    In German the word for "fame" is Ruhm. Raum means room.

    Furiae is the roman word for the furies, so a single furiae is a furia.

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    @Demigod I don't think there is an arabic name barik, but there is an arabic name mubarak. IDK

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    why do I have a thing for chinese champs lmao, my fav champ in paladins is ying and in ow it's mei

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    @Demigod Lian is an arabian name actually.... the word “lian”’s origin is “layyen” which has many meanings:
    and i think soft is in the list.

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    BTW her name doesn’t suit her.....

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  • @DambaKing Barik as in Baraq, it's latinized remember

    As for Lian.... Those names don't suit her.

    The chinese ones do however

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    Zhin: @Memesis you gonna want to hear this. Zhin means... "Treasure." or "Valuable." Perhaps this is why his Thousand Hand Guild is so rich! On the other hand... Xin can also suit nicely. Because Xin means... Fire. But Xin is still pronounced Zhin in English.

    I also thought that Zhin means Jin, the Chinese word for gold and wealth. But I think there is a possibility the devs based his name off of the words: "Yu Jin (余烬)" which means embers in Chinese. I think both can do, since the Thousand Hands is filthy rich and Zhin has the theme of fire as part of his character!

  • @Memesis Isn't Jin that guy from BTS?

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    @Demigod Yes. Hilariously! XD

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    Willo: Willo's name is derived from the Willow Tree. A tree that is straight out... WEIRD.

    @Demigod Wait why is the Willow Tree weird?

  • @Memesis Willow Tree is weird biologically... Family and everything, I mean, it's taxonomy says that it acts like it is a member of a certain family (Magnolipsidae) that doesn't form bushes... but it is currently the only Magnolipsidae that has bushes and grows downwards... Consider it an anomaly among all the other Magnolipsidae.

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