seris card change

  • so there's a card in seris' kit that makes u reload faster , I was thinking of changing it to making u reduce the cool down of shadow travel for every orb you detonate using rend soul , it would help make seris escape faster and even make damage seris more viable , it could scale by levels : LVL 1 : 0.5 ....LVL 2 : 1.0 ....and so on

  • Is the dimension of the scaling second/(detonated soul orb)?
    Dusk Walker is too weak to be viable for healer or dmg Seris. I think if this card was buffed than it would be enaught to be a general escape card (Fade to Black is a healer escape card), and reload buffer card (Sorceress) could be a soul orb speed buffer, as you can see in @TTraw 's suggestion.

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