I hate bomb king lore

  • So yeah i hate bomb king lore and here is my idea for the new lore for him basically bomb king is a weapon that was created by the magistrate and he is the anti riot/silencer for the magistrate if any town gonna rebel bomb king gonna be sent there,because every order that he was given was from the head of the commander he thought himself as some sorta noble but when he heard some random soldier chat about how bomb king was " a very useful weapon" he was enraged by this and destroy quite amount of building there.When the higher up knew about this they quickly send a scout and then the scout told bomb king that he was not just a noble but a king from some faraway land that is now aiding this country,this scout quickly become bomb king friend and now he is the mediator between bomb king and the magistrate.
    Ye i know this lore is really bad i just make some thing quick cuz im just bored and remember how bad bomb king lore was.

  • PC

    Well BK was made by a warlord if that counts.... maybe that warlord was associated with the Magistrate in some way?

  • ye i just hate how the warlord is so random

  • @Mr-Rain said in I hate bomb king lore:

    is so random

    Hirez Lore in a nutshell

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