Game freezes and crashes.

  • I dont know what triggers this, but sometimes when Im loading into a casual match (happenee of frog isle, bazaar, and other maps) it just puts me back into champion selection menu.

    When Im there the game is unresponsive- I ca hear the music and see animations, but cant interact with anything and have to force close the game.

    When I launch the game again to try and connect to the match it loads for a few minutes then puts me into main menu screen, ehich again, is unresponsive- i see animations, aannouncements are changin and her the music, but cannoct interract with anything.

    Validating integrity of game files on steam seems to be a temporary fix.

    Reinstalling the isnt an option as my place still diesnt have a proper internet connection and Im using mobile hotspot to play.

    Cheers for the help.

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