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    Barik's is probably one of the worst frontline ults in the game (in competition with Atlas' which isn't as good as it seems), even now that he's so strong. It definitely has its uses and doesn't do too bad in the damage department, but it still doesn't really have much in terms of usability.

    It can be used effectively to:

    • Secure objectives, or otherwise zone people away from them
    • Secure a payload push

    Other than that it has no consistently viable use that I can think of... Mainly just a zoning ult.

  • @Dusklicious You can counter ult with it, Inara ult stun is not so great i they cant follow it up with damage...

    Counters all of these to different degrees.

    Pip - if your not the chicken

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    @Dusklicious said in Ultimate Guide to Ultimates.:

    Barik's is probably one of the worst frontline ults in the game

    Raum can counter it by a single stomp 👀 imao

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    @DambaKing said in Ultimate Guide to Ultimates.:

    @Dusklicious said in Ultimate Guide to Ultimates.:

    Barik's is probably one of the worst frontline ults in the game

    Raum can counter it by a single stomp 👀 imao

    Not just Raum can counter it easy either. Though Raum's ult is probably the best counter it has, because it entirely negates the ult. It's pretty much an UNO reverse card in Paladins if one existed.

    Tyra can completely negate its value with a Fire Bomb, Vik can fire his Barrage through it, Ash can ult on top of it (I've done it, and it's happened to me as well), Term can essentially make it useless with enough Bulldozer, Drogoz can do 3k to it with one Salvo (or he can just punch you), BK can just roll through it with his ult, Dredge's Kraken goes through it like Vik's ult, Lex's ult does the same thing... I could probably go on. Point is, there's a lot of ways to counter a Barik ult.

    @shadowchess said in Ultimate Guide to Ultimates.:

    @Dusklicious You can counter ult with it, Inara ult stun is not so great i they cant follow it up with damage...

    Counters all of these to different degrees.

    Pip - if your not the chicken

    • Not really a good idea. the turret is still there, plus that's way better used on a Barricade.
    • There is rarely a reason for a Term to ult inside a Barik ult. Plus, Barik has better ways around it.
    • Only if the Pip is an idiot who would actually try that.
    • Wrecker exists
    • The Sha'Lin who's inside a Barik ult should just go back to playing bots. Also, Sha's good with Wrecker.
    • The Tyra would do a lot of damage to you before the channel ends, probably even kill you if her Molo is up.
    • That's sort of true, but once again I'll say Wrecker exists and Willo will more than likely have it against a Barik.
    • Not if Makoa has Bulldozer. But that's true to an extent. Barik in general is kind of a Makoa counter TBH.
    • There's better ways to counter an Andro ult than wasting a Barik ult on it.

    Though I will say, it does counter Khan's ult, but even then if the Khan's trying to ult someone through it, they're just stupid... But this is still not the greatest argument, because of just how many ways somebody can get around a Barik ult, and just how many counters it has...

    Also, the word consistently is there for a reason.

  • Ambient thought for the thread

    Bariks Ult is not that bad...
    Barik's ult is certainly not bad now wrecker is nerfed it can actually stand upto some shit...
    Its an additional shield, a dome shield and an average zoning dps turret....
    With a elimCDR reset combo to reset the shield... there is the Barrier, Ult into another Barrier... and that makes up for a lot depending on the environment, regardless of it feeling lacklustre nuke... it has a great amount of standing power... for a deployable asset.

    Its easier with a team to passively counter enemy aggro with bariks deployable ult and shields line of sight bide then it is with inara's kit (due to average player skill to conform around inara's pressure unless she is an on point drongo).
    Inara's has the worst tank ult atm imo... even after the resil nerf...

    Shield piercing is ok to counter certain tank elements but the stun is terrible vs cc immunity and targets behind barriers. If anything, its just to gimp channeled shielding like nando and koa or to catch players from afar for other players to finish...
    She can hard deny and zone with terrain and cc just fine, but that ult is just pathetic vs Makoa and anyone with enough time to pull a dodge move, it counters anyone who can't eat it, but it tends to be ok of they have a bit of CC resistance.

    I like giving CC immunity to allies via grohk, it nukes the effect altogether. Totemic ward is such a counter to inara's kit that I am sure they will remove cc immunity on totem before fixing the ult issue with inara, her ult is sluggish and boring thanks to the 2s lockout...

    It would good to just give the ability some small buffs to make the 2s wind up worthwhile... such as a small damage buff 600 area damage over 500... Amped damage vs deployables, reloads weapon after use, maybe ult charge from each champion target hit...

  • My issue with the standing power of Bariks ult lies with what @Dusklicious is going with.
    Bunker Busters...
    Shield Butchers...
    Now you have a 'fair' balenced HP for shields
    How much is a fair ammout of damage to pierce a shield...? What dynamics are fair for all balenced to RIP a player out of a pocket dome.
    And how easy is it to pressure out a bunker with a point and click pocket buster....?
    I like abilities that punish you for your shield use... but some of these long ranged nukes are cancer when they are that safe to use...

    I AGREE Trya firebomb just should not be able to burn the top of the bunker... just bounce off it...
    I AGREE that Viks Barrage should not pierce a Dome Shield.. instead it should just deal damage to the shield instead.

    The Dredge ult, (I hate it) it makes no sense... We already hate Skye's one.
    This this is just unfair shield piercing damage and spacing from afar...
    These are the prime area nukes that need SOME FUCKING UTILITY instead of Instakill potential and shield piercing....
    Dredge could have been anything else that would work better with his kit, a larger longer flood slow/damage field would have been better to work in his kit then this buster...
    Skye's nuke needs to deal way less burst damage, the explosion needs to be mitigated by shields, but to create a poison field that poisons foes regardless of shields.

    Shield Butchers though...
    I hate getting them busted by lex, to die by cancer design that way feels sad...
    Raum is a better ult, with the utility pierce shields... but 1k damage, a stun and a shield breaker... with that talent... I have no clue how to feel about this.... I love dodging it... but man that one calls for some nice anti cc abilities... shield break and stun.... oof.
    I that is my gripe about the feel of drogoz.... I do not think default wrecker is a good damage base ability

    In drogoz case... he has a bit of an identity crisis with the idea of his damage... all he does is feed off damage for an insta gib for his pressure dynamic... the other is area damage that just pressures through big damage, and that concept of damage is questionable... I really want spit to 50% area caut for 2s and for 4s if it hits a target directly. But this is going off topic a bit here.

  • @Dusklicious i can say for sure that i have saved many chickens with my ult...

    Drogoz and Bomb King could try to couter ult you but that is normally a death for them and not really a good time for them to ult.

    It counters term ult hard core, they cant move. You block. all thier damage and are not forced off the point. If a term runs in to die on your ult then great thier ult is way more dangerus then Bariks so telegraphing a resurection like that is appriciated.

    Recker doest do anything to a 10k shield.
    If drogoz wants to wast a salvo to take 3000 health from my shield great.

    Now that they increased the fire damage on the turret its not a good idea to run inside it.

    Barik ultnis not for saving barik and thats why so many people feel like it ls bad. because they believe its an oh shit button to save you, and its not.

    To be honest i dont think they will ever changen it, so maybe we can brain storm then best ways yo use it to help every one out?

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    Since apparently I accidentally derailed the thread a little by saying Barik's ult is kind of bad (because it is, honestly), I'll do one on Vik's ult.

    Viktor's ult is probably one of the best ultimates in the game. Not only does it deal 1400 damage per missile, for a total of 3 (which you may cancel at any time for 20% charge for each unused), it does that damage to everything in a pretty decent sized AoE. It doesn't really have a lot in terms of applications, but it does absurdly reliable damage.

    • It can be used to apply pressure to the back, by targeting their backline DPSes/Healers.
    • It can also be used to counter Barik's ult and Barricade, Inara walls, Ash's shield (proves useful if she's running Fortress Breaker), and it can also deal damage through Shell Shield, regardless if the Koa is running Half Shell.
    • To add to the first point, you can also use it to burst down a squishy as well. This function not only serves to shut down a potentially problematic DPS/Healer, but it can also be potentially useful in self-defense against some flanks, but this isn't reliable into a most common flanks in the meta right now, particularly Koga, as they have ways to negate its value.

    It also forces the enemy team to respect your entire sightline.

  • @Dusklicious Agree with everything said here. The refund on unused rounds is a pretty big deal. You can ult and watch everyone run away from your tank and not fire a single round and be at 60% charge.... So it can be a great zoning tool to get people off your tank and still be back up for the push or for the next round.

  • Talus:

    Talus ult can be hard to get value out of.

    Allot of people use it to dismount at the start of a round... This is pretty good but not great !
    If you can manage to dismount the entire team and teleport out, its allot of value. But it really only gives your team a small cap advantage and since your running back from spawn as well they are 5 pushing into 4 with you arriving late... and likely with every thing on cool down.

    Spawn timers are the key to using talus ult to get the most value. Wait for a single person to die that is high value...
    Aka Tank, Healer when you see them spawn give them about 2 seconds to get some distance away from the spawn doors and ult them.... Do not place a teleport before as you want to maintain your position in the backfield.

    The other use it to get from spawn back into the fight after death.... Same thing applies if you are watch the enemy spawn timers while you are waiting to spawn you can make the informed decision if there is an opening to use it for this.
    You still want to hit someone coming from spawn but you may wait a little longer so you can kill them closer to point.

    Lastly Talus ult knocks people off the map, so if Raum is standing near the edge ult him and knock him off. This is probably the easiest use and most effective use for a kill.

    Adding in the extra knock back on your dash can combo with this to make it a more effective tactic

  • Jenos:

    Great ult that to many people hold for far to long looking for a quad kill with it.

    1. Don't be to greedy, just use it to kill one person....
    2. Snipers can not see the animation through scopes....

    Counter Ults

    • Ruckus cant move during ult

    • Terminus can be killed before he lands after resurrection if timed correctly

    • Imani can only survive your ult if she is running +250 health in her deck so look for the dragon location and ult her

    • Khan cant do anything but walk when he is holding someone

    • Your CC immune so you can prevent Torvald from blowing you of the map and kill him in the process

    Try and always ult at angles... People are always prepared to move left and right as that is the normal movement.
    If you ult straight its much easier for them to just side step it....
    Try an ult cross map so that the left - right angles are larger making it harder to just step out of.
    Its almost never a good idea to try and ult someone that is not actively engaged in fighting someone else.

    Trying to hit people that are doing nothing but trying to survive has a low success rate.
    So its not a good idea to try and hit hiding people.

  • Trutfully at this point... XD

    I am too lazy to finish this guide... Sorry guys.

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