• I was joining a match and my game glitched and it was stuck on the store screen, so i turned off the game and went back in, and it said i cant play for 30 minutes because im a deserter, WTF?! that was the first time i ever left a match, and i only left cuz i was forced to, fukin hell. You guys should change it so that the first time someone leaves a match it will be five minutes, then 10 then 30 then 1 hour, please fix this, thank you its much appreciated

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  • Sameee dude. I'm a deserter now, so time for VRChat I suppose. I'm just worried the day it gives me hours or DAYS! WEEKS! MONTHS!

  • My game randomly disconnected during the loading screen after i picked a champion , i log back in and instead of getting into the game as the champion i picked i got 30 min deserter ban , in fuckin CASUAL what is this bullshit?

    30 min for a cusual game when its your laggy servers that disconnect players randomly

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    Please don't necro.


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