The huge issue with the matchmaking and my suggestion for ranked

  • It's pretty obvious this topic is nothing new to this subforum, and I did read the rules and what is allowed to be posted in this subforum before I mention the matchmaking topic and I see i'm good to go about this.

    Let me start with the fact nothing in this game matter balance wise if the matchmaking will stay like this, when I heard about the new patch huge challenges I was worried than looking forward for it knowing how unfair the matchmaking will be that mainly and most often one side of the team will abuse the meta and OP champion than the other due to the matchmaking.

    I'm very puzzled over the fact diamond players can not Que with gold players, yet! gold players will end up with diamond players if they are solo.
    I highly suggest some form of way to make it impossible for any gold rank or below player to end up with or against a single diamond player.
    And there should be another rule or system about the matchmaking rank wise, I know it's elo based and all that but i really believe this idea will improve the matchmaking by at least 60% to 70%.

    The idea is simply this:
    Platinum players can not be with diamond players unless they are plat 3 or higher, so plat 4 or 5 can not be in match with diamond players.
    And even to be partied with, that plat 4 and 5 can not party with diamond player in ranked.
    that way people get to be where they belong.
    plat have the least chance to be in diamond players matches but only plat 2 and 1 can be involved in diamond matches.
    gold rank, silver rank and of course bronze rank should never by any shape or form be in any diamond ranked, and i have been seen a lot of diamond players having literal silver 5 players in their ranked matches.
    and diamond players can have plat 2 and 1 in their match but only players who are from diamond 5 to diamond 3.
    Diamond 2 above should mainly be up against masters and GM since at that point everyone should be able to know what they are doing and contest to be better than the other and all that, but they can have now and then which should be extremly rare some high tier plat player as last pick.

    And only plat 4 below players can full 5 stack, so plat 3 above can no longer play with more than one person.

    there was a time and not joking, where i had a 3 gold players while I'm diamond with one plat up against maryjaneeeee and some other master player. The battle was so one sided and my teammates where no way even close to be exprienced to handle such skilled players.

    I do understand the case of smurfing, but with such system they will basically end up exactly where they belong in their mains if not harder since most often they don't even have all champions and all that.

    For most part there is the argument that fixing matchmaking will cause the que time to be longer, I honestly don't mind waiting 10 minutes or longer to have players in the rank they should be with and against me, than having a match in less than one minute where I will be hard carrying and suffering for the next 10 to 30 minutes with big fat defeat anyways no matter what i do.

    Nothing brining this game down for me other than the matchmaking.
    And i'm sick as i'm pretty sure not only me who feel the same way about starting a rank match to find myself first pick, and worrying which lowtier bronze the last pick in my team rank from, which most often so out of touch to pick what his team needs that they end up ruining the whole draft.

    I once had a perfect draft but when we needed a support out last pick decided to go buck, and i found out later that he was silver something, so we played without support and lost hard on 0-4

    like i can't even be mad at my teammates i just know it's not their fault, they literally don't belong in my matchmaking but here they are not being able to handle the heat, the saddest part is how often it happens, I wish it's just few time but nearly it's all the time.

    It's either in your favor or against you, and to me personally it doesn't feel rewarding getting my high rank by defeating bunch of gold and silver rank because I outdrafted them while they had no clue they should or shouldn't ban, or winning a match literally doing all the effort by your own while your teammates so tunnel visioned that they blame you while they are doing nothing while you are doing some magical one man army effort 1v5 to win it in the end by 4-3.
    When match like that end I don't have any energy left in me to keep going especially knowing that i might lose next time because i have to do everything again.

    Like I can accept my defeats when I get out played by more skilled players than me, I have no issues but please understand it doesn't feel good getting defeated by a group of diamond and masters somehow matched together up against you while you have gold players picking bad talents and having no idea what they are doing since they are "flank mains" using roles they don't like

    the second suggestion is the requirement to play ranked for new players.

    I suggest that who wants to play ranked should have 16 champions if possible forced requirement that it should be 4 champions of each class at the least.
    and their account level to each level 35. Then they can get to play ranked, by then should have spent enough time to understand how the game works more or at least have some champions to trade with.

    That's all I got to say so far, but hey, I'm open for any positive or negative feedback on my opinion and suggestion, have a good day and thanks for reading.

  • Yeah, happens too often man. This season I fell from my usual plat to gold cause i was pitted against diamond players too often and only got gold or lower players on my side. Or my teammates' game crashed and they never returned to match. I had only like 2 or 3 matches that were nicely balanced.

    Anyway, what you propose sound good. I myself go to ranked mostly for the challenge and because my teammates are trying their best to win unlike in casual where people insta-lock a dmg champ when we need support. I don't want to be put against diamonds, as those matches are lost even before they begin. It's no challenge, it's pure frustration.

    But i'm not sure if restricting party size for plat 3 and above is a good idea. I'd say that a party of 3 should be ok for plat 3 and above.

  • @allmighty01
    I can get out of gold because of this...
    I cant carry hard enough...

    I think having all the champions is a requirment for rank... Either you play the game enough to unlock them all or you are serious enough about the game to buy the champion pack...It blows to lose a ranked match because Timmy only has Ruckus

    I would also like the option to trade drafting spots as after the ban i would like to be last pick for damage or flank... So i can just trade they can first pick barik and i dont have to hear i dont have Maeve.. Sorry only flank i have is moji!

  • @shadowchess
    i wanted to suggest more strict rules about requrments for rank, but i was thinking for the fact it needs more players for it be more balanced sort of philosophy.
    so i suggest that players who want to play ranked should down 4 tanks, 4 supports, 4 damagers and 4 flanks.
    and maybe updating achievements to reward players who unlock champions 15k gold per champion they buy which will make the grind a little bit easier with some form of reward to do it so it's more likely to have new lowtier picks having champions they can trade with.

  • In theory Diamond players should not be placed with ranks below Platin. But it seems the matchmaker does it nevertheless if there is no other option. Also due to the hard reset matchmaking is a mess now.

  • @M3RC3N4RI0 I had a dimond in a match with me in gold 4 but wait there is more. I also had a silver on my team.... lol

    Hi Rez seems to think that its ok to throw a diamond into the match as long as they make up for it by putting a bunch of plats on the other team... Or throwing a bronze on with the diamond.....

    When you are so far above everyone else in the match it doesnt matter if team team average is better. That high player is going to do way more to impact the out come of the game than that bronze can do to lose it.

  • PC

    @M3RC3N4RI0 true, but as shadowchess said before, you get placed together with Silver elo in ranked as Diamond, which just should not happen for either teams, it a too wide spread between the ranks to make a balanced match out of it. And the matchmaker fits together what he can find, due to change for shorter que times.

  • @allmighty01 as I mentioned in another topic..the easiest way would be if the game is based on your credits at the end of the match..there shows individually if you were better than the others in both victory and defeat..and you could even earn points having lost the match if you were good and your team is all bad ..

  • @shadowchess said in The huge issue with the matchmaking and my suggestion for ranked:

    Hi Rez seems to think that its ok to throw a diamond into the match as long as they make up for it by putting a bunch of plats on the other team... Or throwing a bronze on with the diamond.....

    But the alternative would be that Diamond players often get no matches. The general idea of matchmaking is that Diamond is not put together with ranks below Platin (if they didn't change this). But it was always that this rule is ignored after more than 10 minutes in queue.

    @U028059724 Nah. That would only mean that every player tries to collect credits. Why heal a flank if healing tanks gives easy creds? Especially if I have to get more creds than the flank to rank up.

  • can we stop this? please can we somehow stop this?
    a friend of mine had this match very one sided match, cassie and bk literally carried it, only skye was trying something with no payoff.
    that buck is not a smurf by the way, thank you very much.
    can we have a system that stop bronze and gold from being with diamonds, and GM and masters from ever seen gold and plat ever again? please?
    this is not me throwing dirt or ranting, this is still about the very main topic of this forum post.
    this is not fun, this is not fair this is absolutely horrible exprience hurting this game, as i suggest some solution for it to be fixed.
    this is not ok.

    alt text

  • you think matchmaking is bad i found player using "C H E @ T" of a "W @ L L H A C K" about 11 player i found using in the rank match

  • Moderator

    @roiwtto999 Did you report them? If they have cheats they will be banned soon.

  • @Lukash369 i did many times and their still in the server even today i even recorded it and still not yet banned

  • @roiwtto999 Although this is not the topic of this subforum or place to talk about such issues
    I advise you to record it and submit support ticket.
    This is about gameplay related issue in regard of the match making as we suggest solutions.

  • Match making is crap for all modes yes that mean ranked and quick play. For rank bronze needs to only fight bronze and the same for all ranks easy but that is full restructure of ranked. For quickplay i get so meany matches like its ranked its a mess. I think if they put players close to thare account level matches will be better but have to look for smirfs. This be what i think will help for right now

  • I mean i do speak about match making in hope that something maybe something can change about it.
    To be honest i started to get bad look among my friends i recomend to play with me after they play this game and get exposed to the match making, it's neither fair or fun.

    I hope devolpers do something, literally anything at all in regard to the match making, at this point i don't care about champions balances, if match making stays like this, i don't see myself playing this game in the future.
    doesn't matter what you do, how hard you try literally anything when it's just pure frustration than anything else.

    I hope there will be some level based or more strict rules in regard to the match making to stop gold and silvers to be dragged around to higher elo matches and such.


  • I feel you on this issue and i filled out a huge bug list to try to get match making and everything else fixed except for toon balance. I do hop this get a good look into soon becouse its a full joke 98% of the time. Its so sad becouse this be a huge issue that turns noobs away from a solid game.

  • Most players are in Gold, so they make up the majority of ranked queues. Diamonds and above are rare, so they'll be paired with lower tier people. They should try to restrict match making to Platinum V and above though, and if the queue is a bit too long (over 10 minutes), then add high Gold players. Platinums, diamonds, Masters, and Grandmasters should be a decent pool size. It'll still have unbalanced matches because Platinum is a different ballgame from diamond II and above. Still, it's better than diamond II with silver and bronze players.

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