Vivian is a lil broken

  • I often see people defending their mains etc etc.. I totally expect to get flak for this. But it would be dishonest of me not to say Vivian has some very broken mechanics at the moment. It's mostly her Ult and the shield talent. The thing is, it takes a LOT of time to break through 1750 shield + 2200 hp, and with the Scapegoat card shooting at her feet you still need to deal 3300 damage. When she unleashes her Ult she can wipe a whole team very quickly.. you need to single her out and focus with the whole team to take her out or atleast 2/3 people. And there is a very high chance that she will have killed enough people stayed alive long enough to have her ult up again very soon. On top of that she has insane movement speed. And her mines cancel Ash's ult. Also there is a bug when she brings down (cancels) her shield it counts as if an enemy did it and triggers the cool down reduction, halving the cooldown.

    Also some projectiles simply wont hit her feet because they are too big. So with all these factors, if her team is good, it makes it very hard to counter. Most flanks have low hp, and will not deal 3300 damage before she kills them.
    Even with out her ult, in the shooting range, she can kill a Cassie within 2 spam shots of her bow (testing in shooting range) where it takes cassie 4 shots to kill Vivian with out a shield, so with her shield up, Vivian has 3 times more time than Cassie does to kill her. (6 shots) It takes her 3 seconds to kill Fernando and 1.7 seconds to kill ying and 2 seconds to kill Viktor. With out an ult. (Testing, its the same with Tyra, but Tyra doesnt have a shield) This is testing with just primary fire. The TTK gets really hardcore with the Legendary that buffs her damage too. Kill ying first in 1.7s and move on to the viktor and fernando and they die very very quickly

    But yeah.. The most important things are her ult recharging during her ult and self triggering the shield cooldown reduction.

  • @LeCheech She's definitely too good considering how easy she is to play but she doesn't need any nerfs I think, her shield lasts a few seconds so if you're dueling one just play around cover until it's down, blasters like BK can take her easily but I get how it can be difficult to hit her toes while she and her 'friends' are looking at you, find a box or something and run around it for a bit or buy wrecker if you're running a spammer or high DPS character yourself, CC also works ofcourse.

  • @OriginalEquinox Well with the hit boxes cover can be very unrealiable and you can often die way before you fully peak or fully hide. Sadly I cant spawn in a Vivian to the shooting range to test CC with her shield up. But again it takes 3 chainreaction bombs to kill viv so you really need the jump on her because if she can score headshots like I do on Tyra (the only champ I can go toe to toe with Vivian on at the moment because of the mark speed boost, nade DR and headshot hit scans) she will melt you. Im not great with BK yet tho, but I find it really hard to land sticky's at her feet with out landing them on her shield and yeah if she had the Scapegoat card its like 3-5 stuck stickies and she has enough burst again to kill you before an accelerant grumpy blows up. So with BK it would be grumpy, hide, and then strike but thats if everything goes to plan.

    And yeah her bugged shield thing still stands, it takes Evie 4 seconds of constant landed body shots to kill a shielded Vivian with the scapegoat card.(the bug is the aforementioned cooldown bug)

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    They removed ult recharging from her Ult a patch ago, afaik. But otherwise, I tend to agree, she is very easy to play and too good currently, with second highest WR after BK currently at Dia+. OiC makes her into a tank shredder, even without the need to max Wrecker. even Wreck I or II is enough. And with a proper "tank" build, she can go offensive and even flank herself.

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    Huh, I've seen a lot more Tyra in my games than Vivian, though Tyra just seems like a worse Vivian in almost every way.

    Although I rank her not that high on my list, it's mainly because I just don't have any experience dealing with her in any way, at least on PC. Though I definitely have seen a lot of BK and also quite a bit of Lian (which I can understand because she's pretty much the same as she was in 2.11). I've actually seen Tyra bans too, which honestly seems odd to me considering she pretty much offers nothing that other DPSes can't offer more of, aside from her tank shred.

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