Counter Picking Ranked Draft

  • I am seeing allot of people make assumptions about what the best draft picks and talents are in the rank matches....

    I wanted to take a moment to talk about how important it is to think about your picks rather than assuming priority based on previous matches...


    Enemy team picks

    • Strix

    • Vivian

    • Ying

    My team has

    • Cassie

    • Jenos


    • I thinking about how Skye is countered by Strix and Vivian reveal

    This is a prime example of note just picking shit because you always have
    I picked talus because talus can burn through Vivian shield as well as Ult a backline strix.
    My team called me a troll.

    Enemy team finished with Seris and Term (That extra healer pick was a huge help for our shitty comp)
    And we finished with Inara

    Skye ended up doing great in this match... She got more kills than me... But that was because i was focused on killing her counter the entire match...
    I did nothing but kill strix and vivian over and over and over...

    The same thing with Talents
    People seem to think that burn monster is the best pick no mater what in rank and that is just not the case.
    Dead Burn Monster Tyra is not worth a shit...

    If there is flank like Andro Buck Talus that can burst you down quickly then burn monster is not the best talent
    Triple nade with DR on nade with ammo on nade is your best friend

    Yes your fire bomb is not as toxic but throwing 5 normal firebombs is better than 1 Burn Monster any day of the weak.
    Having a Buck that is afraid to jump on you is worth way more than a random cripple kill on a tank out of position.

    The point is that you should be thinking about your selection as they relate to what you are fighting for all your selections in the game....
    Items should be thought about as well, even though caut is the best option 90 percent of the time you should really thing about what each item will do for you and if you dont have any good reason to pick it up then maybe you dont need it. Just getting life rip because you cant afford anything else when three people on the other team already have caut 3 is just a waste of credits.

    Feel free to share any examples you may have of smart game play decisions that won a match or bad ones that lost it...

    Pro Tip from a guy that is no where close to pro........
    Koga is way over rated and not even worth a ban...
    News flash if he doesnt have Torv or Jenos to enable him he is just a normal flank that is really not that special ...

    Current no brainer bans for rank in my opinion

    Certain Maps

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