(Paladins) I can't link my Steam account to Hi-Rez

  • Hello, I have this problem, I can't link Steam to Hi-Rez
    When I try to link my Steam account to Hi-Rez I get the error (Something went wrong, try again later) in red. And it's really strange due that I've always played on Steam, but now I want to play with my progress in Nintendo Switch. I linked my Nintendo account to Hi-Rez but when I opened Paladins in Switch I found out that I don't have my progress, and I'm pretty sure that if I link Steam in my Hi-Rez account I'll be able to have my stuff in my Switch, oh and a little detail, I tried to send myself a friend request and I found my "other" account and it's like a different account, I mean, I found my Steam account with my name and avatar.
    So, what can I do to fix this? pls help
    Aaaand Thank you de antemano señor(a)

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    You should send a support ticket, and they will link you accounts! 😄

  • @Lukash369
    Of course, I sent a ticket before posting this but they haven't answered yet, so I'm worried they ignored my request...

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    @Ivinike Don't worry, they should answer like always! When did you write to them? They usually write back within 1-3 days.

  • @Lukash369 They don't answer AT ALL! I have waited more than 3 days, without any news... Submitted more than one ticket in more than one language... Nothing... I'm going to the 3rd month without logging...

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    @zonecrazy They have 7 business days to respond. Sending the same ticket too often will not help.
    Also, if you can't log in normally you can use -nosteam command on steam.

    And please don't necro old posts.