Killcam & Top Play

  • First sorry for my bad English. I want to share my opinion. I play this game from beta version and I love this game. For me if kill cam and top play is removed, their will be less less fun in this game(my opinion)for killcam, If some kill me I can't no longer see who killed me and how he kill me. It will be frustrating. Their will be no longer need of emote I think. Where should we use emote. If I kill someone , sometime I do emote( I like trolling) and I like this. It make other player angry and that player try to kill me again. It make match more competitive. Should we use emote in middle of battle? ? Now top play , I know top play buggy but it make paladins more enjoyable. Because if a player get double kill, that player try to get triple kill .Because that player know getting triple kill their will be chance of top player. If top play is removed , other player will be no longer see that triple kill. They will no longer see how good player I am :v . Btw I want say that, I like paladins one of reason is killcam and top play. Their will be lots of player like me .
    I have request to the paladins developers, instead of remove the killcam and top play please fix it.

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