Make a VGS to tell your team to spend credits

  • Its annoying as hell when 1 or more players on your team don't spend credits/pick a class. Who's with me???

  • You'd think this was common sense but yeah, too many plebs out there costing games either by buying one item at the start and completely ignoring the shop afterwards or just not buying at all. Buying all the wrong items is another problem but that's a different story.

    A easy fix for this would be to force the item screen on anyone waiting to respawn with atleast 500 credits in hand, that way players saving to buy something wouldn't get bugged too often as well.

  • There was once that the characters made a comment like "If you don't spend your credits I'll do it for you" when after a while the player buys no items. Was this removed?

  • @M3RC3N4RI0 this is a Lex voice line which he still says afaik, other characters have similar ones but they don't seem to help much

  • Yea i do not want screens popping up. Its not that hard to ask someone to buy things. Some one told me to do it when i first started.
    This is a tutorial problem, but even if that was good we would still need to encourage new players to use the item shop correctly.

    I wish they would show win rates for item selection so people could see how much cauterize wins matches.


    Dont know what to buy, get Caut
    Dont see a healer and unsure, get Caut

  • Unfortunately Better-Meta never had a winrate-by-item statistic. So we will never know how effective caut is.

    I recently forgot to buy items with Barik cause the match was so easy. There was no voice line so either Barik has none or they removed them. Unfortunately I don't play Lex. 🙂

  • @Trashquatch420 said in Make a VGS to tell your team to spend credits:

    more players on your team don't pick a class.

    by the time you can use the vgs the champs are already locked in so it would probably be use by toxic people

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