Never doing solo queue again/Raise Ranked Requirements (ranked)

  • Thats it, I climbed through bronze and finally broke through, and now I am being paired with numnuts who are somehow higher rank than me even though they ONLY play one character who is only level 5-7 so you get like Moji Zhin Vivian, and a level 3 mal'damba who is just trying to fill. Now you have to try and carry on a god damn tank.. I lose all my TP and fell back down to bronze 2. I'm done. Im not gonna play unless we are in a party of 3 or more due to this so we can atleast have tank support and dmg/flank who can play. It's just not fair. There should be a rule or something so you have to train 3 characters of each role to 10 or 15 before being eligable to join ranked.

    Whats worse is when you try and help them out with advice they call you the noob for not getting max killing blows on Inara or something silly like that.. and it makes you feel horrible. Its a terrible experience. I made friends with others in the same boat as me, and now I just wait for us to all be online. We win most games and I am finally getting out of bronze again.

    I can see how this would put people off even playing ranked or Paladins all together, because they are being punished for stuff outside of their control.

    this doesnt bother me so much in casual, because in casual I dont care so much about winning and I use it to train my skills for different characters. But in ranked its just really bad.

    I'm no pro player or whatever, but I cant be that bad when I get added by people who have reached grandmaster or even enemies I have faced who liked my play.

    I never swear at these guys, I never say mean things. Unless saying, please train more characters in casual is mean. IMO its not mean its just being real. Watch any video guide about paladins like PushDaButtons and they say train 4 characters of each class before playing ranked, which I have. So I know I'm not crazy. I look up pro and winrate builds for my characters on Paladins Guru. I always try and fill what we need. I watch ranked/pro gameplay videos for all the characters I own to have a sense of what can be done with each character. And I honestly feel the only reason I lost so much TP is beacuse I had terrible match making for 3 days straight. Sometimes I face people with purple, gold and purple character frames. People with level 200+ characters, like I faced up a level 100 tyra 200+ fernando and 200+ willow with a team of players who only had lvl 6-15 characters and I was the highest on my team with a lvl 32 Inara. It was a total stomp. Next game, I'm paired up with those high level players on my team and all I had to do was be a paper weight on point. And I know for a fact it takes time to get good with characters. It took me to level 20ish for example to be good enough with Evie. I mean its not rocket science. Time invested and practice = skill.

    It's inconceivable to me. I personally learnt how to frontline first in casuals. This taught me how to flank. Why? Because I could see who needed to die first, and then I learnt how to flank. This helped me know how to frontline better, because I could see what was up with the frontlines when I was flanking and our frontlines were weak so the flank gets focused. You can't just play one role and think its gucci.

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    🔒 this thread for being Rant-y (it might appear constructive in a way, should you view it as such)

    Please refer to the rage thread for posts like this.

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