Add "Invite to group" and "Create Group" option at end of matches.

  • It's always nice to find team players in groups of random players, so after the match on the score board where there's reporting and friending options there should be an extra "Send invite" option. Also if there was a button to create a party where the group can opt in and it creates from anyone opting in (highest account level as leader?). This will allow the opportunity to create parties quickly and conveniently. More connection between players strengthens the player base.

    Also the group invite between 2 steam users seems needlessly complicated. Instead of basing the matchmaking through Steam maybe localize it like the console clients and send updates to steam after matches (Just guessing off of user facing signs)?

  • @JackXombi

    This is really needed, especially when I am trying to send a message to 2685858IJT56909HiHhhAhhAaahH and i just give up because they picked a name thats impossible for me to remember or type correctly.

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