Will Death Cards Increase Toxicity?

  • To be entirely fair I have a very important question under the subject of toxicity and getting rid of toxicity in Paladins.

    I mean, the current kill-cam, despite being buggy actually does help seeing which flank routes someone took to kill you, and that short second after you die there's a spray and it might tilt someone if they see somebody spraying after, say... an Andro flickshot, a Nando 360 no scope Fireball... etc.

    Death Cards are something I'm worried about because it seems to be created as a somewhat functioning version of saying "I Killed You." in a toxic way.

    I myself don't figure that Death Cards would increase toxicity in any way (at the very least, for my own personality) but... I mean... Some of these death cards are really, really annoying, and I'm afraid that this might make some people more toxic in order to replace the kill cam... without the help of the info gathered from the kill cam itself.

    I'm worried about death cards increasing toxicity for some people, and as mentioned by @DambaKing and @Dusklicious this game has a rather toxic enough community already...

    I'm certainly worried this barely functional version of your killers identity will simply make it worse.

    P.S. It's worse considering Flankers are meta and being killed by a flank is usually the most annoying enemy member to kill you, since they can GTFO of sticky situations.

    TLDR: Death cards are an annoying replacement to kill cams, without any of the refinement and bonuses. Will it make Paladins more toxic?

  • @Demigod its not really going to make it more toxic, its just going to make it so i dont have to click a button to know who killed me....

    Removing the kill cam is going to change allot of things in this game. Now i will be like Strix killed me where was he... Before as a flank i got to know where someone was when they killed me and now i will have to wonder around and look for them. Probably going to make snipers better as a result.

  • @shadowchess Why did someone down vote this.... The thread ask a question and i answered with my thoughts?

  • its just another revenue stream sadly

  • @Shadowpuppy But can't you spectate a second or two of the person that killed you?

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  • @DambaKing I meant that you can. And I've been doing it since the removal of killcam.

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    @thenextyay really? How?

  • I dont know but after I die I see my killer for a second or two. It gives me enough time to know his location.

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    Last night I got killed and the game gives me this giant view of the ally Ying's butt (they've created a butt cam). Funny but no useful info on the enemy.

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    @DaddyOoker said in Will Death Cards Increase Toxicity?:


    Last night I got killed and the game gives me this giant view of the ally Ying's butt (they've created a butt cam). Funny but no useful info on the enemy.

    It's probably bugged. It's supposed to work kind of like TF2's does, except instead of a still picture you get 1 or 2 seconds sight of them, where they are, and what they're doing. Probably bugs out on certain champions in certain instances. Probably a bug with the camera?

  • @DaddyOoker said in Will Death Cards Increase Toxicity?:

    (they've created a butt cam).

    This sounds like something you might find on a porn site.

    Not that I'd know anything about it.

    Interesting, this post only became active 28 days after I posted it. Huh.

  • Actually, I've been getting a lot of compliments since the update.

  • Doubt it they seem more like tags to and so far from what we have available they seem less to mock.

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    Comments are much better than a nameless commendation.


  • I hate the stupid cat thot that keeps apearing on screen.

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    first thing is that killcam should be coming back when they figure how to fix it, so the deathcard will appear during killcam
    I don't think it'll bring more toxicity, anyway competitive games are usually toxic
    then I think a huge part of paladins toxicity comes from it being a team game but having a pretty bad matchmaking, I was mostly getting toxic (cause I've actually improved a bit on that) because of teammates who had nothing to do in the match they were put in, now I'm more toxic toward bots afk and people not healing you on purpose or similar issues, or toward players complaining about someone while they ain't better ^^'

    the main problem paladins always had was matchmaking and bugs, this patch bugs and delay are an absolute mess, I had hopes since the past year we were having tons of bugs getting fixed...I guess hirez wants to kill an other great game
    matchmaking? they never cared...

    by the way, I don't think flanks are more meta than they were before, I'd say that burst champs and burst meta are back, so some flanks like maeve are shinning while others like koga (why did they nerf him so damn hard while not touching imani or maeve idk) are still useless as always
    bringing back burst meta is the worst idea ever, no one wants to see that
    and don't tell me andro or evie are meta lmao, they have far too many counters, not even mentioning their countless bugs that will kill them everytime it happens (hell I've even lost games because of that new andro's ult bug)

  • Burst meta? ...... 2 support meta welcome .

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    yes burst meta, burst meta, tiberius, maeve, imani and so on...
    sure 2 supports, but 2 supports won't save you if 2 burst damage are shooting you
    so despite a 1-2-2 meta we still have burst

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