Characters selection in Ranked

  • Hello

    In the ranked games. Let us pre-select our champions of preference, only visible to our team. The player will have to change if his preselected character is banned or selected by another. The first players on the list in the same team have priority over the selection to keep the current method.

    This will have the effect of better organizing. Banners without knowing the choices of some is like random banners. It also allows you to train without writing. Without wasting too much time and language barrier.

    Have a nice day.

  • Chat is good for that but sadly most never use it and some edgelords even go as far as to insult the few of us who actually use it and try to come up with something that resembles a team comp. Imo they should add some improvements to that instead because allowing players to pick their preferred characters would end up with everyone picking DD's and waiting for the other person to switch to support or tank causing toxicity even before the match has started

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