Lex? A dps or flanker

  • Hello mesa back. I am having a hard time logicly thinking Lex is a flanker. When you look at his slide its like that of dps toons. His L2 were you shot your guns like 12 times is a dps skill. His ult is like most dps were you soften a group of players. I just dont see were he is set as flanker. Just all those skills make him sound and feal like dps becouse his mobility is low for a flanker. If i am rong here pleas help me see why Lex is a flanker and not dps.

  • PC

    I'll tell you what Lex is.

    The worst DPS in the game

  • @Kiritoiga Lex is a flanker that everyone plays wrong.

    The issue is his mobility, and you can fix it with cards but people instead focus on damage loadouts.

    Try this Out
    40% slide distance
    20% slide ciol down on hit
    10 ammo on slide
    10% movment speed on slide
    5% Reload

    You can slide straight into snipers put them super low your slide is reset so quicky you csn slide 3 or 4 times in a 1v1..Plus your auto aim rests slide to for an emergency get the fuck out of dodge.

    slide though burn monster
    slide though iinara totum
    slide though seeds
    slide though dredge bombs
    Tank a skye bomb to retain overtime
    Tank anything to retain over time

    The long slide just makes moving arount to actually flank possible and the 90% damage reduction and CC immity is pretty awesome once you learn how to use it correctly.

    I get so much joy sliding through burn monster to kill a tyra

    I crrated this build as a counter to dredge when he first came out and it became my main build.

  • There is a joke i have with friends when i say "lex means defeat"
    because no matter how good you are with lex as far i exprience i barely ever one having one in my team
    or lost to one having it in their team.
    Most often the guy who picks lex flex his stats like "look at my damage noobs" or "i got more kills than any of you", which is pretty much the classic case of farming damage off tanks and using your ult or killing targets that's really not the problem than going after their support or dps to capture the point.

    like shadowchess said above me, lex is a champion everyone plays wrong.
    it's also a case when hi rez buff a champion everyone decides to abuse it the most wrong way possible, for example how people using zhin right now, they don't flank at all they just play as dps to farm their ults and stay near the point which defeats the point of his abilities and role.
    lex when he got that new talent everyone was literally playing sniper with him, i barely seen any of them win unless they played like an actual flankers. The funniest part about that is how it was so skill based that GM and Master players let go of it so fast because it wasn't broken enough, which shows they love to abuse anything broken.

    Lex is in a tough spot, and to be honest i hate him. Ironically i spent over 55 hours playing lex to know why exactly i hate him.
    i can't totally blame people who use him the wrong way, because he is predictable af.
    like you can't see lex and not know exactly what he is planning to do or where he is going which ruins his element of suprise to attack.
    i mean his ability to see target through walls helps but it's random as hell and often gives you the worst target possible like a tank even after you spin it 3 times still on the tank.
    so discovery feels like a huge gamble.
    so being how he is people pretty much forced to play like DPS, staying in the back doing damage from far than flanking.
    but in the end he is still a flank imo just one that needs few FAIR AND BALANCED not BROKEN AND UNFAIR NOBODY ASKED FOR BUFFS THAT WILL MAKE THINGS WORSE
    looking at you hi rez
    like nerfing Discovery damage boost to 20% or 15% and make him able to select target manually than being random, so he can have better chances flanking and be suprising to his targets but you have to reselect target again manually than being in middle of comabat auto so you have to step back for a moment and select one target again, and it's cooldown to be 50 seconds long each time or 40 second so it can not be abused or too OP.
    so it can support tactical gameplay choices than being broken and abused by the high ranks.
    other than that I really think lex is a flank, that just needs a little few changes like i suggested.

  • @allmighty01

    Discovery blows its a horrible talent... I dont even click that button with Lex...
    When i do it always switches to someone i dont care about.... Its just to random to be useful....
    Typically who ever killed you is the best target to be able to see so changing it is not really needed.

    Really Lex is just a left click champion, the only thing i use the auto aim for is to reset my dash when i need a quick get away.

  • @shadowchess it's a so so talent not horrible talent.
    30% damage bonus on targets is a huge deal, i recall carrying matches and even having up to 41 kills in some using discovery.
    it about working through the randomness of it, sometimes i keep spinning the target thing until i get a target i want or just farm the tank target i got until my dps gets him so i have the bonus credit out of it, it is a little bit frustrating that's why it needs a little rework as well his target ability like i mentioned.
    i used to think same way about vivian but in the end each champion is for needs they fit in to turn the match in your favor and so i don't think lex Discovery is that horrible.
    It's just like how people look down on cardio when it's actually pretty good, but nobody cares and want to trash you anyways for using it in general.
    the secret is to play smart enough with your abilities.

  • @allmighty01 30% damage boost is great... If your fighting the person marked its an easy win.. But the trade off is if Buck is not marked your going to lose that trade...

    I play Lex in a much more contolled manner. I can engage anyone and win if i contol my shots and dont go full spam tard.

    I would change Lex ability to it Marks the person your retical is on... But no long auto locks people that kill you... Put the cool down to 15 seconds..

    Change his auto aim to Lex shoots the ground for 500 AOE damage in a 20 unit radious knocking Lex up by 20 units

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