Raise the Ranked requirements

  • As I ranted here, in great detail. Its not a rage thread, its just real talk. Real talk can cut close to the bone. But Anyway. If the requirements to join ranked meant you have to have 3 of each role type at level 10 or 15, it would greatly reduce the solo queue grief. Simply because by that point people will know the basics about the game. Currently a lot of people in the lowest elo don't for ranked. I, like many others, just want the game to be fair and fun in solo queue ranked. Here was my locked OP on the subject. Also we dont have to repeat things twice so read all the comments. Thanks.

    Oh and everyone is the victim in that situation, not only the people who are lumped with inexperienced players, but also the inexperienced players them selves because they often get reported/insulted just for not knowing stuff. I, like many others, don't like this behavior and it would greatly reduce the hate.

  • @LeCheech The problem of newbies in ranked should be solved by proper match-making. New players should be put in matches with other new players or players with low ranks then it would be no problem that they lack experience.

  • @LeCheech They should just require that you own all the champs for rank...

    Either you play the game so much that you can afford to buy all the champs or you can afford to buy the game. Either one is a good measure of if you are serious about the game!

  • @shadowchess Yes and no, I mean owning all champions because you bought them doesn't mean you are ready for ranked. And I know plenty of players who are good enough for ranked, who don't have all the champions yet. However not owning all champions could potentially make you easier to counter or make it harder for you to counter during the draft, and can definitely mess up a draft when people expect someone to have all champs for saves/swaps

  • @M3RC3N4RI0 Well, I might be false on this, but I do think that the reason match making is the way it is, is due to player base?

  • @LeCheech Probably not helping...

    I have an idea... Placements

    They are now only available at specific times.

    • First 3 weeks of a new season

    • First week of a split

    If you join rank out side this you start at Bronze 5 and promote up normall.

    Im a little tired of being on my 180 ranked match at 92 tp and getting 2 game of qualifying guy trying rank for the first time.

    I would also like matches with qualifying in have reduced TP loss for everyone involved,as well as you cannot be demoted on a match with a non rated qualifying person.

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