• Hi!
    I like his new nerf, his pocketing is a pain to plaay against.
    But I think his talents will be a little bit unbalanced. Let me explain:

    Study Field gives you 10% bonus damage. It is until the shield exists. If you are in fight it goes down as soon as you deal about 500dmg, coz it also has 500 hp. So your 500 dmg will get 10% what is 50dmg.
    Thanks Grandpa Gives you 500 more shield, what saves your 500 HP, if the enemy has no wrecker. It saves 321 Hp if you play against Wrecker III. It is 6 times more than the bonus of Study Field.
    For an other good example Jenos Luminary gives 15% dmg bonus for about 2.5 allies at the same time (coz he heals 2-3 allies all the time). Study Field gives 10% dmg bonus for 0.2 ally in average. Coz it can be destroyed easily in 1.2s and it has 6s cd.
    15%*2.5 is MUCH MORE than 10%*0.2!!!
    So I suggest to buff Study Field from 10% to 20% and nerf Thanks, Grandpa from 500 to 300.

    Winddancer is still OP. It gives tons of mobility for the pocketed ally helps they attack while the shield exists. I suggest to reduce its scaling from 10% to 8%
    Vital Grasp is still realy weak. It heals you 75/lvl. For the comparison Barik's nerfed Double time will heal you 150/lvl. I think Vital Grasp also needs this scaling.
    Infusion is also a realy weak selfheal card. I suggest to change its mechanism from activating with Nullify to heal the same amount per sec while Nullify is active. So it could heal two times more. What wouldn't be bad.
    Glyph of Siphoning is still realy weak! 100 shield per elim for a frontliner is nothing. The rarely used Arcane Etching gives the same bonus with a more often activating frequency.
    Eldritch Speed got a buff but still a joke. 10% speed bonus for 1s every 14s... Vivian has 6% speed permanently with an other card.... Eldritch Speed needs a 4s duration for being worthy to pick!

  • @KicsitCsicska This torvald nerf is an over nerf to remove him from rank till such a time they can rework him. I dont think they will leave him in this state.

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    @KicsitCsicska said in Torvald:

    I like his new nerf, his pocketing is a pain to plaay against.

    Yes, it was annoying to play against, but now the protection is useless, now it's only good to protect flanks and maybe damages, but no tanks anymore.

    How about:
    Current: Project a shield onto an ally for a short duration that prevents up to 500 damage.

    Suggestion: Project a shield onto an ally for a short duration that shields for 30% from the target's maximum health, now it's good with any types of health.

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    And thanks grandpa grants 250hp shield instead of 500

  • @DambaKing The entire mechanic is just broken. Health and shield is a big part of champion balance. Someone like Androxus or Buck is completely broken when they are that tanky.

    The only way it could work is if Tovald takes the damage... Aka place a shield some one Tovald takes 50% of the damage they recieve. So standing out jn the open taking shit tons of damge is not a viable way to use the damage mitigation.

  • The other idea would be torv puts a 1200 hp shield on some one that last till deatroyed... On a 20 second cool down

  • Wrecker exists... but I guess no one takes that anymore. It is there for a reason, now lets be real who can't take down his 500 shield? Within one shot or two. I really hope this is a joke by Hi-Rez.

  • Ive played with jenos before and he can heal every of his teammates at the same time.
    Either way, I think they overnerfed torv, hes already really weak.

    EM, if youre listening here, which I doubt fully, consider these things:
    Torvald shield will now be 500, which I find really low considering that the average dps in the game (without healers) is 800, so in less than a sec, anyone can totally wipe out the shield and F.E viktor cardio has 1650 dps, this means that field study has no use at all. I know that the pockets are strong. This is why I think torv would be cool with some passive shield, like protecting someone gives 75 shield every second over 10 seconds. This would be better to come up against with, as u can more easily kill someone whilst only losing 75 dps to shields.

    If this idea isnt the best, then maybe give torv 2 or 3 charges on protection each giving 400 shield.

    and maybe make direct current so that how longer the target is nullified, the more damage it will take over time F.E.: first dealing 100 dps with nullify after 1s, 250, after 3s 500, or work with % HP, this would make him really interesting and not totally depending on his teammates, his shielding will be worse but that will make him good in dmging and holding the enemy

  • @Carlolrac555 Yeah I am still here mate, I do agree with you. The gripe I have with all these Torvald nerfs (I have mained him in the OB part of the game) is that they nerfed and nerfed and nerfed him. They didn't make any of his other kit stronger or did a lazy job. They didn't compensate him for all these nerfs. He just simply can't do the job he is assigned currently.

    But overall I like your suggestions at least it compensates for all his nerfs instead of "Heeey, here nerf hammer! Enjoy champions!" kind of thing. Then again I have made posts in the past about the state of Torvald and Hi-Rez really isn't listening so I rest my case. Thanks for replying though and making solid points and hope you are enjoying the rest of your day mate!

  • @InfectedMazuken hey np man, I like to give suggestions and tell how I think about a champ, I hope that the guys at EM appreciate it or at least give it some thought. Because the way that some champions work rn arent the best, thinking that lex has been untouched for over a year now. I feel like EM doesnt really know what to nerf or buff and how to do that, its always fun to be a bit creative and experiment, it keeps the game fresh

  • I think Bubblebot Torvald has to die. The problem is not if it is effective or not but that it's no fun to play it and no fun to play against it. It should not be balanced but removed/killed. The bubble was fine when it was an addition to his actual play-style which was either a sandbag point-tank or an aggressive nullify off-tank. But now he has no actual play-style anymore he is just the bubble slave. I loved to play Torv but he didn't deserve this. Remove the skill

  • @M3RC3N4RI0 My Rework Idea

    Torv places a bubble on friendly. This bubble is not a shield... It does not prevent damage in any way.

    All damage that is delt to this person is also charging torvalds shield. So you csn still kill. said person but its going to tank up Torvald to raum levels....

    Keep his current shield health but raise hoe much shield he can hold. His shield. recharge skill. cannot charge over his starting... Only the bubble can raise him above his normal. shield.

  • @shadowchess I don't really like those complicated game mechanics since the game is already quite complicated. I'd love to get his old shield sucker ability back. This was lots of fun. And I'd like to get CC-imunity during ult for him. Everyone seems to have it except Torv.

  • @M3RC3N4RI0 Tov countered all shield tanks with one ability... That was not good at all. It was fun to fuck the other tanks but it was pretty broken.

    The rework is going to need to be something new.

    Something thant makes him tanky

  • @shadowchess said in Torvald:

    Tov countered all shield tanks with one ability

    Willo counters all supports with death zone. Not that it helps her much atm. Torv counters all dps champs with his bubble. Shields were not that useful when wrecker still worked. It was a nice trick but far from broken. Torvald wasn't even played in pro play when he had this ability.

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