Healer Skye nerf

  • Smoke and Daggers doesn't need nerf.
    Dissipate also doesn't need nerf.
    Healing Vapors needs nerf! I'm curious when will it be clear. Just try out Smoke and Daggers with max level Dissipate without Healing Vapors! You will realize why.

    Healing Vapors is OP even without the extension to heal allies. It helps out the simple dmg or flanker Skye a lot too! And it is the source of healer Skye's OP heals. Not the ridiculous 200 heal per sec of the talent. Healing Vapors is often used on level 5, while Dissipate is just a filler on lvl2-lvl3. Check out high elo players' loadouts.

  • @KicsitCsicska Agreed, i dont know what they where thinking.

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