Veteran rework

  • Veteran is probably the least picked item rn, and I have some interesting ideas for a rework,

    1. Make veteran put you out of combat faster, like 7%-21% or something, this could be really helpful for flankers because they cant get healing that fast from most of the heal champions like Grover, Seris or Io, I think this item would make all healers more viable as jenos is the only one that can support a whole team (flanker included).

    2. This idea doesn't really fit into the green items (more to the side of utility), but I think it has great potential as well. 'You respawn 5-15% faster, this wouldnt be really helpful for tdm, but it would be really good in siege, there are also cards that fit tdm better than siege, like kill to heal or deft hands.

    Please let me know what you guys think about it, it would be very much appreciated 🙂

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