Game as a whole issues

  • I have noticed so huge stuff of late. For no reson the game will crash and has a chance to ruin the system not good for any and needs a fix. You might wounder why i stated this. Its simple if get to meany crashes you can lock the system you are on like xbox or ps4. Another reson is you do esports and if a crash happens you should be inbaresed becouse it means your games code is still unstabe and below the standerds. Match making is a dice role sometimes its nice like tonight were 6 matches were so close that i had no idea who would. Then most matches i get are raw rapes or tiltes or in simple turms one sided fights were one team cant touch the other at all no matter what happens. I cant tell if i had a cheater or server was messing up but i did shot at a few players heads and did nothing. All in all this is were i see some huge issue but can not report them as bugs becouse they are the heart of why players leave the game.

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  • @Demigod his formatting and grammar could use some work but from what I gathered he's talking about crashes and hit reg issues on console (among other things) which I can confirm has been a issue as of late.

    Wonder if anyone are looking into it because it's seriously frustrating to experience when you only have like an hour or two late at night to play and have to sit in loading screens for half that time because someone crashed and the game doesn't want to start without them even though it's a bot match and they're going to be replaced by one anyway.

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    @Kiritoiga Remember that you should report crashes here.

    Anyway, forum is not place for reporting bugs/crashes.


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