Off Tank Ash

  • Guide to Ash of Tank

    People seem to be under the impression that Ash is not longer viable. I find her still quite good however i play with the abandoned Slug Shot talent. I thought i would give some insight on my play style.

    Slug Shot

    • Indomitable 4 [40% Life Steal]

    • War Machine 4 [40% Cool Down on Eliminations]

    • Heavy Metal 4 [600 HP]

    • Fervor 2 [Two Extra Ammo]

    • Percussion 1 [8% Binetic Burst Knock Back]

    This build is built around zoning damage dealers out of position. It is super effective against snipers and anyone that likes to maintain a spot on high ground. Hitting shots is super easy and as a result keeping cauterize applied to the person of your choice is really easy. Cauterize and Nimble are priority picks.

    I would advise Caut then Nimble until both are maxed !!!
    Master Riding is pretty strong.

    Ok so you heal for 160 per shot, with a 10 round mag... 1600 health over a 9 second period... Its not amazing and it will not keep you alive as 9 seconds is forever front line years. Your shield and cover is what keeps you alive. This is why nimble is a priority pick. Shield dancing and shoulder peeking are what make this do deadly.

    I have peeked many a snipers to death as i hit every round on them and they hit me 2 or 3 times out of the 5 peeks. I have 5100 health, they have to hit me all 5 times or they lose the trade unless they get a heal. There is also the fact that i can change targets and shoot someone else to get some extra healing while I am waiting to peak again.

    • Snipers are worthless when they are not shooting so dont forget that you can shoot them a couple of times and then shoot something else while you listen for them to shoot. Many times they will be waiting for you to peak and will wait 4 or 5 seconds before they start shooting on point again. Be sure to be listening for the rounds so you can peak them again. Each map has ideal peak spots for annoying the sniper.

    Shield Usage is really the golden key to using Ash effectively. People know how to use the shield talent that slows the roll of the shield but have no idea how to use the shield without that talent.

    • So it moves and you have to really think about how you are placing it

    • To use it normal you need to place it at distance on flat ground and move forward with it. [ NOT ALWAYS POSSIBLE ]

    • You can place it and que up a shoulder bash or kinetic burst to create the distance you need to get value out of your shield [ Both these skills are slow to wind up 1 second for kinetic burst and 1.2 seconds for Shoulder Bash NOT IDEAL ]

    • Placing the shield sideways as in not going forward or backwards but moving sideways across your area of battle. With nimble you can dance between the side your opponent is not on. This is not a point tactic but a 1v1 tactic. It can be used on point to great effect so long as your not surrounded. Depending on where your enemy is will dictate if you want it at an angle or side to side. This gives you the ability to hold and area and not move forward, over extending just to maintain shield cover.

    • Placing the shield backwards so it retreats without is very good as well.

    ULTIMATE Is really strong, the stun can get allot of people killed if used at the correct time. The ult also last a long time. 1.2 second wind up to 8 seconds of immunity. With your life steal taking no damage you can get 160*8=1280 health shooting people while your standing in your ult.

    I dont do this but it takes 5 seconds to get out of combat healing. So if you dont shoot or use any skills.

    4% max health + 300 health a second [ 5100 * 0.04 = 204 + 300 = 504 a second ] 3 seconds left of ult 1512 health. If you can pop shield before you take damage you could get more out of that. If you got Veteran 3 [15% Max health a second]

    1065 * 3 seconds 3195 health at the end of your ult... But you can also do 4000 damage with 10 shots which is always going to be better than standing around in your utl doing nothing.

    Strat's and what you are thinking while playing off tank ASH !!!

    • Goal 1 is to poke out damage and flanks

    • Goal 2 is to get damage and flanks to shoot at you.

    • Goal 3 knock people off of high ground
      [Not as easy but sometimes shoulder bashing in to knock a vivian or willow off high ground is the play, If you succeed vs a willow she will dash right back up so you should have already been winding up your kinetix burst to knock her right back off] If there is a large group of people on high ground Ult them to stun and then kinetic burst them off. Some high ground can be reached with a wall jump followed by your ultimate.

    Allot of people make the mistake of thinking that as off tank they have to kill things. Its great to kill things, but your main goal is to take fire, draw attention and hold ground. You dont need to push into the backline. If they give it to you by all means push into the backline. But they are challenging you then understand that that the very fact that they are engaging you is achieving the goal of pressure off point. Do not over commit and do not die. Once you feel like they are really making a strong push to kill you, dash out or back off.

    Giving ground is part of battle, you give ground in exchange for living longer. When you give ground it also makes them have to decided if they want to push that which is given or play passive and hold what they have. The secret is not to wait till your a sliver of health before you give that ground.

    The next thing of note is that you should be watching the spawn timers at all times as an off tank. If you see that your team has lost people you should be retreating before that info becomes aware and the team swarms you. Same thing if you see your team has an advantage push that advantage.

    This thing is pretty dope.... I cant tell you how many times i have been fighting a flank or damage and watched them hide around a corner to spin up a dash and move onto point while they are still peaking and looking for me. Before they even realize im gone the point is won and im pushing at them from main with a healer behind me. I use the dash as movement ability... It does 800 damage and i do use it for killing terminus when he is low but for the most part the 800 damage is not worth the lose of movement when you need it. If your playing point tank with this then that is different. Shoulder bashing a barik away from his shield is pretty good stuff.

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