A feature suggestion for Ults

  • I origanlly made this for Miscellaneous Feedback but i thought how this will effect balance and it's "gameplay" related at some level so i decided to post it in this subforum.
    this would be like a feature in a game to stop one annouying trollish habit players do.

    A thing that lets enemy team and you know about who got their ults at 0%, you can not see if their ult is fully charged only some red dot on them showing that they are 0% of their ult charge or red dot at their champion icon at the top when their ults is between 0% to 5% and that's it, it will stay vague when it's above 5% the red dote will just go away so nobody can tell if you are 100% or just 6%.
    to stop a bad habit i'm sick of, ulting in slow motion when round ended.
    i can't count how many damn times some teammate thinks he is PPL pro genius and attempt to use that crap and end up wasting his ult ended up costing us the match just him saying "oops".

    so this will force players to think harder, everyone can not see if your ult is at 100% or anything showing if you have it or not, just the feature to see when you have it at are at 0%.

    many will try to defend this crappy habit like "hey man it's like a good way to trick your enemy you don't have an ult like an element of suprise, this is how it is to be competitive"
    Well let me tell you a little secret about this trick, when you do that trick in slowmotion literally everyone knows you still have your ult you are tricking nobody, it's a known fact if you hear someone ult in that slowmotion it's obvious they still have ults.
    You are mainly giving your teammates panic attacks of your risky attempt to be smart that's all into it.

  • @allmighty01 So you want to change the game because people are annoying. Not a good reason to alter the game. Does it suck when dumb ass waste his ult YES... Should we plan the updates around fixing dumb people NO...

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    I've accidentally ulted, not for trolling. OOPS!

    I don't have an objection against your idea however I don't think it's needed. You even said everyone knows the ult wasn't used. What problem is being addressed if everyone already knows?

  • fair enough point, but honestly it would be also good than asking teammates "ok so who used his ult?"
    but it's just out there for sake of suggestion and for hope to stop this trollish habit.
    @DaddyOoker to answer your question
    the point is to mentally stop them from trying to do so when they will be exposed, like what's the point from still doing it while it's tricking nobody, taking away that "hope" they have by doing it away by having this feature will do the trick, plus it would be good i believe to know which lost their ults for each side like some form of bonus of it balance wise.

    like i totally know how little bit risky this suggestion is but hey this is what this subforum for, suggestions and feedback.

  • @allmighty01 I guess we could just disable ult usage like in spawn any time after a round has ended.

  • @shadowchess That would be great.

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    @shadowchess Good idea and it would hopefully stop the ulting bots doing this too.

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