Will Heal Grohk Be Viable Next Patch?

  • @Dusklicious oh thats really bad, i assumed that if they where all used they would all have a cool down timer. If using gale doesnt cool down all three that have been used then it is total garbage.

  • Okay so someone said to me that apparently Grohk's Outreach card on live server is actually 10% instead of 25% since ever despite what description says, can someone confirm this?

    alt text

    That would mean that Outreach 4 is exact same size live as ptr totem at base.

    If that's the case, then I guess outreach changes are better than I expected and my suggestion with CC Totem giving increased range would be kinda OP.

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    @Dusklicious totally agree, the new totem Grohk feels somewhat very lacking, both on healing part, and why did they nerf his ult? Also the removal of CC is sad, it made him have a unique niche, which was used more lately since the Resilience nerfs. I like your proposition about giving the totems a CC resilience, with it stacking to 75% with all three totems, it would make playing totem actually worthfile and totem placing requiring skill to counterplay CC right.

  • If only they kept CC Immunity on his totems... He won't be a healbot

    What about damage grohk though? Is he gonna drop in quality or playstyle?

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    @Demigod said in Will Heal Grohk Be Viable Next Patch?:

    If only they kept CC Immunity on his totems... He won't be a healbot

    What about damage grohk though? Is he gonna drop in quality or playstyle?

    Not as much as heal Grohk, but they nerfed his ult, so I think so.

  • Personally...
    I do not like the idea of the area of the fields stacking effective healing.
    I would just prefer the meta tactic to cover area and rotate between totem charges.

    The elephant in the room about grohk is that fanbase want shock orb to become a heal utility to work off allies, I would like a small burst chain cluster team support ability.

  • @AYYDIMITRI They need to change the card that cools down when ghost walk. It just sucks to have to use your movement escape ability to just to make healing viable. Just change it to a direct cool down reduction card. Or add another card that cools down ghost walk when you hit people with shock pulse.

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    @AYYDIMITRI the bouncing Idea would be interesting for SD, with additional balance, but imo Grohk Totem is an unnecessary change with a good intention and bad realisation, like in part with Solar Blessing too.

  • @TTraw Not to mention the elimination of the healing card! I mean, if you have some thicc team mates you role healing rain OBVIOUSLY. But now they trade that for a useless speed buff? Maybe not useless, but not 5% of max hp/second useful. MY POOR NANDO!!! What's he gonna do now?

  • I just realized it takes both totems just to equal the nerfed staff. And they loses CC immunity. For another useless totem that takes like 2 charges to heal up a squishy. So... I'm really not liking the totem change. A tiny bit more healing than the staff for 3 times the effort in exchange for a loss in utility.

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