Best and Worst Things Next Patch?

  • As usual, somebody should make this thread whenever a new thread comes out.

    So... Title?

    BTW I'll start.


    • Koga Nerfs (a bit overnerf, but still... nerfs)
    • Sha Lin Buffs.
    • That Tiberius skin and Egyptian BP as a whole


    • Raum nerfs
    • Sha Lin buffs.
    • No nerfs on Maeve apart from a technical bug fix on predation.

  • PC



    Mal’damba is now OP
    Shalin Bow buffs
    Grohk Buffs(I know grohk is now less effective, I liked how fun he is now IMO)
    Frog Isle changes


    Top play removal (VEG is now useless)
    They didn’t bring back some old VGS lines (VVP, VVGN, VVGQ, etc)

  • PC

    Next patch really looks like a bad one, but I'll put my thoughts here anyways.


    • Sha'Lin buffs, oh goodness the Sha'Lin buffs. He feels A LOT better. Never realized such small things could help so much. I actually ENJOY playing Sha again, and HE ACTUALLY FEELS GOOD! Gets good damage quite reliably. Rapid Shot still feels bad for most uses aside from securing kills and shield pressure, though.
    • Ash damage buffs. That damage buff isn't just 40 extra damage. It adds that extra ~11% damage to the splash also. She's a second option to Nando, but it seems like her point builds will be better IMHO.
    • Inara un-nerfs. Her damage output is actually quite decent now. I'm not ready for Treacherous Ground being meta, though. Yuck.


    • Over-buffed Damba. He didn't even need a buff in the first place. His winrates are EXTREMELY deceptive.
    • A lot of badly executed nerfs. Barik's do nothing, Torvald's do EVERYTHING, Skye's do nothing, Koga's do EVERYTHING, BK's do NOTHING AT ALL... I could go on. Suffice it to say, this covers a LOT of the change log.
    • Grohk NERF. Yes you heard it here. IT'S A NERF, and a lot of people agree, including Kami (Vex doesn't but his opinion on it makes zero sense). Would take a bit to explain how, but that is what it is. Just going to say you'll realize that only when you play it or see it played.
    • Maeve is unchanged. She's the new Koga just going to say it now.
    • ATLAS DIDN'T GET ANYTHING. Just... WHAT? He may just be the worst champion in the GAME now.
    • Makoa's changes still feel like a nerf to me in the end. Will make him a worse OT, which even if it puts him in the running for a point now, I mean just that. IN. THE. RUNNING. It's still a lot worse than other options. Not going to compete with Barik/Inara/Term for sure.
    • WE DON'T NEED LESS VIABLE OFF TANKS. Now, I'm serious on this one, WE ONLY HAVE 1 GOOD OFF-TANK. Ash is more than serviceable yes, but she's not GOOD as an OT.

  • Best: Sha Lin Buff

    Worst: The Grohk Changes (Are they actually going through? I've seen a bunch of streamers on PTS and they all agree feels bad). Totemic Ward was my go to talent (with Healing Rain) with 2 tanks, especially with a Fernando, but the PTS changes has Totem doing about the same healing as Spirit's Domain at about 2x the work and they removed the utility (CC protection) . And that's including cutting Domain's healing almost in half. Basically the PTS changes did a great job removing 2 talents: Go Maelstrom or play literally anyone else.

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