Question from a new player!

  • The standard comp consist of 2 tanks, 1 healer, 1 flank and 1 damage. So yeah, picking 2 healers in ranked will annoy your teammates.

    Now, some supports can be played as damages, most commonly seen being Pip and Grohk. In your case, the best you can do is play Seris as damage with Soul Collector since Io doesn't really have any dedicated dps build, but that would require you to make your team agree on it, which is pretty difficult since Seris isn't considered a great dps.

  • @uhohhstinkyy, I wouldn't worry about what people call you. They probably do that to everyone else.

    Now, when I'm playing with a decent team, I like having either two Supports or two Damages who know what they are doing. If the people playing them have no idea how to play the role they have chosen, then it's a safe bet that the team is going to lose - almost consistantly.

    This team make up generally works for me and may not for eveyone else.

  • @Conrad_Max I do not really know how you can state that that comp works for you when you have only played 43 minutes of rank this season. Two or Three matches is not enough play time to make any real judgement on the validity of double healer in a brand new meta. Like stated above, double healer is only viable if one of the healers is putting out damage dealer levels of damage. You can play it but it is highly likely to trigger allot of people.

    You can have a random win with anything but that does not make it a good choice. I would say that if your running double healer then you need to have your team draft around that concept for it to be really viable. If your just picking two healers into a random 3 other people is highly probable that it will not go well.

  • @shadowchess, regarding my not playing ranked games, often I find people who play them no better or worse than those who play casual. My take, of course. If you were trying to make a point, I'm afraid that I didn't catch it.

    Regarding my preference of a team's make up, I haven't changed my (personal) stance on it since my first reply above.

    Lastly, I did not down vote your post..

  • @Conrad_Max , @uhohhstinkyy : My personal thoughts are if you're gonna do duo support having a pair with a team wipe capable wombo combo is a cool way to go. Just get 'em near a cliff and press e . PLEASE UPLOAD A VID WHEN YOU DO.
    As long as your not both running pure heals it could be a hell of a combo. They both have great long range and CC capabilities. I'd reccomend playing other champs and roles in casual to help you learn more counterplay (also, like ALL the Champions are cool) or experiment with other combos , but it's your game. BE THE MEME TEAM OF YOUR DREAMS!

    EDIT: Try running with triple tank some time, with like Inara , Fernando and a Ruckus (as flank / DPS) , aka GOATS Paladin edition.

  • @Conrad_Max The point was that Rank meta is entirely different from Causal meta. Double healer is not a good pick in rank at higher levels unless you have some team strat that everyone on your team is part of picking and banning around.

    The other point is that you have not played enough rank in the new season to really know how effective double healer is in that new meta.

    Example is Moji is strong in causals but blows most of the time in rank unless very specific comps on specific maps.

  • @shadowchess said in Question from a new player!:

    @Conrad_Max The point was that Rank meta is entirely different from Causal meta. Double healer is not a good pick in rank at higher levels unless you have some team strat that everyone on your team is part of picking and banning around.

    Regarding team strategy, I'm all for it. In fact, most of my posts on this forum have been about teamwork and strategizing. Unfortunately, most players, not all, do not have the for it.

    I'll stop here lest I end up repeating myself and derailing the conversation.

  • @Conrad_Max its cool, i get what your saying, i disagree but thats ok too, we all got our opinions. Later 🙂

  • @uhohhstinkyy Yes it really is that bad to have 2 healers unless one of them is dedicated to damage like a grohk with shock pulse talent

    If you are have two actual healers focused on healing you will piss people off and rightly so. This is not overwatch with 222. The standard comp in ranked paladins is 2 tank 1 dps 1 flank 1 support

    If you have 2 flank or 2 dps not a big deal but any other variation is a big deal and will decrease your chances of winning dramatically.

    In low elo it doesn’t matter much you can run anything and win but if you plan to climb into plat diamond or higher then end your bad habits now and go 1 dedicated healer

  • @uhohhstinkyy Double healers aren't unheard of and can certainly benefit a team because one player won't have all the pressure on them and someone else can cover if they're downed or healing up somewhere.

    BUT, I highly highly recommend you stay away from ranked until you're more familiar with the game enough to, as others have mentioned, contribute enough damage to negate the disadvantages of not having a second tank/DPS instead.