Make Event Skins Permanent

  • Please just make all Event skins permanently buyable after the event is over, like seriously how can I even play Ying now, knowing I wasn't around to get the death speaker skin? It was a jest, but seriously just bring the event skins back.

    alt text

  • One thing that makes each event exciting and special are the rewards. And when the rewards are exclusive or limited it makes for an even better event. With that said, we all have to be there or be square. I am good with that.

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    I think deathspeaker is still obtainable on the deal of the day, the one that isn't is banshee

  • Moderator

    Most event skins will be available again in the future in some form. It's only "limited" that will never return.

    Skins like Fallen Androxus from Rise of Furia, Demonslayer Zhin from Siege of Ascension Peak and in your case, Deathspeaker Ying all will/have returned.

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