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    I would like to address to the Golden Skins. Both armor and weapon.

    Some are really good, having black in most os it's parts and details on gold, but some are to much "yellow" then on it than black.

    As an example, Vivian skin looks good, a black and gold skin, but Ash has too much "yellow" on her's. It looks weird. Same to Grover, but it seems that, in his case, it must be more difficult to manage it.

    Take Vivian as example and follow that line.

  • Ash is actually not that bad since it's her armour only that's gold (if you can call that colour gold even), and Grover and BK are understandable since they're basically naked. But the rest of the gold skins needs to be looked at or atleast the ugly ones. I was trying to hit 50 with Nessa but after the update dropped I just stopped, her default recolour will do till I get a better one I guess

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    cries in a corner waiting for gold ying

    I may have a bad taste but I really like grover's. I don't mind ash either, actually sometimes I think some skins have more black than necessary. Even some skins have more gold than the actual golden skins, for example steel forged androxus vs gold andro (which also looks more bronze than gold)

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    @MegaEdu13 Thoughts on Ash's Golden Skin? I'm 3 levels away from it, but Idk if I'll use it. Maybe just to flex here and there.

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