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  • Randomnoob made a new video, an item tier list. I think it's a good idea since the items got reworked and it's hard to know what is the best pick. What do you think about his list, what items do you prefer? I prioritize more or less like him, except one item, Master-riding, which I only pick on Ice Mines. I'll try it out. I usually pick the items on C, Haven/Blast-shield and Rejuvenate, but maybe cause I did before the patch. And I pick bulldozer vs the "I" champs: Inara, Imani and Io. I am a bit surprised that Liferip is so low, it seems very popular.

    tier list

  • Thanks for share it, this video is realy detailed, explaning and he tells tons of good proves!

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    @M3RC3N4RI0 Fixed 😄

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    If I made one it would probably look more like this:

    S- Cauterize
    A- Resilience, Master Riding, Chronos
    B- Morale Boost, Rejuvenate, Nimble, Blast Shields, Haven
    C- Wrecker, Illuminate, Kill to Heal, Bulldozer
    D- Deft Hands, Life Rip
    F- Veteran

    I think Rando very much underrates Kill to Heal and Bulldozer. They're both definitely not down there with Veteran. Veteran is no contest the worst item in the game and has no use on any of the cast. Not going to say they're great items right now in most circumstances, because they aren't, but they have their uses (Kill to Heal can help some squishier characters sustain better and Dozer is good if you find yourself against any of the I champs) Wrecker for sure is not down with Deft Hands. Deft is pretty much only useful on characters that need the reload and most of them aren't great at the moment with the exception of Buck (who even then is a bit better lower on the ladder). Though I do think he overrates the mobility centric items, particularly Nimble. Mobility is very useful and all, but I don't think they're quite that useful across the board. Master though is definitely really strong right now, I've seen full teams in my ELO run it and it works. Though I wouldn't say S tier, I would say definitely A. Also Chronos is a must buy on every support except Io that also helps out some other characters. Run it on Ruckus since it gives him more of a window to be aggressive (which essentially, Ruckus is a hit and run character and has been for most of the his and the game's lifespan).

  • @Dusklicious I find nimble to be good in just about any comp any time..

    Master riding is just amazing at the current price... The value to credit is just amazing

    I think i agre that dozer should be one level. higher but other than tbat i agree with every think noob said.

  • One problem...

    How is KTH worse than Life Rip?

  • @Demigod because kill to heal is after yoh killed the peson attacing you... So it doest help you win 1v1

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    What's the point of trying to make a list like this? It's situational per match, champion and role.

    At minimum you would need a different list per role.

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    @DaddyOoker said in Item Tier List:


    It's situational per match

    Same as champions tier lists BTW....

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    Kinda sort of. Some champions are good no matter what.
    On the other hand a champion may be great in the hands of a good player but I may suck with them.

    Really I don't pay attention to those lists either.

  • @Dusklicious said in Item Tier List:

    If I made one it would probably look more like this:

    I am closer to Randomnoob's opion. I adapted to his advice and things go smoother now. I bought Haven and Rejuve before and gave up on those, instead it's master-riding and Chronos/Moraleboost.

    I was never fond of kill-to-heal and I never bought wrecker even before I saw this list. I'd put Chronos at A and Resilience at B. Bulldozer belongs at D cause it is useful in certain situations.

    @DaddyOoker For players to see how the items have changed with season 3. It helped me quite a lot. Champion tier lists are mostly fan-service I'd say. I can see at the statistics which champ is how good at what rank with which Talent. But I am curious what Prof. Kami has to say.

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    @M3RC3N4RI0 said in Item Tier List:

    @Dusklicious said in Item Tier List:

    I was never fond of kill-to-heal and I never bought wrecker even before I saw this list. I'd put Chronos at A and Resilience at B. Bulldozer belongs at D cause it is useful in certain situations.

    I'm not fond of KtH outside ofoccasionally on certain DPS champions when you don't need two reds, but you're racking up enough elims to get good healing off of it. Useless for tanks though, aside from maybe Barik. I say C is about right, as I think C items of items for if you need it against certain matchups, or in certain situations, and D is for items that rarely have any use outside of certain champions (and of course F is for Veteran, which you should never touch period).

    I say both Wrecker and Dozer are C because they do serve a situational purpose. Wrecker for example for Barik/Torvald and Bulldozer are good against Io and Imani (even if neither are meta). Nonetheless, they're a bit weak. If they weren't so weak, they'd likely be B tier items. Though Resilience, a similar item in a similar boat, is almost S tier because of how prevalent CC is in the current meta game (ironically, BECAUSE of Resilience's nerfs).

    As for Rejuvenate, I still buy it on tanks most of the time (sometimes not, depends on the situation). It's not really a great item right now, granted, but I just like helping the healer out a little.

  • @Dusklicious said in Item Tier List:

    I'm not fond of KtH outside of use on supports

    I think KTH is a bad pick on supports since supports have self-heal. It's not like supports are constantly attacked and need as much heal as they can get (like tanks). The chance that KTH will proc when the flank attacks the healer is not high.

    Rejuve helps, but I think other items are more useful in most cases.

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