FINISHING champions' loading arts.

  • Obsidian skins, cosmic skins and some paintings that have a blue background unlike most of the others (they are not even painting, just a screenshot from their 3D figure)

    I think you guys need to add this in one of the first rows on your to-do list. Me, personally already not really a fan of re-coloring a skin and call it a different skin in the store ( Sorry, I don't want to be rude but that is a lazy work) but I can't understand that you have limited resources. Despite that, unfinished art makes the game looks very... alpha and obviously that can't be called a complete product.

    I won't ask for a bunch of different skins (or simply just recoloring skins) of a champ in the store but I mean a 2D painting is not that a lot of work, or maybe if you need help why don't you giving out an open contest for available artists to submit their arts for the champs?

    Nah, I'm just kidding. You got this, seriously. A professional hard-working 2D artist can do one piece per one to three days.
    Bonus: Instead of taking a skin, change its colors and call it a new skin, can you please make something like a color palettes that let the player can customize their skin however they want? I don't ask for those to become to be dirt cheap but it would make the game very interesting. ( even though the player can change the color, the loading arts still appear as its original. This method, however, only legitimately works with not using recolored skins)

    Here is a reference from another game called Warframe that they let the players buy colors instead of recolored skins!
    I don't know if is possible, just an idea, and I'm aware that it would affect the market a lot if it comes true, but anyway, seeing all finished loading arts is my most desired.
    *Edit:Obsidians and cosmics don't even have a loading art...

  • Ahh Warframe, when their parts and pieces system was causing clipping issues with some new skins they simply held those back till they could make the different pieces fit together properly without ruining players 'fashionframe' as we call it. If only Hirez did the same instead of throwing a big reason to buy different skins out the window..

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