Sun & Moon Update Notes

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    New Support Champion: Io

    For eons, the moon goddess Io watched over the Realm. But then disaster struck: The Darkness smothered the goddess’s light, and shattered the moon that hangs above our battlefields.

    Pieces of the moon fell to the Shattered Desert, where Io’s faithful watched over them. They kept vigil for the shattered goddess, praying that one day she would return.

    That day finally came as the Magistrate marched on the moon shards, determined to harness their power in the ongoing war against the Paladins. At the urging of her celestial friend Jenos, Io revealed her true form to fight for her people and stand against the Magistrate.

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    New Battle Pass: Shore Patrol

    We’re launching the new Shore Patrol Battle Pass: Patrol the shores in the latest gear!

    • Steel Forged Battle Pass will become un-purchasable with the release of Patch 6 – Sun & Moon.
    • Shore Patrol Battle Pass will be available for purchase with the release of Sun & Moon, and is scheduled to end in September.

    Receive instant rewards for purchasing, and unlock over 100 more goodies just by playing and leveling up your Battle Pass. All players start earning Shore Battle Pass experience as soon as Sun & Moon is released, leveling up from 1 to 50. Battle Pass purchasers unlock premium rewards every level, along with the free track rewards, and gain exclusive access to Battle Pass Plus!

    The Shore Patrol Battle Pass costs 600 Crystals, and rewards you just for playing. You can unlock up to 150 Crystals through the Battle Pass, reducing the cost to 450 Crystals. Level up with newly reworked challenges, and unlock up to 8 Epic Champions skins!

    Dive in to this awesome Battle Pass with the Battle Passport, a quick purchase that not only unlocks the new Battle Pass itself but the next 30 Battle Pass Levels so you can start playing with the new content right away!

    As usual, check out the full update notes, including all the balance changes & bug fixes over on!

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